Home Depot’s Call Out Policy Explained in 2022 (2022)

Home Depot is one of the largest Home Improvement stores in the United States. It provides services in home improvement including construction tools, equipment, products, appliances, and other resources. It is well known to ensure its customers 100% satisfaction. As of 2021, Home Depot has nearly 490,600 employees working for them.

In addition to this, it also has some good policies for all the employees working under it. It is considered an ideal workplace for many new hires. All its company policies are well maintained and are intended to benefit its employees.

So does Home Depot have policies that cover the leaves their employees take during any illness? If so, then what are the policies it has introduced for the call-out and sick time payout? To know more about this policy, read till the end of this article. What are the working hours at Home Depot? Learn all about it right here.

Home Depot Call Out Policy


  • 1 Home Depot Call Out Policy
    • 1.1 What Is the Process of Applying for a Call-Out Sick Time at Home Depot?
    • 1.2 What Amount of Call-Out Time Do You Get At Home Depot?
    • 1.3 Does Home Depot Pay the Call-out Time of Their Employees?
    • 1.4 Does Call-Out Time Roll Over At Home Depot Stores?
    • 1.5 Can Home Depot Refuse Call-Out Time?
    • 1.6 How Many Call-Outs Are Allowed at Home Depot?
    • 1.7 What Happens if You Request Too Many Call-Outs at Home Depot?
      • 1.7.1 Step 1: Coaching Session
      • 1.7.2 Step 2: Counseling Session
      • 1.7.3 Step 3: Termination
    • 1.8 Other Time-Off Benefits at Home Depot
    • 1.9 Conclusion
  • 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Home Depot has quite a few good policies which are beneficial for both the management and the employees. Call Out policies require employees to inform the Home Depot management about their leave prior to the day. They have to notify their employers about the leave immediately that they cannot come to work. The employees can utilize the sick leaves they have acquired from the time they have started working. These sick leaves are called Call Out. Occurrence is given t the employees who do not have enough working hours to get sick leave.

Employees can even get momentary medical leave when they are not in the state to attend the store for work.

What Is the Process of Applying for a Call-Out Sick Time at Home Depot?

If you are an employee at Home Depot and don’t feel well to attend to work, then you may call your store supervisor or manager to inform them about the leave prior to the shift start. It is recommended to tell them beforehand to have a high chance of leave. But the hours you have taken leave may be deducted from the sick leaves you have collected till then.

If the sick leaves are not enough for you to take a leave, then your manager would grant you an occurrence. Occurrence means disciplinary action taken against the employees by the Home Depot store. It is also taken when you are late to work or absent without any notice.

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In case of long-term illness, you may request for intermittent leave of absence with the store manager with valid verification.

What Amount of Call-Out Time Do You Get At Home Depot?

The call-out time is different for all the employees based on their designation, the employment contract, and the number of days/ hours they have worked till then.

For all the full-time employees, the call-out time may be, depending on the location you have been working/ living. You will get a 4-hour time call-out every month from the day you have been hired. It is calculated from the date you have joined the store to the exact same date next month.

However, part-time workers get the call-out time based on the time they have collected from the day they have joined. For every month (30 days) completed, they get 2 hours of call-out time in their account. This may differ from state to state based on the store location.

Home Depot’s Call Out Policy Explained in 2022 (1)

Does Home Depot Pay the Call-out Time of Their Employees?

Home Depot has no particular policy related to the payment of call-out time of the employees. So, it totally depends on the decision of the store manager. But, most of the employees who have worked there have stated that they have not been paid during their call-out sick time.

However, the vacation days are paid in the final salary payment of the employee. But some of the employees who have already worked at Home Depot stated that the call-out time can also get paid if the manager decided on it and depends on the employee’s negotiation and convincing skills. So, Home Depot does not completely take responsibility for the payment for employee call-outs. Please take a closer look at our post about Home depot’s Price Match Policy for Amazon.

Does Call-Out Time Roll Over At Home Depot Stores?

