IKEA Shopping Secrets that will give you the Absolute best Deals and Prices (2023)

You love IKEA and always shop there. But do you know how to find the best deals and know all the secrets to shopping at IKEA? This post will let you in on all that insider information!

So you really love IKEA, and a shopping trip to IKEA is something that you really look forward to (or is that just me?!). IKEA has great design, great prices, and practically everyone on the globe has an IKEA close to them somewhere.

But when you shop at IKEA do you know how to get the best deals and the best prices? There are many little secrets that you will be so glad to know, so you come out a winner every time you head to that blue and yellow store!

This list isn’t a short one – because it covers pretty much every tip I could discover about shopping and discounts at IKEA. If you want the best deals at IKEA I would encourage you to stay with me through the whole list!

IKEA Shopping Secrets that will give you the Absolute best Deals and Prices (1)

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Join IKEA Family

IKEA Family is IKEA’s VIP program. It is completely free to join and it gives you so many perks. It really is not a question of whether you should join the VIP program, it is more a question of why wouldn’t you join it?

With an IKEA Family membership any purchase you make has a 90 day price protection. That means that if an item you bought drops in price within 90 days, they will refund you the difference in price.

IKEA Family will also give you notice on sales, discounts and special offers, that are geared towards the store that you normally shop at. As you shop at an IKEA store look out for blue IKEA Family labels on items – they mean you can get a special discount on those items too.

The IKEA Family membership also means that you are entitled to a free hot drink (coffee or tea) in their restaurant every time you stop by. If you have little ones, it also gives them extra time in Smaland. All these little things add up!

In addition, you also get a surprise for your birthday, and monthly chances to win a $100 IKEA gift card (just scan your card to enter).

Find Discounts and Coupons

As mentioned above, an IKEA Family membership gives you notice of any special discounts and coupons. You can also ask IKEA sales associates in the store if they have any special discount coupons on items.

Buy IKEA Items on Amazon

If you can’t get to an IKEA store, you can purchase many IKEA items on Amazon.

But be warned – you can pay very high prices for those items, as many of them are sold by sellers other than Amazon directly.

There is a way however to get a legit IKEA item that is priced either the same as IKEA stores, or not much more. Just look for sponsored listings or products that are fulfilled by Amazon Prime (get a free trial of Amazon Prime here).

See IKEA items being sold on Amazon here

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Buy a Display Model

Sometimes that thing that you want is out of stock, and only the floor display model exists.

Many times you can buy a display model for a discounted cost. But only IKEA store associates can advise you as to whether you can purchase a particular display model (don’t bother asking the check-out people, they won’t know).

So if you see a display model that you want, find an associate and have them check for you to see if it is available for purchase.

Ask an Associate

If you really need to know something about a certain product, ask whether it is on sale, discounted etc, find and ask an IKEA associate.

(Video) 10 SHOPPING SECRETS IKEA Doesn't Want You to Know!

IKEA associates are incredibly knowledgeable about everything they sell. When you go into an IKEA store you will likely see associates just standing around or doing other things. Unlike most stores they won’t come rushing up to you asking how they can help.

IKEA associates are trained that way. They are trained to be on hand when you need them, but not to pester you in case you don’t. So never hesitate to ask an associate a question, because they are only too happy to help – when you decide you want the help.

You can Try Before You Buy!

If you are unsure as to how a piece of furniture or item might look in your own home, there is a way to find that out and try before you buy it!

IKEA Place is a free app that allows you to take photos of your room and home, and to see how a particular IKEA product would look in that room.

Last Chance

If you see an item with a yellow ‘Last Chance’ sticker you are likely to get a really good deal on that item. Those stickers mean that this is the last time that item is going to be offered at that particular price. So if you want a good bargain, grab those items!

Typically those Last Chance deals range from 15 – 50% off.

Head to the As Is Section

The best section of an IKEA store to find an amazing deal is in the As Is section.

The As Is section is where items that have been returned are kept and offered at reduced prices. Because IKEA has a great return policy, many items are assembled at home and then no longer wanted and returned to the store already assembled. So you are likely to get a good deal on those items.

