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Have questions about your favorite beige colors but can’t find the answers? I hear you and I’m here to help.

Most Popular Behr Grey Paint Colors

Most Popular Behr Grey Paint Colors - Paint Color Ideas (1)

While I’m focusing on Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors, I’d like to work with BEHR to answer your questions about some of their most popular paint colors, such as:

Best Exterior House Paint Colors 2022 Most Popular Home Color Ideas

Now, I haven’t done online color consultations specifically with BEHR (just BM and SW) and don’t know much about their colors, but this info will definitely help you. While I’m usually a SAUCY lil ginger, these blog posts will help you get started on your next painting project!

BTW, since I don’t use Behr colors and only use images from my electronic design clients, I don’t have photos of these colors, but will show a comparison color for your reference.

The paint coverage of the example below is only approximate. Click on the color name highlighted in red to view it on Behr’s website.

The dolphin’s fins are a slightly warm gray – not the traditional warm colors in Grieg, but certainly not a cool tone. I call it “Storm Grey”. LRV 59, the dolphin fin is light dark gray, but it is a slightly heavier light color, not bright.


The Most Popular Paint Colors In America

Every gray has cool undertones, and Dolphin Fin is no exception, a very passive tone similar to another popular warm gray, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

Silver drops give a lighter approach to grey. With the LRV of ’69, it’s a light gray – no fading, but not as much body as a dolphin fin. I can tell right away that Silver Drop is a color ninja – gray can and will take any of the 3 cool shades with some gusto, although it prefers a bit of green. The appearance of this color is easily influenced by the design of the room, interior decoration and personal perception!

You’ll find that silver drops are especially warm compared to other cool grays and don’t hit the off-white edges of things.

Most Popular Behr Grey Paint Colors - Paint Color Ideas (2)

Misty Coast is one of my favorite gray paint colors. It’s cool, but not icy, a subtle stormy look with very soft, subtle blue undertones that sometimes turn into teal…but rarely.

The 10 Most Popular Paint Colors, According To Designers

On the Misty Coast is LRV 68, well hidden by the lights. However, if you ask me, it seems like its LRV should be a bit lower, but that’s probably because of its storminess.

The 57’s LRV puts a little more meat on the Silver City’s bones. It’s still in the light range, but it’s quite heavy, so it’s not ideal for a dark room.

When it comes to undertones, this bad boy is “relatively” neutral, but that means it’s easily affected by exposure, outfit, and personal perception. On cooler undertones, I would say it could be more of a cooler green/teal shade.


No doubt you’ll be getting color samples in the near future – right there! I want you to sample the peel and stick paint swatches. Sampleize is more affordable, simpler and more environmentally friendly than traditional paint containers. Their patterns were larger than those tiny paper chips.

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors (and Most Popular!)

In the 65’s LRV, the Sterling performs well in the lighter range without getting too heavy or faded. Unlike the above two colors, which at first glance seem “stormy and muted”, Sterling is a COOOOL gray with a soft blue-purple undertone. This undertone works well to balance southern exposures, but can be a bit chilly for north-facing rooms.

Ion is a beautiful, soft, calming grey. Not conventionally cold, but not too muddy or warm. Ion has a soft, beautiful green undertone that can be slightly blue-green and is associated with the northern or eastern lights.

Right now, I really want to find one of my favorite shades of gray like Benjamin Moore Collingwood – beige gray – but no one is. If you’re curious about what Collingwood can be like, you can read all about it here.

Most Popular Behr Grey Paint Colors - Paint Color Ideas (3)

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Behr Just Made Choosing The Perfect Neutral Paint So Much Easier

Thanks for visiting! I’m so glad you’re here! Come and meet me!

Benjamin + Sherwin: Paint Color Review Neutrals, Grays, Grays, Creams + Whites

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Kelly’s Projects Kitchen Remodel + Design Living Room, Dining Room + More Bathroom Design Exterior Colors New + Overall Home Design Our Forever Home Our Last Home

01. Color Academy Online Color Course Do you want to learn more about the color of your home or your client’s home? Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the world of color, these fun online lessons will take your color education to the next level! Watch Lesson 02. Affordable and Fun Downloadable eBooks Are you an avid reader? Want to learn more about decorating and the fun of colors? Covering a wide range of topics, these e-books are sure to refresh your space and rethink the way you live in your home! View e-book September is the month with the shortest days, and the weather is very pleasant after sunset. As wet weather comes into season, this is the perfect month to cook entrees on a charcoal grill. Its graphic charcoal N500-6 perfectly captures the essence of a cool yet pleasant evening.

The Best Behr White And Soft Off White Paint Colours

Inside, graphic charcoal replaces plain white walls and adds a contemporary feel to an entryway, hallway or hallway. This dark gray color looks even more stunning when paired with white wall decor. An industrial wooden black table next to a charcoal wall at home. A black coat rack also becomes an artistic statement on this wall, and the color of each coat becomes the visual focal point of the space.

In the living room, graphic charcoal serves as a beautiful shade for the focal walls of spaces such as the area around the fireplace. Light gray walls on either side offer a new way to think about decorating a room with a neutral color scheme. The use of pattern and texture in the form of upholstered and woven planters adds visual interest.

Graphic Charcoal is the perfect color for a studio apartment or open plan home. Use graphic charcoal as a wall color in one area (like a dining area) and another (like a light gray).

Most Popular Behr Grey Paint Colors - Paint Color Ideas (4)

A bedroom with a graphic charcoal wall gives extra comfort. Color relaxes the eyes; It’s a wonderful backdrop for the black headboard and white and gray upholstered bed. From the waffle pattern on the blankets and pillowcases to the edge of the gray and white bedside rug, the design is the decorative element of this space. Dark wood floors look great in this room with charcoal walls.

The Best Greige Paint Colors In 2022

A gray monochrome color scheme is ideal for bedrooms with large windows or sliding doors, as it softens the light during the peak hours of the day and is easy on the eyes.

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This bold color infuses a bold and rich quality, giving the product an industrial edge. Low-gloss finishes are soft and tactile, while satin or semi-gloss finishes create a softer look. Dark charcoal is a powerful color that suggests a greater sense of mystery and drama.

Outside the home, graphic charcoal makes a stunning appearance as an exterior door color. On the doors, this neutral color works well with any home exterior, from bright white to classic red brick.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we hope you are satisfied with it. Thanks to its versatile complexity, this shade can express a multitude of moods: dramatic, soft, elegant, bold, light or

Color Trends 2020

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