Tamriel Vault - Character Build: The Champion of Arkay (2023)

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This build is based off of one of my favorite TV shows, Supernatural. Arkay is the nine divine in charge of keeping the balance of life and death. When Nirn is in desperate need of restoring the natural order, he sends out his champion to set things right. His champion does not only hunt anyone who defy the precious cycle, but he is also is a protector of Skyrim sent to destroy anything that his god deems as unclean like undead, daedra and supernatural beings.

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Samuel comes from a long line of monster hunters that served Arkay. His brother Damian, mother and father were killed by these abominations of nature while they were sent by Arkay to destroy the very things they despised. One night when returning to his homestead is Cyrodiil, Samuel found something was wrong.

He went searching for them. He found them not far from a vampire's lair, two fang marks were found on each of their necks, Samuel tried to find a pulse, but there was none to be found. before he left them, he picked up a silver sword that lay near his mother's corpse. He searched the vampire's cave for clues as to why they were killed. In his search, he found a journal that told him that after years of hunting that a vampire lord named Lord Harkon got fed up with monster hunters killing his kind. So he brainwashed every supernatural being on Skyrim to exact his revenge on these so called 'hunters.' He used a mayhem spell that, unlike the main mayhem spell, only makes the affected enemies focus on whatever Harkon directs his anger towards.

Samuel read further in the journal and found out that Harkon cooked up this sceme over thousands of years in isolation. Samuel closed and put to journal back on the table. He found the vampire nearby. Samuel flew into a rage and swung his mother's silver sword so hard that the head came clean off the shoulders. Samuel miscalculated the trajectory of the blood that sprayed from the vampire's neck as some got in his mouth, giving him demonic powers. This may or may not hav ebeen part of Lord Harkon revenge plan.

He picked up the journal, stuffed it into his knapsack and left the cavern. He made a pyre for each of his family members, placed their bodies onto them and, torch in hand, set fire to the wood. After the fire burned out, he stayed by the pyres for days praying to Arkay to give him the strength to put every one of those heartless beasts down by any means necessary.

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Race:Imperial infused with demon blood (vampire)

Standinng Stone:The Lord

Apparel: nightingalearmor (without hood), ring of namira

Weapons:Appendage of Arkay (Ebony crossbow enchanted with damage health and damage magicka), The First Blade (ivory sword enchanted with fiery soul trap) silver sword

Spells:Guardian Circle, Bane of the Undead, Sun Fire, Detect Life, Detect Dead, Soul Trap, Grip of Doom


Major Skills:One Handed, Archery, Lockpicking

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Minor Skills:Enchanting, Light Armor

Unperked Skills:Restoration, Alchemy

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Alchemy - Samuel taught himself how to create potions to be used against the supernatural

Archery - Samuel's brother damian taught him how to properly use a crossbow in battle

Enchanting- Damien taught Samuel how to enchant weapons and armor to deal more damage and protect better with magic in place of upgrading

Lockpicking - Samuel and Damien spent many a rainy day learning the subtle art of the lock

Light Armor - Samuel's father taught him how to protect himself from enemies

One handed - Samuel taught himself how to fight with swords and daggers

Restoration - Samuel's mother taught him how to deal damage with these spells

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Vampiric Ring of Namira- This mod enables Samuel to drink the blood of dead corpses. It acts as a blood potion and sustence for his lust of demon-fueled power.

Hunterborn SSE -

Scrimshaw extended SSE -

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim -This mod makes playing a monster hunter more fun as well as reworks Skyrim's perk trees

Dawnguard as Vampire - This mod allows Samuel to play as a Dawnguard after becoming a vampire

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Castle Valdmire SSE - Samuel's home in Skyrim, he does research on monsters here by collecting books on the unholy bestiary. This also acts for colleting items that Samuel gains by killing monsters or helping the people of Skyrim

Legendary Skyrim Crossbows and Bows SE- This mod adds crossbow variants to every single bow in the game as well as faction crossbows and crossbows with special abilities

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Samuel's base of operations, Castle Valdmire, with enough storage for the items he collects from his kills

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Real Bosses-This mod revamps most of the bosses in Skyrim for a tougher fight

Apples the Dog-This mod adds a canine companion to Skyrim

Inigo- An immersive khajiit follower that talks about quests, sings songs and reads books

Dawnguard Brotherhood Reborn - this mod adds many sword, aromr, potions and bows that will be useful for any hunter of the supernatural

Forged Midnight - retextures the nightingale armor to be as black as night

Grip of Doom SSE- this mod simulates Samuel's power at peak performance. This can be used against all types of monsters

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Vampiric grip destruction spell - this simulates Sam's ability to paralyze his victims while absorbing their souls further fueling his power.

Detect Life - This power is supposed to simulate Sam's ability to smell fresh bodies ripe for him to drain the powers from.

Vampiric Seduction - Sam can paralyze enemies with fear while feeding on demon blood in order to keep his powers at full form to help in the eradication of every foul creature who dares to fight for their miserable lives.

Using these powers requires intense focus on Samuel's part and as such, he gets fatigued after every fourth use of demonic power. Namira's ring, his drain life spell, or feeding off of an awake npc affected by vampire's seduction can refuel him.