The time of call-out always depends upon the state you are residing in as a Home Depot employee. The call-out leaves are acquired by the number of hours you have worked from the date you have joined the retailer. The time of call-out can be rolled over if they fulfill certain limitations. For the time to roll over for a full-time employee, the call-out time has to be 48 hours (2days). However, for the part-time workers, it can be 24 hours (1 day). This is called as the Sick time reward and is compensated with respective pay in your salary for this period.

Can Home Depot Refuse Call-Out Time?

No retailer or employer has the right to deny the call-out sick time of an employee working for them. The same policy also exists with Home Depot. So, no store manager or supervisor can deny your request for leave when you are not well. If you do not have enough call-out time accumulated in your account, then the manager may record it as an occurrence.

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If the leave is for family emergencies or issues related to your health or personal life, then you may have to inform your manager beforehand for a leave.

Home Depot’s Call Out Policy Explained in 2022 (2)

How Many Call-Outs Are Allowed at Home Depot?

If you have no accumulated hours in your account at Home Depot, then they allow 3 occurrences till they take an action against you. If you request for 3 successive call-outs in a row, then you might be granted only one by your store manager. Additionally, when an employee requests a call-out in the above manner even without any hours in your account, then the single leave it granted goes into the occurrence.

If you have taken too many call-outs without any acquired hours, then there is a high chance of you getting fired from your employment. Different stores have varying termination policies depending on the state they are in. Some stores take action against employees who have taken call-outs for 6 to 7 times, and some terminate their employees for call-outs exceeding 5.

What Happens if You Request Too Many Call-Outs at Home Depot?

Home Depot takes strict disciplinary actions against the employees who have requested for too many call-outs without any accumulated hours in their account. It contains 4 phases of this process. They are

Step 1: Coaching Session

The store manager talks to the employee about their exceeding call-outs and warns them of the consequences. They inform the employee about the policies related to the occurrences. This is called a and is done after 3 occurrences.

Step 2: Counseling Session

The store manager will send a formal notice to the employee after 3 more such occurrences.

Step 3: Termination

Once the employee exceeds the occurrences limit of Home Depot, then the store manager will issue a final warning for the employee. They also warn about the termination process if they take any more unintended call-outs.

Other Time-Off Benefits at Home Depot

Below is the list of leave benefits for both full-time and part-time employees at Home Depot. These may change for full-time and part-time employees based on the state they are residing.

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  1. Bereavement Leaves
  2. Leave of Absence, which also includes Military Leaves
  3. Holidays/ Leaves
  4. Jury Duty
  5. Personal / Sick Leaves (Call-outs)
  6. Vacation leaves

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Home Depot’s Call Out Policy Explained in 2022 (3)


Call-out is the process of informing the store manager about their time off by the employee. That time is accumulated by the employees during their working time that can be used during any illness. If the employees do not have any existing hours accumulated in their then the manager may record the time off as an occurrence.

Generally, the call-out time is not paid by Home Depot, but sometimes it is based on the store manager. Home Depot excuses a certain number of call-outs before the final warning and termination of the employee. Finally, let me leave you with one last article about Trailer renting at Home depot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is meant by an occurrence at Home Depot?

Occurrence is the disciplinary action taken by the Home Depot store manager against the employees who take call-off without having any gained hours in their account.

Does Call-Out Time roll over at Home Depot?

Yes, the call-out time which is not used is paid to the employee with their salary.

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Does Home Depot pay employees that have Called-Out?

No, Home Depot does not any policy which states that they pay for call-offs, but sometimes it depends on the store manager also.

Can my store manager deny my Call-Out time at Home Depot?

No employer has the right to refuse a call-out when you are ill. Even if you don’t have enough hours accumulated in your account, the manager will have to grant you leave under occurrence.

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How many call outs are acceptable? ›

Depends on the amount of hours you worked your previous year. You can call out up to 6 times before you are given your formal warning. If you do not call out often, you can build up your sick hours.

How many callouts can you have at Home Depot? ›

Home Depot will enable you to call even without having accrued hours in the 'treasury' 3 times before engaging, implying that the corporation will accept 3 instances before acting. Please keep in mind that if you ring in for multiple days without accruing hours, Home Depot may grant one occurrence.

