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A sofa set is a living room essential that cannot be compromised on. When choosing a sofa set for your living room, you need to consider a lot of different things including the space available, the location of the sofa set, your existing design aesthetic, and more. Urban Ladder offers solutions for each of these considerations. If you're planning to set up your seating area in the corner of your living room, our L-shaped sofa set is the ideal choice. The best part about shopping for sofa sets from Urban Ladder? Our prices. If you're worried about overspending on your furniture purchase, don't be. Our sofa set prices are quite reasonable and for the quality on offer, frankly a great deal. Our wide variety of sofa designs ensure you don't settle for something that doesn't fit your space. Choose a sofa set that complements your living room decor and create a visually cohesive space.

Urban Ladder's collection of sofa sets for the living room features stunning designs and premium craftsmanship. When you buy sofa sets from Urban Ladder, you're assured of high-quality furniture that's built to last. Our range of sofa set options is truly all-encompassing and features choices like solid wood sofas, leather sofa sets, and many others. Trust Urban Ladder when you shop for sofa sets online and bring home a durable and stylish sofa set. Our collection of home furniture isn't limited to sofa sets. You can shop for couches, dining tables, beds, and other furniture for your home.

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Before buying a sofa set, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the sofa set big enough to accommodate your family members?
  • Is it comfortable enough for everyone to spend the evening on?
  • Do the colour and style match the rest of your home decor?

With so many options for modern furniture and the latest sofa set designs, it may be confusing to decide on one that suits all your needs. Sofa set online shopping is simple, if only you do it the right way.

Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision when you buy sofa furniture online. The first step is to measure the space available in your home space to accommodate the sofa set. Bring out your measuring tape and take accurate measurements of the area, the height and space you have available. Once you’ve determined the size you need, discuss with your family to decide what type of designs may be right for your needs: With soft cushions or firm cushions or no cushions at all? What sofa set model works: classic or modern? Also, decide on a price range that works for you.

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Choose wide rage of Sofa set for your home

At Urban Ladder, you'll never run out of great sofa set options to choose from. No matter your needs, you'll find the perfect option courtesy our wide range of sofa set options.

  • L shaped sofa set

    One of the most popular types of sofa sets, a L-shaped sofa set is ideal for large spaces. If you entertain regularly or just need a lounge area where you can unwind after a long day at work, an L-shaped sofa set is the way to go. Urban Ladder offers stunning L-shaped leather sofas along with the classic wooden option. Make your choice depending on your requirements and the vibe and look of your living room. When you buy an L-shaped sofa set from Urban Ladder, you don't have to worry about straining your finances. Our L-shaped sofa set prices are reasonable and offer complete value for money. In fact, with our affordable L-shaped sofa prices, you can get the best sofa for your living room without worrying about overspending. Trust Urban Ladder to provide you with a high-quality piece of furniture that's made using the finest quality materials. Our dining table sets are equally fabulous and functional.
  • Leather Sofa set

    Looking for a classy leather sofa set for your living room? Urban Ladder is here for you. We offer premium leather sofa sets that are both comfortable and stylish. All our sofa sets are made using high-quality raw materials ensuring a durable build. If you need leather sofas in colours other than brown, we have got you. Our black leather sofa set is an instant classic and can add oodles of style to your living room.
    With our reasonable leather sofa set price, you don't have to settle for an option that doesn't meet your requirements. Go as big as you want without letting the price of the leather sofa be a deciding factor. Urban Ladder offers beautiful and luxurious leather sofa sets for the living room to help you create a comfortable and attractive seating space. We also offer coffee tables, study tables, side tables, and other types of home furniture.
  • Leatherette Sofa set

    Looking to avoid the guilt of using a leather sofa but want the look? We’ve the next best thing. Shop for leatherette sofa sets online from Urban Ladder and give your living room a stylish look without the ethical dilemma. Leatherette is a synthetic material made from vinyl that gives the look and feel of real leather. When you shop for sofa sets online from Urban Ladder, you bring home a beautiful piece of furniture featuring expert craftsmanship. Our leatherette sofa set collection features plenty of great options in terms of colours and designs. Our L-shaped leatherette sofas, in particular, are extremely popular and offer unparalleled comfort and space. Depending on the space available in your living room and prominent colour palette, choose from our exciting collection of leatherette sofa sets and create the perfect focal point in your living room.
  • Fabric Sofa set

