The Home Depot Employment and Reviews (2022)

Overall Reviews at The Home Depot


Merchandising Associate

| Brevard County, FL |

Jul 31, 2019

MET is corrupt and filled with liars and theives!

These people are ridiculous! If they don't like you they make up lies about you and you will be fired without proof. I was let go cuz they THOUGHT I took something. They said they had video of me walking out the store with a couple of ryobi saws. Yes they did. I had purchased a band saw, circular saw and a shop vaç two months prior before I had been hired there working as MET we organized, cleaned, restocked or cleared out the shelves and items that are out of box and we'd place these items in the store carts that carried all sorts of this to carry with us through our shift as we all our supplies for the cleaning, reconfigure bays and pricing stock and also put our personal tools to carry. Because we are not rooted to one single store we aren't allowed to put our stuff in lockers provided. I was told to leave my belongings in the break room such as my tool bag that I used every shift like other team members and my personal expensive tools but I wasn't leaving my stuff for others to go and take my belongings as theirs in which case I had refused as well. Also I was scrutinized about my purse because it was a backpack and thats how It was being be presumed that I was taking merchandise out of store. But honestly all it carried my medications I took for my breast cancer that are extremely expensive and other meds as well as phone that in case of emergency.I needed it because I'm a single mom and my son was alone at home by himself at night and it terrified me in case I was ne

ProsNone to think of.

ConsNo job security. Benefits will eat your pay and cant support family on $936 a mth.


Department Supervisor

| Central, CA |

Jul 7, 2011

Home Depot (Cares)

I worked for the Orange Box for almost 7 years. I successfully transferred twice. On my 3rd request for transfer, I was close enough to my destination store to go in, introduce myself, and speak with store management.At this time I was a department level supervisor.I requested my transfer in January. As of the beginning of March, I was "officially" put on a 2 week unpaid Leave of Absence (I had used up my vacation time with two recent family deaths- for which I was not offered Family and Medical Leave Act or any other assistance). Sixteen days later, after I had made my 150 mile move, I was called and told that I had to be terminated "voluntarily"- I wasn't offered a part time position (although I asked to be demoted), or any other type of possible arrangement.After nearly 7 years of excellent service to a company, with numerous awards for Employee of the Month in various categories, with more than a year as a supervisor, I was let go. Because of a breakdown in communication between one store and another, and a lack of caring about the welfare of an associate.The Home Depot has several programs which purportedly assist their associates in times of need. When my father died last summer, I applied for the Homer Fund. Three weeks after my management team submitted my application, which included required original documents, I finally was able to reach the Fund's help line, who said that they'd never received my package.The Home Depot, as a whole, is not a bad company to w

Prosthey'll hire anyone, the non-cash benefits are decent, you can learn a lot, if hired full time it's really full time

Consthey'll fire you just as fast, dependent benefits are expensive, difficult for full-time employee to go to school, there's no such thing as a weekend off


Sales Associate

| Waltham, MA |

Sep 30, 2012

Holding onto a red hot iron.......

Home Depot, on first impression, is deceptively a friendly place to work. But it does not take long for a new employee to become painfully aware of the tense atmosphere that permeates Management and trickles down to Sales Associates. Perhaps it is due to the recent changes where stores are no longer under the sole control of a Store Manager. Atlanta Headquarters has taken over in typical conglomerate style. All decisions are deferred and Management at all levels, from lowly Department Supervisors to MODS to the Store Manager live in deathly fear of Atlanta and of being fired, which happens rather frequently at all levels. Management lives according to the unrealistic sales expectations and dictates of Corporate Headquarters. If all this tension was due to high salaries, perhaps it would be merited, but salaries are ridiculously low.Managers are usually young, having been raised through the ranks and trained by HD in special management courses that bare no resemblance to any management practices I have come to know at any other work place over many years of employment. Young managers have an authoritative, entitled attitude, despite lacking in basic knowledge such as how to purge a customer order from a previous year. All they know how to do is to bark orders over the loudspeakers through their newly acquired First Phones (that they barely know how to use) preferably while sitting down at the Service Desk, the Computer Room or one of the Kitchen Design Stations. As a rule th

Proseasy to sell merchandise, comfortable attire allowed to work

Conserratic, rude managers, standing on hard concrete floors all day with few breaks allowed, changeable working schedule from day to day


Run, far, far away from this place.

Don’t be lured in with their lies. They will tell you that there is room to grow with the company because they are expanding. They will tell you that you might even become a store manager and have your own store one day, but the truth is that they are not expanding but in fact closing stores, so much so, that some of the corporate higher up have jumped ship and have transferred to the parent company which is The Home Depot. The strategy is to get bodies into the store to cover shifts because it’s very hard to keep people employed once they realize the mess they have gotten into. I believe that The Home Decorators Collection days are numbered, soon they will be liquidating the stores or perhaps they will be completely under The Home Depot domain because The Home Decorators corporate division has no idea what they are doing. This company has tried to portrait itself as an affordable furniture company but it runs as a glamorized dollar store. Most items arrive to customers either defective or damaged. They don’t have the necessary resources/skills to operate as a brick and mortar store. Without the backing of The Home Depot this company wouldn’t be doing business today, because it’s an ongoing disaster.First of all, the whole operating/ordering system is so antiquated (it’s a DOS system from the 1980’s) that most of the time it gives incorrect prices and discounts, charging customer more or less than expected. The ordering process is also spoiled by the fact that the cat

ProsThe job itself it’s relatively easy …its sales 101, plus they offer benefits and a nice discount.