How many days can you miss at Home Depot? ›

Employees at Home Depot face a disciplinary procedure that includes incidents. Inappropriate absences or tardiness at Home Depot will result in an occurrence for each employee. In-Home Depot's HR department, you can only have three incidents before you're referred for further action.

Can you get fired for calling out too much? ›

So, if you're an at-will employee and your boss decides you've called in sick too much, they have every right to fire you—and they also don't have to tell you that your illness (or excessive absences because of that illness) had anything to do with it.

Can you get fired for calling out sick a lot? ›

Never no-call, no-show.

Failing to show up at work without letting your supervisor know—even if you're extremely sick—can be grounds for firing. One exception to that rule would be if you were hospitalized, unconscious, and/or under the care of a physician—in which case, you may be asked to provide a doctor's note.

After what I have described below, let me begin with my idea: Customer service should be about CUSTOMERS

I also confirmed on Home Depot’s price match policy page that they will in fact match online retailer’s price, but will not give you 10% off.. Home Depot does guarantee a low price all across its sales channels, which means when you’re shopping on the Home Depot website, you can still price match with any competitors online.. All the Competitors offering Service prices like labor, installation cost, and assembly Get wholesale trade quotations and discounted pricing Liquidation, Clearance, and On sale Prices Bid and auctions site pricing by a competitor Rain checks, retroactive price adjustments.. Home Depot Price Adjustment Policy In 2022 Home Depot provides customers with a 30-day period to request an adjustment in the price of general merchandise items such as kitchen appliances, decor, hardware, tool, or plants.. If you want to learn more about the products excluded from Home Depot’s price adjustment policy, how to make a price adjustment request, and much more, keep on reading!. Home Depot provides a flexible price match policy that allows for a price match at no additional cost.. You might be interested to learn more about Home Depot’s price adjustment and price matching policies.. Also, check out if Home Depot prices match Walmart and Home Depot prices matches Amazon.

Are you considering a job at Home Depot? It’s a great place to work, but you might worry about drug testing. As of 2022, Home Depot does drug test its potential and existing employees if anyone suspects the use of illegal substances. This retail chain operates a drug-free workplace, so you can’t use alcohol or

You’re not drug tested at the interview itself and must go to an approved lab to get the test.. However, it’s typically used for random drug tests and testing after workplace accidents or incidents.. Generally, Home Depot does the 10-pound drug test, so it focuses on various illegal substances that could affect your ability to work efficiently and safely.. If there’s an accident at work, Home Depot can require a urine drug test.. It’s possible to refuse a Home Depot drug test, but the manager is likely to withdraw the offer of employment or terminate you if you’re already working there.. Generally, if you don’t do drugs, there’s no reason to refuse a drug test.. If you fail a drug test at Home Depot during the interview process, the manager will withdraw the offer of employment or not give you the job.. Employees at Home Depot who fail a drug test are immediately terminated because they violated the company’s drug-free policy.. Failing a Home Depot drug test means you don’t get the employment offer, but you can reapply after one year.. Home Depot does drug test potential and current employees to make sure they comply with the drug-free policy.. We’re going to discuss the drug testing policies at Home Depot according to the people who have undergone the drug test and how to pass them.

The Home Depot return policy allows you to returns new, unopened merchandise purchased through online or store mode within 90 days.