The best time to shop the As Is section and get the best deals is on a Monday morning. Most returns are made at the weekend, so on Monday mornings you are more likely to get some great deals and more available stock.

Great Returns Policy

IKEA has a fantastic returns policy, so if you are not sure about an item it does give you a little more piece of mind.

IKEA’s return policy is 365 days – a whole year! Even if you have already assembled an item and used it in your home, you can still return it if it is within the 365 days since you first purchased it. Many of those returned items go straight to be sold in the As Is section…

Shop at the Best Time

Being so popular, IKEA stores can be quite packed and busy at times. So knowing the best times to shop will make your shopping experience so much easier.

Weekdays are better than weekends to shop, for obvious reasons. Most people are at work, and there is less traffic heading to IKEA.

Mornings are better than afternoons and evenings, especially when the store first opens in the morning. You are more guaranteed a leisurely walk around the store at that time.

If you have to return something, you can wait in line for quite a while if you don’t pick the right time to do that. The best days to handle returns is weekday mornings, as early as possible.

Get Extra Screws, Hinges and More

If when you assemble an IKEA product you realize that a screw or something else is missing, you can very easily get another one.

Just go to your local IKEA store and ask for those extra pieces. IKEA stores have a Spare Parts section that has all those pieces that you need. Or you can call them and they will mail you what you need free of charge to your home.

But one of my best tips for dealing with needing extra screws etc is to get them when you are actually in the store buying the item you need. Just go up to an IKEA associate and ask them if they have any spare screws etc for the item that you are buying. Associates should have extras, or know where they are found. Or you can check in at the Spare Parts section and ask for extras then and there.

You may also need more tools that you are provided with by IKEA in the packaging. This tool here is a really handy tool to get to keep on hand for when you are ever assembling IKEA products (and other stores products too!)

Avoid the Crowds & Shop Online


If you really don’t want to deal with crowds and crowded stores, shop online.

Everything IKEA sells is available to buy online. You can also order online and request curbside pickup. For a flat fee of $5 IKEA will have your order ready, and you can just pull up outside and collect your items – then be on your way!

What’s more, IKEA then refunds that fee in the form of an IKEA gift card – so it is essentially free!

Map out the Store Before you Go

Every IKEA store has a handy map available at the entrance, for your ease in getting around.

If you don’t want to walk through the entire store, just check the map as you go in and figure out where you need to go. Additional tip – take a photo of that map on your phone too!

IKEA stores are mapped out with arrows that you follow for the flow. But those arrows will take you through the entire store. But stores do have handy shortcuts to get from one part to another without going through every section. Those maps show you those shortcuts too! So take a photo of the map and you will get round the store much easier!

Take a Photo of the Item that you Want

For IKEA items that require you to stop by the warehouse at the end to choose your piece boxed, you can do this far easier by using your phone.

Just snap a photo of the ticket for the item you want. That will show you the section it is kept in, and the bin number etc.

That way when you get to the warehouse part of the store, you can pull up the photo and see where you need to go for that item, without having to memorize it.

IKEA Shopping Secrets that will give you the Absolute best Deals and Prices (2)

Be Aware of Impulse Shopping Strategies

IKEA counts on a lot of impulse shopping purchases as you walk through its stores. Those impulse purchases are usually made from the bins that are scattered with items throughout the store.

Be aware also, that those items go up in price as you go through the store. At the start of your shopping trip lower cost items will be available in those bins, but as you get towards the cash registers the items get more and more expensive.

Join the IKEA Moving Program

If you are moving home, IKEA has some great help for you. If you join the Moving Program it gives you a $25 off coupon towards a $250 IKEA purchase. IKEA will also send you handy checklists and emails to help you with the entire moving process.

Make your Shopping List First

IKEA has a great online feature that enables you to make out your shopping list before heading to the store and shopping.

Go here to this part of the IKEA site to make out your shopping list ahead of time. You can also use this list as a favorites list to keep on hand whenever you need it.

Take your own Bags

IKEA doesn’t supply bags, unless you purchase those iconic blue bags. So you can save money by taking your own bags to IKEA on your next shopping trip.