    As the name suggests, fabric sofa sets are primarily made using different fabrics to give your living room a modern appearance. With fabric sofas, you get to play with a lot of different colours as opposed to the browns and blacks usually associated with leather and wooden sofas. Go bright and bold with shades of yellow and blue or classy and understated with tan and grey. When it comes to fabric sofas, you can get as innovative as you want. Urban Ladder offers a fantastic range of fabric L-shape sofas if you need something bigger for the corner of your living room. Need additional comfort? Our range of fabric recliner sofa sets makes for the perfect choice. If you’re worried about a hefty price tag when you shop for furniture from Urban Ladder, allow us to assuage your doubts. Our fabric sofa set prices are quite reasonable and given the high-quality product on offer, more than worth the money you spend.
  • Recliner Sofa set

    A recliner sofa set has been a popular choice for living rooms for quite some time given the visual appeal and comfort on offer. A recliner sofa is equipped with a mechanism that allows for the back to be moved further down, allowing for a more relaxed seating option. Urban Ladder offers stunning recliner sofa sets made from the highest quality materials ensuring unparalleled durability. From L-shaped sofas with recliner functionality to fabric recliner sofas, we offer it all. If you need a leather recliner sofa set, we have got you covered. Our range of recliner sofa sets offer optimal comfort without compromising on the design and aesthetic. Wondering what the price of a recliner sofa is? With Urban Ladder, you don’t have to worry about overspending. Our recliner sofa set prices are designed to suit all types of budgets and offer absolute value for money. Need other furniture for your living room? You’re at the right place. Urban Ladder offers everything from coffee tables and couches to TV cabinets and side tables.

Explore Lavish Sofa Sets for your living room

Irrespective of its size, a living room is kind of incomplete without a sofa set. A comfortable sofa set doesn’t just make your living room more inviting but also fills out a lot of empty space and makes your living space more visually appealing. Urban Ladder offers beautiful sofa sets designed for optimal comfort and visual appeal. Our collection of sofa sets features everything from a wooden sofa to a leather sofa in many different designs and styles. Finding the right size and look for your sofa set is crucial for visual continuity and with Urban Ladder’s vast collection of sofa sets, you won’t run out of great options to choose from. Shop for sofa sets online from Urban Ladder and bring home a stunning piece of furniture that offers unparalleled functionality.

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At Urban Ladder, we understand the importance of design aesthetics and the impact they have on the overall visual appeal of your home. If you’re purchasing a sofa set for a lived-in house, you need to get an option that complements the existing decor perfectly. With our range of designs including classic, industrial, mid-century modern, boho-chic, and modern living room sofa sets, you’ll have plenty of great options to choose from. Our modern L-shaped sofa sets, in particular, offer everything you need from a sofa and more! One of the biggest causes of concern when purchasing a big piece of furniture is the price. You’ll be glad to know that Urban Ladder’s sofa set prices are completely reasonable for the quality on offer. Shop for the best L-shaped sofa or a classic leather sofa from Urban Ladder and create a warm and inviting living space.

Browse through the range of designer Sofa Sets available at Urban Ladder

Sofa sets are the epicenter of the living room, a place to relax and watch TV, commune with family, host guests for a house party and so much more. But finding one that is comfortable, speaks to your aesthetic taste, and fits the dimensions of your room can be an arduous process. Let us guide you through all the different kinds of sofa designs available, so you can make an informed decision about the one that is right for you.