You get 365 days to return a product purchased through The Home Depot consumer credit card, revolving charge, or the commercial account.. Return Period90 DaysReturn MethodBy Mail or OnlineExchange Period90 DaysExchange MethodBy Mail or OnlineRefund PeriodWithin 14 daysRefund MethodMethod of Payment Step 1: To make a return, firstly check what your merchandise is and what its return policy is, to make it easy for you, we have covered every item under the product category. Home Depot’s support staff is here to get your UPS return started and They’ll schedule a pick-up of your return items as well.. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable Store Credit If you use the store credit to make a purchase, you will be refunded via store credit only Gift Card If you paid using a gift card, all refunds would be issued to store credit PayPal If you paid using PayPal, your refund would be initiated toward your PayPal account.. The Home Depot has a variety of products with a different return policy; we are covering them all here so that you are well aware of your product and its return policy.. Though, this policy isn’t for floral arrangements or cut flowers.Products purchased from third party sellersIf these items are delivered to you by The Home Depot, you need to return them to your original seller only.PaintIf you aren’t happy with the quality of the paint, you can bring your paint and receipt back to the store within 30 days of purchase, and it will be exchanged.. If you can’t return larger items to your local Home Depot store, you need to call their customer support at 1-800-430-3376 seven days a week: 6 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Home Deport reported record-setting fiscal 2019 results, crediting growth to its multi-year One Home Depot strategy which is designed to seamlessly connect the digital and physical worlds for its DIY and professional customers.

Home Depot holds a 29% share of the overall building materials and garden supply retail sector in 2019, as compared with Lowe’s 19% share market based on fiscal 2019 revenues of $72.2 billion .. In terms of customer retail foot traffic, Home Depot held 43.7% of foot traffic share during the fourth quarter across six home improvement retailers measured by Placer.ai .. With this change, Home Depot recognizes that today’s DIY consumer is not primarily motivated to make home repairs because it is cheaper than hiring a professional.. So in 2017 it launched a multi-year strategy called One Home Depot with an $11 billion investment to “unlock a frictionless interconnected shopping experience,” as Menear described , “to seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds.”. By investing in its people and improved store experiences, Home Depot is also encouraging customers to trade up to more higher-end choices.. Supply chain and delivery. “We’re excited about our e-commerce business as part of a whole interconnected retail strategy,” Menear said in the earning call.. “This is the power of the interconnected retail strategy.”

Check the home depot appliance return policy in 2022. Check their returns policy on appliances like dishwasher, their restocking fee, the online return policy and exchange policy in 2020

This is why I love the Home Depot return policy; it gives me peace of mind – something we all can appreciate when purchasing appliances.. Here is the Home Depot appliance return policy in more detail…. Home Depot return policy appliances are very easy and simple.. Return these items in-store to receive a refund.. You should also note that items that have been used will most likely not be returned.. “For your convenience, items purchased online can be returned to any of our stores within 90 days of purchase, subject to the Return Exceptions listed below…If your online purchase was made with a The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, The Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or The Home Depot Commercial Account, you have 365 days from date of purchase to return the items to any of our stores to receive a full refund.. For this reason, I have included many complaints about Home Depot’s appliance return policy.. A recurring story throughout the online comments is that Home Depot has a very tedious return process.. According to Home Depot, if an item is purchased out of buyer’s remorse, Home Depot will charge a restocking fee.. Therefore, an item being returned is that the product is subjected to a 15 to 20 percent restocking fee.

We all love discounts, it doesn’t matter how much. But some stores and retailers, instead of giving discounts, provide rebates. Home Depot is one of the retail store chains that give rebates on their products. This provision is called the Home Depot’s 11% rebate. Rebate is just like giving discounts but unlike reducing the price […]

Rebate is just like giving discounts but unlike reducing the price of the product you buy during purchase, a rebate is given after the purchase.. In this article, you’ll get to know details regarding The Home Depot’s 11 rebates, the process of availing the rebate, products that are eligible for rebates, and much more.. Home Depot offers a 11% rebate on select products at their stores.. To submit the rebate request, it is necessary to have the receipt of the product you purchased in order to claim the 11% rebate on it.. Submitting the Rebate Request Online Submitting a rebate request online is easier and more efficient when compared to doing it offline.. All you need to do is to print the Home Depot rebate form online and mail it to the stated address: 11% rebate, promo code: (as listed on rebate form), post office box-540059, El Paso, Texas 88554-005.. This means that the retailer is still able to sell the product to people that don’t want to pay a lot for the item(people who fill out the rebate form), and also sell to people that can afford to pay a higher price for the item(People who don’t fill out the rebate form).. To get a 11% rebate for the products you purchased at Home Depot, they’ll need to be eligible under the rebate offer.. You’ll need to purchase in-store to get rebates, also it is necessary to have for you to have the purchase receipt to redeem the rebate.. Home Depot offers an 11 % rebate on select products for In-store purchases.