Get Free Daycare while you Shop

You may not be aware that Smaland is a great play section at IKEA for kids, where you can leave your kids to play while you shop.

This is perfect for busy parents who find it hard shopping with little kids in tow. My kids always loved trying out things in IKEA and loved going through the store, but unless you want a fun family day out you may want to use Smaland!

You get up to an hour in Smaland for your kids – long enough for most shopping trips. But if you are an IKEA Family member you get longer than that!

(Video) Top 5 tips and tricks to shop efficiently at Ikea | Ikea Shopping Hacks| Ikea 2020

Find an Instructional Video

Many of us are stumped when putting together a piece of furniture. Even though IKEA instructions are pretty good, and completely visual, there may come a time when you just don’t get how to do a certain thing.

So go online to IKEA and see if there is an instructional video available for that piece to help you. IKEA knows that you may run into problems, and has a lot of instructional material available to help you.

IKEA tells you what is New

IKEA will always tell you what its new items are with tags and signs throughout the store. If you want one of the newest products, look out for these signs as you go through the store!

IKEA has some Great Food

The IKEA food market actually contains some amazing food items. Not only do they sell their famous meatballs, they also sell the most amazing chocolate.

Some of my favorite food items that I pick up on an IKEA shopping trip are their frozen pancakes (more like crepes), cinnamon buns, ginger thins, coffee and teas, frozen almond cake, frozen saffron roll, and their amazing frozen vegetable medallions.

IKEA are now also selling plant balls – which are their meatballs meat free!

IKEA Shopping Secrets that will give you the Absolute best Deals and Prices (3)

Photo: IKEA

Have Someone Else Assemble your Product

If DIY and assembly just really isn’t your thing, have someone else do it for you!

IKEA has partnered with TaskRabbit which helps you find a local assembly partner to do it all for you.

Check Something is Available Before you Go

If you want to avoid a wasted trip, you can check online to see if a product is available before you set out to your local IKEA store.

Select your local store online, and you will be able to quickly and easily see if that item is in stock at your local store. If it isn’t you may be able to find it in stock at another IKEA branch.

Everything you Need to know is on the Price Tag

The price tags on IKEA items don’t just give you the price.

They also tell you absolutely everything you need to know about a product. They tell you the size, measurements, material, features, and that item’s location in the warehouse too.

You can Change Something that isn’t quite what you want!

Yes – it’s called an IKEA hack! Practically everything you can buy at IKEA can be hacked – or changed – to be different.

You can change the color by spray painting something. You can turn a basic cart into an amazing bar cart. You can decorate items to change their look.

IKEA hacks are a big thing. It creates something more unique and different. It could be the answer to something being great but not quite the same color for instance.

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(Video) Absolute TOP 20 Best DIY IKEA HACKS That Will Wow!

IKEA Shopping Secrets that will give you the Absolute best Deals and Prices (4)

Hopefully these tips and suggestions will help you get more out of your IKEA shopping trip!

You love IKEA and always shop there. But are you always getting the best deals, and do you know how to find the best deals and know all the secrets to shopping at IKEA? I will cover all that here in this post!

IKEA Shopping Secrets that will give you the Absolute best Deals and Prices (5)

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How do I get the best price from IKEA? ›

Find the best deals in the “As-is” section.

It's basically the clearance area. This is where you'll find returned, damaged, and previously displayed items marked as much as 50% off original prices. Shopping in this section is the absolute best way to score a deal at IKEA.

What day is best to go to IKEA? ›

Avoid shopping on weekends, if possible. The best times to visit IKEA are weekdays at opening time or an hour before closing.

Does IKEA do discount? ›

Ikea provides a few ways for you to get a discount. Join the Ikea Family membership to receive discounted member exclusive prices. You can also check out their website and see which items are are on sale in the Offers section.

Does IKEA allow you to buy floor models? ›

They can find out (and might give you free stuff. Ask). If the item is truly out of stock, and there is no delivery info (which means it's 4-6 weeks out, minimum), they can sell you the floor model, BUT at full retail price.

What day of the week does IKEA restock? ›

Every 1 – 2 days.