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  • Modern Sofa Design

    If you are looking for a sofa that is perfect to relax and nap on after a long, tiring day or read cozily on the weekends, then consider a modern sofa design with soft cushioning, high-quality suspension, and a strong frame joint. The latest sofa designs of such kind on Urban Ladder are comfortable, highly durable, and come with different upholstery, from cloth to high-quality leather, which lends any room a stylish look while melding with the rest of the home interiors. They are available in various colours and styles, from Japanese-inspired futons that have a foldable mattress and duvet component, to recliners with a backrest that can be brought up and a footrest that can be pushed down to create a cozy vertical surface.
  • Mid-Century Sofa Design

    Borne out of experimentation and innovation from the 1930s to the 1960s, the mid-century sofa design is influenced by the art and architecture of the 20th century. Clean lines, organic curves, and contrasting materials with geometric patterns are the highlights of this sofa design. Available in different sizes and seating arrangements, these mid-century sofas come in loveseats which can easily accommodate two people, to larger L-shaped sofas to seat several people comfortably.
  • Contemporary Sofa Design

    The contemporary sofa design borrows its style from the post-modern era and the minimalist school of design. Characteristics of this sofa set are natural woods and fabric, a neutral colour palette, sleek designs, and smooth textures. To give these designer sofa sets a light and airy look, they are raised off the floor and supported with strong and lean wooden legs. Urban Ladder offers a variety of contemporary sofa designs in many colours which is sure to be the piece of furniture in your living room that is oft-admired and lounged on.
  • Chesterfield Sofa Design

    This style was created by the Earl of Chesterfield for his guests to ensure that their clothes remain crease-free as they are seated. So many centuries later, they are still the epitome of comfort and class. The chesterfield sofa design has rounded armrests that are at the same level as the backrest, and the seating of the sofa is a bit lower in height when compared to other sofas. The tufted foam cushions are also uber-comfortable with the added benefit of it not losing its shape. Along with the classic Chesterfield, Urban Ladder also has a variety of modern Chesterfield sofas that are a lighter version of the weighty original, with velvet or other textile upholstery, higher legs, and thinner back and armrests. These lighter pieces can easily find themselves in modern homes with exposed brick and metal furnishing, or more rustic homes with largely wooden furnishing - such is the versatility of the chesterfield sofa.
  • Traditional Sofa Design

    To achieve a luxurious and sophisticated look, there is nothing better than a traditional Indian sofa. A traditional sofa design is composed of a robust curved, and etched wooden frame with cloth cushioning that is often elaborately embroidered. Heavy and durable, these pieces last for generations and were wildly popular centuries ago. They are now making a comeback with people’s pivot to maximalist interiors and an affinity to buy quality furniture that won’t have to be replaced soon. And if you’re looking to conserve space, try a sofa cum bed in a traditional design to add ethnic elegance to your living room interiors.

Choose a sofa set according to the number of seats:

We all have a dream sofa set in mind but we also need to be practical about it. Analyse the space available in the room and choose a sofa accordingly. Once you have a good idea of the dimensions of your room, selecting the right sofa set becomes a piece of cake.

  • 2 Seater Sofa Set:

    A 2 seater sofa set is always in fashion. Extremely versatile in nature, they can be placed anywhere you deem fit as they take up minimal space.
  • 3 Seater Sofa Set:

    Perfect for a medium-sized living room a 3 seater sofa set may be the only seating that you need for your living room.
  • 4 seater Sofa Set:

    They go well with spacious homes and serve as perfect get together relaxation pads for larger families.
  • 5 Seater Sofa Set:

    If you’re wondering where can I get living room furniture online for a family of 5 members, you don’t have to worry as Urban Ladder has limitless options for you to choose from.
    A 5 seater sofa set is easy to customize as you can arrange it as per your requirement. It can be categorised into 2+2+1, 3+1+1 and 3+2 models.
  • 2 2 1 Sofa Set: This is a great option for families that are just starting off. Get cosy with your loved ones with this set.
  • 3 1 1 Sofa Set: Another configuration of the same 5 seater is the 3+1+1 that can be easily arranged as per your liking.
  • 3 2 Sofa Set: One of the most common arrangements, the 3+2 sofa set is a definite must-have.
  • 6-seater Sofa Set:

    The perfect space for you to spend quality time with your friends and family.
  • 7-seater Sofa Set:

    There will always be room for more when you select this 7-seater sofa set. Specially designed for large families, this sofa set can even accommodate guests with ease.

Checking sofa set prices in India, get the best deals from Urban Ladder

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The sheer joy and excitement of seeing a furniture sofa set price less than the normal price, is something we all love. At Urban Ladder, we have put together an exciting range of sofa designs at prices you cannot ignore. Depending on the décor theme of your room, sofa set designs are available in a variety of hues and shades, textures, and fabrics as well as materials and sizes. Mix and match sofa set designs in various rooms and corners of your home all within your budget.

