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Frank of Tuckerton, NJ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 20, 2022

Very Helpful with accurate information regarding issues consumers have, covering many different categories. Home Depot bought windows and doors and had nothing but problems with most of the windows leaking plus leaking doors.

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Andrew of Melbourne, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 17, 2022

I got a great Experience and I will recommend for hassle-free service. Fastest Response that I got and Everythings was fine for guys was also professional. I will get again services when I will be required.

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Top 656 Home Depot Reviews (4)

Tessa of Portland, OR Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 22, 2022

Hi there, I came to the Oregon city, OR Home Depot to get a bunch of rebar for my fiancé. Well I wasn't dressed for the part. So now I'm trying to figure out how I was going to do get these dirty rusty heavy bars onto the cart...and an awesome employee of yours named Adam (who works in the parking lot and loading section) happened to walk by me. He caught me with that 'I'm screwed' look on my face while giving him a Man nod as he walked by. Unbeknownst to me Adam was taking his final break before he was off in an hour. Adam grabs a big cart and circles around to me and says, "Here this should make it easier, would you like some help? Which ones are you needing to load up and how many?" HE SAVED ME!!

Now his attitude/kindness was literally the best part of the whole thing. Not only did he help me load the rebar twice (I messed up in the size) he ALSO took the time to help me cut the rebar in half due to the fact it would NOT fit in my car the way it was. He also informed me in the most respectful way that this wasn't a normal thing but he would help me this one time due to my situation. Now meanwhile as I'm dancing around trying to help in any way possible, this OTHER employee came up and said and I quote, "wow, Your LUCKY Adam is helping you because NO ONE else would have cut those!" He said this in the rudest way and also I had originally asked that same employee if he would help me find/load some rebar and he literally said, "ma'am I'm busy right now!" turned around and walked away in the most disrespectful way.

Once again that was THE OTHER employee who was working in lumber department. He was just standing there glaring at us, from a couple aisles down the ENTIRE time Adam helped me. So I know he wasn't busy. As I'm making comments about the rude man staring at us Adam proceeds to tell me how that guy is actually a really cool employee and has his back when he needs help in the lumber section. Once again Adam is the most respectful kind employee I've ever had the pleasure meeting in ANY home depot.

Now a co-worker walks by and asked Adam if he took his break, AND THAT'S WHEN I ABOUT FELL OVER! I had No idea he was on his break!! He didn't even hesitate to jump into action and help me. I seriously WISH there were more employees like Adam there. He stayed with me until the very end (past the time of when he was supposed to be off) and even helped me by wrapping them up so they didn't fly around in my vehicle!

For the record, I am in this home depot on a weekly basis. That day I was caught off guard by my fiancé's frantic phone call because one of the guys underestimated the amount or rebar they needed to finish the job. So I didn't have any time to grab gloves and proper shoes etc etc And what was going to be a complete disaster ended up being the BEST EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD IN HOME DEPOT ALL BECAUSE OF ADAM. I can't tell you how much I appreciate his help, kindness, RESPECT, and his absolute never say die spirit!! THANK YOU ADAM FOR GIVING ME THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD IN HOME DEPOT!!

TO THE MANAGERS: Other employees should watch Adam and how he interacts with customers. Hopefully they follow his lead. If everyone on the team was as helpful and respectful as Adam, this home depot would be featured as the #1 home depot for customer experience and satisfaction out of all of the stores!!! Lastly, I've literally told everyone on my fiancé's contracting team to go to this store and ask for Adam if they need help. Most of them were going to the Clackamas store but per my instructions (and their trust in me) said they would go to this home depot for now on because Adam had my back. Yes, It means that much to me. My fiancé is the lead on the team and can't thank Adam enough. He will be writing a review as well! Sincerely your happiest customer Tess.

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Top 656 Home Depot Reviews (5)

Cindy of Hamilton, ON Verified Reviewer

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Original review: Jan. 17, 2022

I gave this a 5 star review because it's a 5 star on abuse towards a paying customer, 5 stars in negligence, 5 stars in zero accountability and 5 stars in lack of transparency. I ordered a double basin farm house sink on and it was supposed to arrive over a month ago. It broke and I didn't get a call from them to say what had happened. After I called 5 times an associate at the store where I was supposed to pick it up (Home Depot Ancaster) read me the notes in the file. Someone from HD had written that UPS had to pay for the sink and order a new one, which no one did. I went on to order it and when then head office reordered one as well, and then I got an email saying one of the orders had been cancelled.