ConsCorporate has no clue what they are doing, the furniture is poorly made, and the pay is nonexistent.


Delivery Driver

| Royal Palm Beach, FL |

Aug 18, 2021

It is a good place to work at depending on the management structure of the store.

At first, my job experience there was pretty good. For the first 4 or 5 months the job was good however, after we started loosing employees during the early months of 2021, the pressure really gets on you fast. Unfortunately, since covid became a thing, I believe there needed to be a better training structure for new coming employees. You mainly do online courses, and then after that, you have to go figure it out by finding your team leader. Now, the online courses is really general stuff that every employee in every department has to do, but very little is department focused. Department focused training is on the sales floor training. I am not sure if it is like this at other stores, but at the Royal Palm HD, this is how it is done. The most experienced people quit from our department in the span of a few months, and training became a lot more tedious, especially for new employees. The time it took to respond from this loss of experience was, in my opinion, rather slow. It was really bad for the few months before we started getting new hires. To get the forklift or any of the licenses for the heavy equipment, you have to be on the manager's case to just try and get the online courses first. There is a trainer to help you get your licenses, but since I quit, I am unsure if he is still there. Otherwise, good luck on finding someone who can actually train you on these machines, and to finally do the test. It will take a few weeks or at most a month. It took me too long to final

ProsAn active environment, decent hours.

ConsCommunication needs improvement, info needs to improve, training, a sense of belonging, and teamwork needs to improve.


Store Manager

| Surprise, AZ |

Aug 19, 2019

Fast paced, results oriented, people Oriented.

As a Store Manager for 7 years and Assistant Store Manager for 5 years each day at the Home Depot was different. Starting and ending times changed depending on the job and what time of year it was. Home Depot liked to keep you a little off balance at all times knowing that the Industry was always changing and wanted there leadership to understand the importance of being flexible to that change. What did I learn at Home Depot over 14 years if I was to sum it up is that we are in a people business and you have to take care of your people. We had 100's of Leadership classes that we took and many of those classes I taught too up and coming managers. I learned that if you take care of your people they will take care of you. Our jobs as Leaders were to give others the same opportunity that someone had given to us. Within that as a Store Manager you had many,many metrics that had to be meet on a Weekly, Monthly,Quarterly and Yearly basis with Sales being the end Metric. We had many indicators and Reports that we could look at on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that would give us information that was needed to meet these metrics. Home Depot had a process for almost everything that we did as associates, dept heads, assistant store managers and store managers. Any process was only as good as the people you had to follow those process and as a Leader those process were only as good as your follow up and motivation on the people that performed those daily process. The Workplace culture w


Lot Attendant

| Allen Park, MI |

Feb 5, 2019

Good starter job, but thats about it.

The pay is pretty good, but that's basically where the praise worthy things run out. You'll be expected to do tasks meant for multiple people, by yourself with no hope of any help at all, especially when it comes to loading which often times means hand loading thousands of pounds merchandise, commonly for a single customer. You'll be paged to loading calls that can take up to an hour. Many times I've been stuck for hours doing nothing but loading customer vehicles. But you start running into communication issues as they have no dedicated phone or any type of communication at all for you to actually receive said pages. You just sorta have to hope and pray there will be a phone you can use when you come in for your shift, and if there isn't, you're just expected to know when customers need loading and are sure to hear about it if you don't. And this isnt a new problem, just one that has continued to get worse.However, that doesn't mean you get any reprieve from the carts. You'll still be expected to keep up with them regardless of how much you have spent loading in that particular shift, and if you ask for help, most of the time you'll be lucky to get a single cashier and this is regardless of weather conditions. You will be out there pushing carts in thunderstorms, blizzards, 110-degree days, you name it. The in-store and full-time associates are disrespectful to lot associates. Regardless of seniority, you'll be treated like you just started last week by people who s

ProsThe pay. The degree of independence. Its a good workout. The front end associates and supervisors

ConsLack of any type engagement from upper management, Weather conditions, Lack of hours in the winter months.


Offers great life experience, but poor employer treatment.