Smaller items like lamps, storage products, kitchen stuff, and home décor are restocked every day or two, or when bins are empty. But obviously restocking can only happen if IKEA has stock available, which is often a problem on more popular items.

What does IKEA yellow price mean? ›

At Ikea, a yellow tag indicates that a product is on sale and that it's your last chance to buy it. However, "the amount of the discount varies, and is set by the local store," Janice Simonsen, an Ikea spokesperson, explained to Good Housekeeping. "The typical range is 15 percent to 50 percent off."

What does yellow tag IKEA mean? ›

Keep an eye out for the bright yellow Low Price tags

Items marked with a yellow tag mean that the price is ultra-low and you should probably snag them while inventory lasts! You can even shop the Low Price section online where you'll see the prices highlighted yellow.

What Day Is IKEA the least busy? ›

Another strategy is going mid-week, especially in the evening hours, when you can enjoy a meal (Swedish meatballs and a soft-serve ice cream cone!) and stroll without all crazy crowds you'll encounter on the weekend. Employees note that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are ideal.

Did IKEA prices go up 2022? ›

However, an Ikea spokesperson confirms to Forbes that prices increased nationally in 2022. “Affordability continues to be a key cornerstone for us at Ikea, and our intention remains to keep our prices as low as we possibly can.

How do I get an IKEA voucher code? ›

Go to Coupon.AE and type IKEA in the search bar to access the latest IKEA Coupons. You will be taken to the IKEA Offers page, select one of the deals and click on “SHOW COUPON” or “GET DEAL”.

What is the advantage of having an IKEA card? ›

As an IKEA Family member, you can enjoy discounts on selected home furnishing products, food products and services, not to mention free tea or coffee from Monday to Friday*. We also host regular member-only events in store such as free home furnishing workshops and previews of new ranges.

Does IKEA still offer free food? ›

IKEA Family members get up to two kid's entrees free when they buy any adult entrée at the IKEA Restaurant**. Don't miss this delicious offer, valid every Wednesday of 2022!

Will IKEA pay you for old furniture? ›

The Buy Back & Resell service is available for personally-used IKEA furniture only. The furniture must be fully assembled and fully functional. IKEA cannot accept any products that have been hacked, modified or altered in any way.

Can you bring drinks into IKEA? ›

Insider spoke to former and current employees about things customers should never do in an Ikea. Bringing food or drinks into the furniture area is frowned upon, and if you have wrappers or trash make sure to throw them away in the provided bins.

How much discount should you get on a floor model? ›

While there's no “standard” discount for floor models, most are discounted anywhere between 10% and 15%.

Can IKEA tell you if something is back in stock? ›

Get notified when it's back in stock

If the product you are looking for is not available for purchase online on in-store, you can sign up to get notified when it is back in stock via SMS or email. You will receive the SMS or email when the product is back in stock. Simply sign up on the product page.

How long will IKEA be out of stock? ›

IKEA restocks every one to two days for smaller furniture pieces. This includes items like tables, chairs, dressers, and other similar types of furniture. Larger pieces of furniture like beds, wardrobes, outdoor furniture, and similar types of furniture take anywhere from three to five days.

How long does it take to get IKEA cabinets 2022? ›

Similar to many cabinet manufacturers, IKEA is having inordinate production and shipping delays on some products including cabinet boxes. To avoid downtime on the job site, plan on purchasing your cabinets at least three to six months before your installation date.

What is IKEA pricing strategy? ›

IKEA has got a unique pricing strategy. The customers are satisfied even when they have to pay higher prices because of the quality being provided to them. The product quality matches the prices being charged. The prices are accurate, and if compared to competitors, the products at IKEA have more affordable prices.

What do I and K stand for in IKEA? ›

The word 'IKEA' is an acronym that celebrates our Swedish heritage. I stands for Ingvar, the first name of the IKEA founder. K is for Kamprad, his last name. E is for Elmtaryd, the name of the farm where Ingvar grew up, and A is for Agunnaryd, the name of the parish in Småland, Ingvar's home village.

Is drink free in IKEA? ›

Free hot drink, Monday-Friday

Every time you visit us at participating stores* during the week, you can enjoy a tea or filtered coffee on the house.

