IKEA Farlov Slipcovered Sofa Review {And Washing Tips} (2022)

Hey Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July! We went to two fireworks displays this year, and I think the girls and I are still feeling the effects of the much-later-than-usual bedtimes. We normally let the girls head to bed a little later every once in awhile in the summer, but it’s been happening too often lately, and they’ve been out of sorts the last few days. Normal-ish routine commences tomorrow though, because this momma can’t handle any more mid afternoon tantrums or whining at dinner time {insert horrified face holding cheeks emoji here}.

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But anyway, I wanted to finally share my review of our new IKEA Farlov sofas with you all today! If you follow me on Instagram, then you may already know that we bought these back in May when Fifi O’Neill came and shot our home for an upcoming magazine feature. Here she is, doing her thing! See the little corner of the Farlov armrest playing peekaboo there?

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The whole experience still seems surreal, and I’ll definitely let you all know when it hits newsstands. The day they came was rainy and cloudy, but her camera crew was amazing and still managed to make the photos look airy and light. I snapped this one with my cell while Fifi was styling!

But back to the sofas. Michael and I had been debating for a few months whether or not to replace our old Ektorp sofas. They’d been SO easy to clean. Just pull off the covers, wash with Oxiclean and bleach, and they looked new again. But after years of lots and lots of use (and one creative kiddo who managed to pull 1/2 of the stuffing out of a few of the cushions while Mommy was washing the covers), they were starting to sag and look frumpy. So with a magazine shoot on the horizon, we bit the bullet, and bought IKEA’s new Farlov series sofas.

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I’ll just start off by saying, I LOVE them so far. I wanted to wait a bit before I shared them with all of you – just until we’d had a chance to live with them awhile – and I especially wanted to see how they held up after a washing.

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Do you see how there are a few wrinkles in the middle of the top and front of this sofa’s cushion? Well, there were even more than that on the other sofa before I washed it.

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Here’s another angle, in case it’s hard to see what I’m talking about. I, personally, don’t mind a casual looking sofa, but I was afraid that if it was wrinkling up like that after a little over a month of use, we may be in trouble.

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But here’s a look at the other sofa after it was washed! I was so happy to see that the fabric smoothed right back out, and the couch looked brand new again.

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Hallelujah, because, seriously, I could not live without a slipcovered sofa. And although I will always love the rolled arm, classic appeal of the Ektorp, my design loving heart was longing for something a little sleeker and more elegant.

Like maybe a chesterfield.

And then I remembered that I have four kids, and a slipcover is a MUST for me. I’ve just never been ok with things ‘looking’ clean; especially surfaces that I’ll occasionally be resting my face on, and goodness, there can be all kinds of who-knows-what on a couch when you have kids, right?

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I just adore slipcovers for so many reasons.

I absolutely love how the house smells on slipcover washing day. I love how the couch itself feels to sit on after it’s been washed. I love the satisfaction of watching my couches go from looking unsalvageably stained, to pristine in 90 minutes. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get it at this point, right?

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Slipcovered sofas are my jam and the Farlov is my new obsession.

The Farlov is completely different than the Ektorp though, and it goes beyond the arm style.

Farlov vs. Ektorp {Pros and Cons}

The Farlov is MUCH deeper than the Ektorp. And when I say deep, I’m talking almost the size of a twin mattress deep. I absolutely love it and find it to be ridiculously comfy, but if you’re not a fan of deeper sofas, you may not.

The Farlov slipcover fabric has a bit of a wider woven texture that looks more high end than the Ektorp, in my opinion. But the downside to that is, if you have children, little bits of crumbs, dirt, or whatever else they drag in, isn’t as easily brushed off of the couch. It’s not impossible, but it takes a few more swipes, or a vacuum if the crumb/dirt situation is crazy. I found, at my sister’s recommendation (hey, Erin! Thank you! 😉 ), that a lint roller completely solves this problem though.

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The Farlov has a single cushion seat, versus the Ektorp’s three cushioned seat. Again, I think that this gives the Farlov a more high end and crisp look, but it’s also a little unwieldy trying to get the cover put back onto it.

The Farlov can sit an extra person comfortably, when you compare it to the Ektorp. Because of the shape of the arms, you’re able to have much more seating space within the same overall dimensions as the Ektorp. Another plus for Farlov!

My Washing Experience

Ok, guys, I’m going to let you know how I, personally, washed my cover. I didn’t follow IKEA’s washing instructions, so just know that there’s a chance you may not have the same results as I did if you choose to go this route too!

I used to wash our old Ektorp covers on our washer’s hottest setting, along with bleach and Oxiclean. Whenever I didn’t do that, I’d always find a stain or two that didn’t come out the first time around, so I was really hoping that I’d be able to wash this cover the same way without it shrinking on me.

IKEA Farlov Slipcovered Sofa Review {And Washing Tips} (11)

I didn’t know that part of the cover (that is covered by cushions) was gray when we bought the sofa, and I was nervous that it might bleed or make the cover look dingy if I washed it on a hot cycle. I decided to try it anyway, because I knew a white cover was not going to work out for us in the long run if it couldn’t be bleached.

So I decided to take a chance and go against IKEA’s washing instructions by washing this cover the same as I did with our old Ektorp (hottest cycle, oxiclean, bleach). I crossed my fingers that it would work out, and it did! Yay!

Super important thing to note: I didn’t put the cover in the dryer afterwards AND I put it on the couch while it was still wet. I’m pretty sure those last two steps are essential because the fit was really snug, and if the cover had been dry when I went to put it on, I don’t think it would have fit. So definitely put it through a higher spin cycle and then put it on while it’s still wet so the fibers can stretch back out easier – the same as you would with an Ektorp if you’ve ever owned one.

Oh, and you probably want to make sure you won’t have visitors popping in on you before you do this, or they may seriously wonder why on earth their behinds are getting damp. I usually try to time ours so that I put it on just before we head to bed.

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IKEA Farlov Slipcovered Sofa Review {And Washing Tips} (13)

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I’m completely smitten with this sofa, you guys. It’s crisp and elegant, and it’s slipcovered.

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Off topic, but if you come around often, you can see that I made a few changes around here for summer. You can see my spring home tour here, if you missed it.

IKEA Farlov Slipcovered Sofa Review {And Washing Tips} (16)

Ironically, the pillows that I had out at Christmas last year made a return for summer, and I added in a little teal for some freshness. I also replaced my coffee table tray with my driftwood bowl, and that’s pretty much it. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you may also know we’re rebuilding one of our front porches and working on our entryway at the moment (you may also know other things, like what I have hiding behind one of my curtains 😉 )

IKEA Farlov Slipcovered Sofa Review {And Washing Tips} (17)

Needless to say, with my husband working on that project during his free time, and us also trying to squeeze in as much fun as we can during the girls’ summer break, decorating is taking a major backseat. But I’ll do a full tour in the fall when things start quieting down, I promise.

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Have a great week, Everyone!


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