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Against undead, Samuel uses his dawnguard spells in conjunction with his silver bolt-loaded crossbow to wittle down their heath and then he uses the first blade to deal them a fiery death all while casting their souls into Oblivion with the soul trap effect. He can also use his guardian circle spell to use your demon blood to heal yourself while at the same time make the undead flee from you in terror.

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Against wraiths (corrupted shades and Malkoran's shade) Samuels transforms in his full demon bloodied form and uses his grip of doom spell to fling the shade about like a rag doll and he can also uses his crossbow to deal critical damage to the wraith with his silver bolts.

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Against demons, Samuel uses his crossbow to deal critical damage and he can also use his ivory sword to deal damage while returning his soul to the nether realms from which he crawled out of.

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Against wisps, since they are resistant to normal weapons, only bring your silver weapons to this fight. Either fight them with your silver sword or fire your silver bolt at them from afar.

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Against hagravens, use a ward if they bombards you with spells and then when they run out of magicka pull out your crossbow and rains silver bolts upon them. If he is desperate, he can unleash his true demonic form to engage the witches in a clash of mages.

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Against werewolves, Samuel utilizes his appendage of Arkay to fight these beasts when he is starved of demon blood. It is best to take down these beasts from the shadows because you don't have the best armor rating being in light armor unless you are confident in your abilities.

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Against Lord Harkon, whom you will meet after plowing through waves of his vampire servants and the real mastermind behind your parents and brother's death and the one administering the mind control. You will need to sneak undetected it the Dawnguard by using theDawnguard as Vampire Mod. Use your crossbow plus some damaging restoration spells, be prepared for a long, drawn-out battle and be sure to avoid his attack and dodge as fast as possible because the big, bad vampire lord will be unrelenting in his attacks. If needed, he can utitlize his grip of doom to grab him and fling the vampire lord around. When he summons draugr to help him, 'feed' off of them and you get to fight demon against vampire lord. Feed on his corpse withVampiric Ring of Namirain order to both replenish your powers and appease your family.

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Against all types of dragon priests (both vanilla and dragonborn) use a mix of your crossbow, ward and offensive restoration spells in order to bring them down. He then loots each mask from the priests' bodies as trophies because they killed his parents and brother while under Harkon's mind control. multiple perks fromOrdinatorcan help to make all of these battles easier.

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Against the undead Gauldurson brothers, use your enhanced silver croosbow along with the offensive restoration spells to cut down their health fairly quickly.Be prepared for a tough fight because you will not have to fight these guys only once, but twice. Talk about a headache! Mikrul, Sigrid and Jyrik are easy enough to fight by themselves, except for Sigrid who creates illusions of himself during the fight, but together, these guys are a nightmare to fight. I mean not really as they come at you one at a time when you face them for the second time in Reachwater Rock. Still, they guys are formidable foes, almost as strong if not as strong as the dragon priests. Hold your ground against these guys' ghost forms as they will either summon an army of draugr, daedra or illusions to help then fight. Use your crossbow, gotten from the Legendary Crossbows and Bowsmod, your sword gained from theImmersive Weaponsmod and your spells (basically anything at your disposal) to take these undead monsters out in order to avenge your father's death. When all this is done, proudly display your spoils of war and avenged family members in your home and resarch center,Castle Valdmire.

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After escaping Helgen, Samuel walks to Riverwood to start theMain Quest. After this is done, he goes to Winterhold to join theCollege of Winterholdin order to hon his magical prowess to gain the upper hand against the supernatural beings. If he is lucky, he will be able to train a bit in enchanting as well. He then ventures to the reach wherre he enters the Markarth Hall of the Dead to startThe Taste of Deathquest so he will be able to feed his demonic powers. After this, he starts hunting the monsters that killed his brother and mothed through the dragon priet quests to avenge his brother's death,The Pale Ladyto avenge his mother's deathand fighting the Gaulderson brothers in order to avenge his father's death. When he is ready, he faces Lord Harkon, the orchestrator of the attacks, but before facing him, he needs to do recon missions and eliminate the monster's undead servants during theDawnguardquestline.

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Shrine of Samuel's patron diety

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Main Quest- Even though Sam has no use for shouts, he undergoes this quest to find and destroy Nahkriin, thereby weaking Harkon's hold on this dragonpriest. He takes this mask as proof of Nahkriin's freed soul.

College of Winterhold- Sam finds some books that prove invaluable to his research of monsters.

The Pale Lady- This quest starts Samuel's quest for vengeance for his brother's, father's and mother's deaths

Dawnguard- Samuel must do his research in the form of recon missions before he finally comes face to face with the monster who orchestrated his family's death

The Final Descent- Samuel tracks down one of the most powerful mosters in Solstheim in order to both save the people of raven rock and exact his revenge

Lost Legacy- Samuel did research on this 'jailor' and found him guilty of collaborating with Harkon so he is sent to destory him

Forbidden Legend- Samuel's father fought bravely against these Gauldur brothers, but ultimately met his demise at their hands

Unearthed- Samuel's brother met his death by fighting Ahzidal, dragon priest of flame, he must avenge his brother's death

Siege of the Dragon Cult- Sam goes to fornelhost because he heard of a dragon priest that kill his mother named Rahgot

A Taste of Death- Samuel must first feed on corspes of dead humanoids in order to replenish his demonic powers so he can rid the world of unholy beasts. He must then re-feed on the fallen, either his kill of otherwise, after every fourth kill as his demonic powers will weaken after the fourth kill.

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