My 2nd sink was supposed to arrive on Jan 7th, nothing happened. The tracking said that it had left Brantford on the 5th of January. After many phone calls an associate at Home Depot Ancaster named Donna, was finally able to track it down and clarify for me. The sink ended up in another store and they refused to return it to me! Best part is the, again neglected to notify me or reimburse me. It seems like they ordered another one. I don't have any information as to when my sink will be arriving. I cannot put counters in my kitchen nor backsplash - which is the least important thing in a kitchen.

This is appallling behaviour on the part of a retailer. It's sneaky to not inform the paying customer what is happening. My friend had a similar experience at Lowe's. She bought a barbecue and it got delivered to the wrong store. A manager drove out there, retrieved the barbecue and it was sold to them half price for the inconvenience and they got gift cards to the store and the garden centre. Now that's service! Next time go to Lowe's! Cindy

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Nagaraj of Atlanta, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 15, 2021

I fix and flip properties. With that I visited Home Depot at Sandy Springs, GA location with a huge list of plumbing supplies I needed, as my plumber was unable to pick up, I was lost with the list of supplies. However, Norwood and Israel ** are game-changer in customer service. Both times I visited the care and support provided by Norwood and Israel are above expectation. An experience like this will keep me committed as a loyal customer to Home Depot forever.

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Omar of North Port, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 3, 2022

Tremendous disappointment. I never expected that in a time of so many home losses due to Hurricane Ian, Home Depot would decide to reduce my line of credit. I have been paying on time and a little more than the minimum payment, but they still decide to reduce my credit at this time.

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Top 656 Home Depot Reviews (8)

Margaret of Big Timber, MT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 2, 2022

Ordered a dishwasher that was on sale from Bozeman Store on the 10th of September. Was told by the salesperson it would be delivered in 5 to 6 business days. Waited and no word. Called the week after and was told it was scheduled to be delivered on the 23rd. On the 25th, called customer service. Was told it would arrive on the 24th. Remember, I called on the 25th. Was told they would see if it arrived and call me back, didn't. Today is October 1. Called and now no answer. Used their virtual chat to get transferred to their "live" representative. Was told again that it was in transit. That was it. That was all they had to tell me. This was supposed to be a birthday present but now it's become a nightmare. This was supposed to be delivered to the store due to our address is too far away to deliver to our home. No communication, nothing. Just left wondering. My husband feels like hell, my birthday present turned into a nightmare. Thanks Home Depot!

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Bryan of Riverview, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 30, 2022

9/30/22 I’ve had a Ryobi generator for less than 2 hrs and it will not work. I went to exchange it for a working model and they WILL NOT even exchange it. $1000 wasted. I understand if I wanted to return it. But 2 hrs later? Not 2 weeks, not 2 days, but 2 hours. I didn’t want to return it, I wanted to exchange for one that works. I was told to go through the manufacturer. I need a generator NOW. This is a Predatory policy IMO.

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Top 656 Home Depot Reviews (10)

Daniel of Royse City, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 26, 2022

We were not told that using under-drawer glides would decrease the depth of our drawers by more than 1/2 inch. We discovered it after installation was complete. Now they want us to pay for new drawers.

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Top 656 Home Depot Reviews (14)

Sushi of Encino, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 23, 2022

I ordered a ladder on 9/10 that supposed to be delivered to the store on 9/16-21. It is only 100 miles away in their warehouse. Received email that the product is on the way and will be there on 21st. 100 miles, I can walk there and back in 11 days. Comes 20th and I tried to track the progress but no tracking is available. Called customer service and they told me that they can't track it either. Comes 21st still no tracking. Called customer service they said more likely item is already in the store and to call the store. I tried to call the store but no one is picking up. Comes 22nd I finally was able to reach someone in the store and got the same exact answer. CAN'T TRACK. Called customer service again. They said had to re-order the item again and send it to the store. for another week of wait. I never liked the Home Depot because I think they are really bad but this one really tops it all.


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