I worked in the Garden section of the home depot. My daily tasks included making sure items on the shelves were all stocked and no empty spaces were found (Where the items should be), ensuring that the outside garden department was fully stocked and clean. (Which includes driving the forklift and bringing in pallets of soils, mulches and manure and cleaning the entire area. Afterwards, customer service is our number one priority, which includes having knowledge about the products in garden in order to provide advice to customers with questions about their lawn and garden. We also have to provide assistance loading heavy merchandise into the vehicles of customers who cannot help themselves.This is a super fast pace job at times and it can be very stressful on the mind and the body. Therefore the people you work with can be what defines how much you like your job. I was lucky enough to work with a team of people that not only help each other out, but they care for each other. I was also lucky enough to work under management who cares for their workers as well. Although they aren't perfect (They have fast paced jobs and go through stress as well. So you can't expect them to be angels at all times) they are much better than any corrupted managers at any other jobs. If you go out your way to complete your tasks, they'll go out their way to help you out any way you can.The hardest part of the job in my department is the job itself. We typically have a team of 2-5 people working

Proslearning experience, customer service experience

ConsHealth risk in certain departments, physical strain, mental stress, retail, irate customers


Customer Service Representative

| Phoenix, AZ |

Mar 31, 2021

Not many perks but nice environment.

Not sure why the reviews are so stellar for this company. Yes they are a good company and yes they do practice the safety of there employees and very fair on how they treat there employees . But the time off is a joke it takes forever to accumulate time per paycheck. And when you start you do not get any paid sick time at all. Leading to burn out on the job and you can only take off unpaid. Most companies at least off 10 days up front. Also advancement is limited no one cares what you want to do as long as you answer the phones. Not many off the phone positions available and if you go to retail they drop your pay. Seems pretty dead end if you can't get into SMS. Recently just felt like its heading for the worst. The system changes are not really offering anything to get the job done faster but just slower with less features. If you are taking appliance calls you will be transferring customers all day with out a speed dial option. Xmas the told us that we would only be taking store calls through the holidays but still have yet to take them out the que. So you are essentially taking calls for the store and online customer service and the delivery team and vendors without exceptional compensation. Minimum wage has went up so I think so should everyone else especially when your expected to do multiple jobs even though its on the phone. The schedules are a joke all mon- Friday mostly so if you need time off the week you have to take a hit. Then the weekend people are 300 in que al

ProsNice call center very modern, supportive managers and nice managers, Coworker are nice and supportive, Extremley good on keeping employees safe, Good equipment and technology although its not speeding up the process of helping customers !

Consno pto, No night differential, No flexable days off, Not many flexible schedules, Taking calls for stores and other departments, Upselling with no commission, Not much advancement outside of call



| Athens, GA |

Mar 15, 2015

Personal and Professional Goals Statement

Social interaction and advocating for others has always been a trait of mine. Since early childhood, I have always interjected on other’s behalves, and stood up for those I believed wronged. My work history reflects this characteristic as well, as management dominates most of my positions. Managing gave me an ingress to championing for the employees rights, and so I have always held such positions; as they had me interacting directly with people on a visceral level. Realizing the potential for this gift, I have fostered my love for social advocation, and it is now the motivation for both my personal and professional goals.My personal background consists of many years of management as well as an Associate’s Degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism. I earned this degree through Athens Technical College, graduating in May 2008. During my time at Athens Technical College, I was awarded the Work Ethics Award in the Business Division in 2007. I was also nominated for the G.O.A.L (Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership) award in 2007. I was both honored and humbled to discover that only 22 out of the 3600 students considered were eventually nominated. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa, and made the Dean’s List every term at Athens Technical College. While studying at Athens Tech, I was working at Best Western as a front desk clerk and night auditor. After graduating from Athens Tech, I was rapidly promoted to Assistant General Manager. I retained this position for four years a

ProsShort work commute

Consno healthcare



| Mérida, Yuc. |

Mar 29, 2016

buena empresa pero los lideres cometen muchas irregularidades

buena empresa pero los altos mandos se meten mucho en tu vida fuera de la empresa y no hay oportunidades de creser por la falta de profecionalismo de los gerentes y personas con puesto alto puesto que ellos deciden quien sube de nivel la capasitacion es buena el anviente de trabajo es malo se vive en tencion la estavilidad laboral es mala puesto que si le caes mal a los de arriba te sacan sin motibo alguno obio te liquidan pero no es estable muchas deficiencias y anomalias en sus contratos muchas vilaciones de la ley federal del trabajo ejemplo te obligan a salir de vacaciones cuando ellos lo indican en secciones de 6 dias y tiene que ser en dia lunes despues pasa un mes y sales otros 6 dias obio en lunes tiene que ser despues ya puedes escoger los 2 dias que te quedan pero la ley marca que es tu dercho salir los dias que te corresponde si serseccionados y dice que el empleador puede sugerir que seccione los dias de vacaciones el empleado mas no puede obligarlo y alli en home depot nos obligaban si queriamos salir nos davan un calendario que ellos hacian y si queriamos salir teniamos que firmarlo para poder tomar las vacaciones que nos corresponden por ley el dia la fecha y los dias que nos indicaban los gerentes de rh dehome depot y asi surgian muchas anomalias si pedias copia de tu contrato te despedian cosa que lo marca la ley el empleador deve de proporcionar copia del contrato una ala junta de conciliacion y arvitrage del estado donde se encuentre la empresa y una copia

Prosbuen sueldo seguroprestaciones

Consmuchas vilaciones ala ley federal del trabajo

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