The Last Of Us Part I Molotov: How To Craft & Use (2022)

The Last of Us Part I is undoubtedly a masterpiece and one of the greatest games ever made. With realistic characters and movie-like dialogue, The Last of Us Part I never fails to make a mark on players. It is a technological marvel with a unique story, detailed environment, and characters. You will also get to use weapons like Molotovs with realistic animations in The Last of Us Part I.

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If you didn’t like the Last of Us Part I, then you should definitely give the remake a try, as it is more refined in many ways. You will be surviving in a post-apocalyptic fungus-plagued world where one wrong move can make you prone to Infection.

Therefore, it is important that you have the right weapons and firearms in order to protect yourself from the infected and other enemies that you come across in the game.

Ammunition is very scarce in Last of Us Part I; therefore, it is important to keep a handful of other items as well. This is where the Molotovs come into play, and not only do they cover a lot of ground, but they can also deal a lot of damage to any enemy that comes in contact with their AOE.

In today’s guide, we will show you how you can craft a Molotov cocktail in the Last of Us Part I as well as all the possible uses of it.

Molotovs In The Last Of Us Part I

A handy weapon crafted from Alcohol and a Rag in The Last of Us Part I is called Molotov. The weapon is capable of dealing fire-based damage, and it can be used on turning enemies and even the infected. Many players tend to use it on the jerky as well.

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A great strategy is to use them as a distraction. The key is to throw Molotov as far away as you can in order to clear the area you want to enter. As soon as the infected hear the noise, they will run towards the noise source, ultimately clearing your path. As soon as the infected walk upon the burning ground, they will catch fire from the Molotov and eventually burn to death.

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When used against bloaters, It can be very beneficial as it deals high AOE damage. Keep in mind that the Molotovs are made from the same items and resources that you use in making the Medkits. Therefore it is important that you make the Molotovs only when absolutely necessary, as the Medkits are undoubtedly more important when it comes to Last of Us Part I. Otherwise, you will end up cornered low on health and have nothing to save you.

How To Craft A Molotov Cocktail

Your first Molotov cocktail can be found in the downtown subway section in Last of Us Part I. It will be a part of the outskirts chapter. You can find that it lies right beside a Firefly corpse. This will be the first lootable Molotov, and you will also be able to get more Molotov cocktails later on in the game.

However, Molotov cocktails are extremely rare, and you will need quite a lot at your disposal. Therefore it is important that you craft your own Molotov cocktails using the right ingredients. Here’s how you can craft a Molotov cocktail in Last of Us Part I.

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In order to make a Molotov cocktail, you will need a rag and alcohol. All you need to do is to bind an alcohol-soaked wick to the top of the alcohol bottle. Sounds easy, right? The hard part is throwing the Molotov cocktail, as most of the time, it might miss your target, especially if you are aiming for a moving enemy.

As soon as the bottle smashes open, the burning Wick will ignite the alcohol and eventually immolate the whole area around it. Also, we recommend that you avoid going near the area as you might catch fire yourself. This fire is highly damaging and will eat your HP over time.

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Training Manuals For Molotov Cocktail

There are two training manuals available for Molotov cocktails in the Last of Us Part I.

  • Molotov construction
  • Molotov deployment

These manuals will help you greatly increase the Explosive Radius of the deadly Molotov cocktail. Furthermore, you can also use these manuals to upgrade the Molotovs and ultimately increase the damage done by them.

Construction Training Manual

The first Molotov training manual can be found when going through the Pittsburgh Chapter. You will see the manual when you are trying to escape the city. Head inside the kitchen nearby, and before you follow Henry out of the door, make sure that you pick up the training manual lying around.

Deployment Training Manual

The second training manual will be located in the Science Building in the Last of Us Part I. You will get it during the University Chapter of the game. To open the locked door located at the end of the hallway, you can use a Shiv. Also, this manual will fully upgrade your Molotov cocktail and will help you increase the radius of the explosion, thus doubling the damage.

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Uses Of Molotov Cocktails In The Last Of Us Part 1

Molotov cocktails have several uses, and we have covered all of them down below.

  • They are very effective weapons when it comes to combat in the Last of Us Part I. Moreover, they are capable of killing any enemy with a single hit, with the exception ofbloaters. However, when you do attack bloaters using the throwable weapon, it will make them vulnerable and do damage by burning away the thick fungus armor they have.
  • Furthermore, since you will be throwing away the Molotov cocktail, it will not give away your position.
  • Another great use of them is to make a distraction. Just throw the Molotov cocktail away from the entrance or an area covered by infected. They will then be drawn to the noise and ultimately clear your way.
  • Any unarmored enemies will be killed immediately when they come in contact with the Molotov cocktail. Their health does not matter. However, if there are armored enemies with quick reflexes, they won’t get much damage from the cocktail.
  • The deployment time of Molotov is fairly low so it will blow up instantly on impact and give the enemy little to no time to escape.
  • If you are being stealthy then Molotovs will give you away as they will glow due to the lit rag. If a player with an explosion expert skill uses the Molotov cocktail, the area of effect will significantly increase.
  • The radius of the Molotov cocktail is fairly large so the enemies will gain damage even if they are away from the center of the blast.
  • You can use Molotov cocktails to down the enemies instantly.
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Also, since the infected will be burning, they will be shouting a lot and eventually draw other infected to them as well. As soon as the other infected come in contact with the fire caused by the throwable weapon, they will catch fire as well and die instantly.

Final Thoughts

It is no doubt that the Molotov cocktail has a lot of benefits. However, if you use it in the wrong way, you might end up damaging yourself. Also, the flames will take a lot of time before burning out completely, so it is important that you avoid the target area as much as possible.

With this, our guide on how to craft a Molotov cocktail and its uses in the Last of Us Part I comes to an end. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will be able to use the Molotov cocktail in the best way possible to deal with the infected efficiently. Make sure to leave any queries you have in the comment section down below.

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