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  • Sofa set prices

    Sofa set cost depends on the size of the sofa, materials used and the overall design. When you’re planning to purchase a sofa at a specific furniture sofa set price it’s important to understand how the sofa can best complement the décor of the home. Based on themes such as minimalistic, traditional, industrial, contemporary, and modern, choose the sofa set that makes your home come alive with joy. Let’s look at the various sofa price ranges as you look at elevating your home decor with the best sofa sets:
  • Sofa set price below 15,000
    If you’ve been searching online for ‘sofa set design & price within 10000 to 15000’, then your search ends with Urban Ladder. When it comes to choosing your desired home furniture, we understand how budgets play a crucial role in your decision-making. Put your worries to rest with our collection from price below 15000. Crafted using the best materials and textures these new sofa sets priced below 15000 can uplift the décor aesthetics of your room. Pair wooden set price below 15000 with a couple of stunning wall mirrors in your living room to create a charming space for entertaining guests. For a gorgeous sofa set, price 10000 to 15000 is a good range especially for those who are setting up their own home for the first time.
  • Sofa set price below 20000
    Let your creativity soar by experimenting with a sofa set price below 20000. Mix-n-match various hues of textures and fabrics and experiment with numerous ideas while searching online for ‘sofa price below 20000 near me’. If you’re looking to buy sofa sets online, India’s very own Urban Ladder offers a plethora of options you can’t afford to miss. Check out wooden sofas priced below 20000 if you prefer décor that’s earthy and natural. Our wooden furniture under 20000 collection will inspire you, that’s certain.
  • Sofa set price below 30000
    Mid budget sofa set price below 30000 can open an entire world of décor possibilities for you. Depending on the theme of your room, a sofa furniture price that falls within that range will uplift the mood of the house. Sofa sets for living rooms in India with a price tag of 30000 and under is a good range to work with if you’re looking for specific design themes such as traditional, shabby chic, minimalistic among many others.
  • Sofa set under 50000
    Luxurious and elegant sofa sets under 50000 are perfect for modern and contemporary homes that require stylish interiors. Material such as leather and wooden sofa priced under that range fit in perfectly with modern apartment spaces. While designing spaces such as the bedroom, elegant sofas under 50000 go well with plush décor accessories such as bedside lamps, tables, bedsheet, and curtains.
  • Sofa prices by number of seats

    Sofa price in India can also vary based on the number of seats. Let’s look at non-wooden and wooden sofa set designs with price in India:
  • 3 1 1 wooden sofa set price
    If you’re keenly looking for wooden sofas designs for a small living room with price, then check out 3 1 1 wooden sofa set price. The budget is ideal for those who live in modern apartments and require a wooden sofa price that’s reasonable and affordable. Set up it with designer throws, fancy cushions while being surrounded by décor accessories such as side tables and rugs.
  • 7 seater sofa set price
    For homes that have generous spaces consider checking out the 7 -seater sofa price. If you love having elements of nature in your room then a 7 -seater set wooden furniture price that’s above 50000 would be worth the investment

Reasons to choose Urban Ladder for your home furnishing needs

Sofas are an important part of the living room and overall home decor. They are not just pieces of furniture that tie the room together, but are also a place to make memories. From game nights with the family to spending quality time with a partner, various prized moments are spent on this single piece of furniture. Therefore, finding one that will fit all your needs is of utmost importance.

Explore Urban Ladder’s large range of sofas that come in a variety of styles, designs, colours and sizes. Crafted with current trends in mind, our collection of sofas ranges from budget-friendly options to more luxurious alternatives. A college student furnishing their very first apartment is just as likely to find a sofa as a dual-income family with an independent house all to themselves.

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From stiff hypo-allergenic leather sofas to a strong wooden sofa, our quality checks ensure that the final product delivered to your home is always top-notch and long-lasting. And to make things easier for our customers, we don’t just stop at delivery. Once your furniture is received, we will also install it for you for free. So what are you waiting for?Elevate your home furnishing to new levels with Urban Ladder!


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