What does code 300 mean in IKEA? ›

It doesn't sound much now that I try to capture the day in words, but I had a wonderful time. These guys are two of my personal heroes and I never fail to enjoy myself when I'm with them. Footnote: "Code 300" means a lost child. We arksed an IKEA co-worker.

Does IKEA check receipts? ›

You must have your receipt and valid government issued photo ID in order to return or exchange your product.

What does now or never mean at IKEA? ›

We're always making room for new products. To do that, sometimes we have to say goodbye to some of our older furniture and furnishings. These last chance products might be gone soon, so get them while supplies last. Shop all now or never products.

What is the most sold item in IKEA? ›

1. Billy bookcase. The Billy bookcase has cemented itself firmly as one of the most popular products in the IKEA family. It is estimated that every five seconds, one Billy bookcase is sold somewhere in the world.

What is IKEA struggling with? ›

Jon Abrahamsson, chief executive at brand owner Inter IKEA, told Reuters he expects the supply chain crisis to continue into 2022, with the biggest challenge currently to get goods out of China, where roughly a quarter of IKEA's products are made.

How often do IKEA have sales? ›

Ikea usually runs a couple of sale events each year – one in summer and the other in winter. The sales used to be mostly in stores, with fewer items discounted online, but since the pandemic we've seen more stock available online, too.

How IKEA gets you to impulsively buy more? ›

The Gruen Effect (also called the Gruen Transfer) describes the moment people enter a store and are engrossed in an intentionally overwhelming experience. This causes them to forget their original reason for going to the shop, so they tend to make more impulse purchases.

Why are IKEA prices so high? ›

"Inflation and supply chain issues impacted FY22 sales, and led to rising costs and higher prices. That means sales have grown in money, but sales quantities have not kept up," Inter IKEA said in a statement.

Why is IKEA increasing their prices? ›

Ikea has increased the prices of its furniture by up to 80% over the last year, research has found. The Swedish retail giant has blamed "surging raw material and transport costs" as well as the war in Ukraine and inflation for the rise in prices.

How do you get free food from IKEA? ›

Eat free at your local IKEA restaurant! When you dine in the restaurant at your local IKEA store and deduct your restaurant receipt total from any home furnishings purchase over $100!

What is IKEA birthday reward? ›

Wondering why IKEA asks for your birthday when you sign up for their loyalty program? Members are in for a couple of birthday surprises: a free birthday meal coupon and a $15 gift card to use during your birthday month.

What is the one IKEA bonus program? ›

program will be an incentive for co-workers to stay and grow with Ikea.” Tack! is being launched only a few months after the announcement of the One Ikea Bonus Program, a performance-driven bonus system for hourly and salaried full-time and part-time workers, paid annually when set goals are achieved.

Do IKEA Family members get a discount? ›

IKEA Family members now save 5% on eligible purchases every time you shop in-store! Plus get special offers, free in-store perks, price protection and more. It's free to join and you'll be saving in no time! Already a member?

Is coffee free at IKEA? ›

Anytime you visit the IKEA Restaurant, scan your card to enjoy a break with a free regular coffee or tea.

What does IKEA do with discontinued products? ›

The flip side is that sometimes, your favorite items get sent to the IKEA graveyard. Fans of discontinued items are left with no choice but to scour eBay, Etsy, and local vintage shops to try to find some of their favorites.

Do IKEA still do free tea and coffee? ›

As a member we always want you to have an enjoyable moment when visiting our stores. So, next time you visit have a short break with a free tea or filtered coffee, available to enjoy Monday to Friday in the IKEA restaurant*.

What does IKEA stand for? ›

" Did you know? IKEA is named after the initials of founder Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, the farm on which he grew up, and Agunnaryd, the nearby village.

What does IKEA do with buy back items? ›

We buy back your used furniture items in return for an IKEA refund card. We then resell your second-hand furniture in our Buyback area or online, where it provides a chance for someone else to give it a second life at an affordable price.

Does IKEA furniture actually tip over? ›

"IKEA believes that the risk of tip-over incidents is reduced when chests of drawers and other select clothing storage units are properly attached to the wall." Virtually all dressers have the potential to tip, but Ikea's have proved particularly hazardous, a USA TODAY investigation found.

Can you take IKEA furniture apart and put it back together? ›

If you move frequently, though, keep in mind that it's unlikely certain IKEA furniture will survive more than one or two moves, Rondeau said. “Even taking a piece apart and putting it back together multiple times will start to cause the item to lose its integrity,” he said.

Can you bring your own IKEA bag to IKEA? ›

Bring Your Own Bag

You can fill a yellow IKEA bag in the store but they will not allow you to bring it through checkout.

How do I get my free hot drink from IKEA? ›

As an IKEA Family member, you'll be entitled to a free hot drink every time you visit the store. Don't skip signing up for a membership if you want to sip on a complimentary coffee or tea while shopping.

Does IKEA let you buy floor models? ›

They can find out (and might give you free stuff. Ask). If the item is truly out of stock, and there is no delivery info (which means it's 4-6 weeks out, minimum), they can sell you the floor model, BUT at full retail price.

Does Lowes sell the floor model? ›

Some floor models are marked for discount to make room for newer lines. Other floor models aren't marked for discount, but you may still get one.

Why are floor models cheaper? ›

Retailers also can't return floor models to the manufacturers the way they can with unopened items, so they take a loss on floor models unless they sell them. Many retailers sell their floor models at a hefty discount to clear them off their shelves and recoup at least some of their money.

Is it okay to buy a floor model TV? ›

One advantage to buying a floor model as opposed to other used TVs, is that you can at least rest assured that experts were handing the equipment and likely took good care of it. The downside of a floor-model is that they are typically on all day, every day until sold.

Is it cheaper to buy IKEA online? ›

Though not all of Ikea's offerings are sold via the online retail giant, those that are available are shipped free of charge (albeit with a slight mark-up). In the end, buying Ikea furniture via Amazon is almost always cheaper than buying it on Ikea's own site.

Is IKEA online same price as in store? ›

Our prices are the same in store or online

And if you are an IKEA Family member, you can buy some products at a special price.

What is decoy pricing strategy? ›

Decoy pricing is a strategy that aims to guide a potential customer towards a specific product by presenting an inferior choice.

Who is the biggest competitor of IKEA? ›

Unique brands like Jysk, Kartell, and Williams-Sonoma are also IKEA's top competitors in 2021.
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  • Wayfair. Boston-based Wayfair is the biggest online shopping platform for home furnishings, décor, and appliances. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • Ashley HomeStore. ...
  • Walmart. ...
  • Home Depot. ...
  • Restoration Hardware. ...
  • Kartell. ...
  • Williams-Sonoma Inc.

Are IKEA prices going up in 2022? ›

The rocketing prices come as Ikea posts a record 6.5 per cent increase in retail sales, or 3.5 per cent when measured for local currencies, to €44.6bn (£38.9bn) for the 52 weeks ending August 31, 2022. Community News Reporter at the Express & Star.

What is the least busy day at IKEA? ›

Another strategy is going mid-week, especially in the evening hours, when you can enjoy a meal (Swedish meatballs and a soft-serve ice cream cone!) and stroll without all crazy crowds you'll encounter on the weekend. Employees note that Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are ideal.

Is delivery ever free from IKEA? ›

Does Ikea offer free shipping? IKEA doesn't offer the free shipping you find at a lot of other stores. Instead, there are a few IKEA delivery options to consider. Small order delivery starts at $5.99 but is only available if your order includes picture frames, hangers, small textiles, or other small, shippable items.

Is shipping ever free at IKEA? ›

We do not offer free shipping. However, if you are an IKEA Family member, you receive savings on select delivery options online. Learn more about IKEA Family, and sign up for free.

Why are prices at IKEA so cheap? ›

High Sales Volume

That's because IKEA's business model relies on high-volume sales, allowing it to earn the profits that keep the costs low for customers.

Is it cheaper to buy things online or in person? ›

Online shopping is often cheaper than in stores because online retailers may have fewer overhead costs. Online shopping also may come with the chance to apply more discount codes so you can save even more money. You may even be able to find cheaper gently or never used items on second-hand shopping sites.


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