To ensure a smooth shopping experience, we have explained the Home Depot Price Match & Adjustment policy. Use these methods to save money on your purchase.

Home Depot offers an excellent price match policy giving customers 30 days.. Customers can price match products with Home Depot either online or in-store .. Home Depot will price match products .. Here’s how to price match while shopping on Home Depot online.. Customized or configured products from a competitor are not eligible for Home Depot Price Match.. Yes, Home Depot does price match.. Home Depot Price Match Policy also has some limitations that you can learn from our article above.. Yes, Home Depot price matches Amazon.. No, Home Depot does not price match Costco.

The Home Depot®, the world's largest home improvement retailer, today reported sales of $43.8 billion for the second quarter of fiscal 2022, an increase of $2.7 billion, or 6.5 percent from the second quarter of fiscal 2021. Comparable sales for the second quarter of fiscal 2022 increased 5.8 percent, and comparable sales in the U.S. increased 5.4 percent.

ATLANTA, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Home Depot ® , the world's largest home improvement retailer, today reported sales of $43.8 billion for the second quarter of fiscal 2022, an increase of $2.7 billion, or 6.5 percent from the second quarter of fiscal 2021.. Comparable sales for the second quarter of fiscal 2022 increased 5.8 percent, and comparable sales in the U.S. increased 5.4 percent.. Net earnings for the second quarter of fiscal 2022 were $5.2 billion, or $5.05 per diluted share, compared with net earnings of $4.8 billion, or $4.53 per diluted share, in the same period of fiscal 2021, representing an 11.5 percent increase in diluted earnings per share.. Forward-looking statements may relate to, among other things, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the related recovery on our business, results of operations, cash flows and financial condition (which, among other things, may affect many of the items listed below); the demand for our products and services; net sales growth; comparable sales; the effects of competition; our brand and reputation; implementation of store, interconnected retail, supply chain and technology initiatives; inventory and in-stock positions; the state of the economy; the state of the housing and home improvement markets; the state of the credit markets, including mortgages, home equity loans and consumer credit; impact of tariffs; issues related to the payment methods we accept; demand for credit offerings; management of relationships with our associates, potential associates, suppliers and service providers; cost and availability of labor; costs of fuel and other energy sources; international trade disputes, natural disasters, climate change, public health issues (including pandemics and quarantines, related shut-downs and other governmental orders, and similar restrictions, as well as subsequent re-openings), cybersecurity events, military conflicts or acts of war, and other business interruptions that could disrupt operation of our stores, distribution centers and other facilities, our ability to operate or access communications, financial or banking systems, or supply or delivery of, or demand for, the Company's products or services; our ability to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals; continuation or suspension of share repurchases; net earnings performance; earnings per share; dividend targets; capital allocation and expenditures; liquidity; return on invested capital; expense leverage; commodity or other price inflation and deflation; our ability to issue debt on terms and at rates acceptable to us; the impact and expected outcome of investigations, inquiries, claims and litigation, including compliance with related settlements; the effect of accounting charges; the effect of adopting certain accounting standards; the impact of regulatory changes, including changes to tax laws and regulations; store openings and closures; guidance for fiscal 2022 and beyond; financial outlook; and the impact of acquired companies on our organization and the ability to recognize the anticipated benefits of those acquisitions.. Reconciliation of net earnings to net cash provided by operating activities:. Net cash provided by operating activities. Net cash used in investing activities

By Angus Loten Home Depot Inc. reacted to the rapid spread of Covid-19 in the U.S. by canceling annual sales events and pulling many marked-down goods off the shelves to keep crowds away from... | August 30, 2022

But rather than a drop in traffic, amid lockdowns and social distancing, customers began flocking to its physical and online stores, spending stay-at-home savings and government stimulus checks on home-improvement projects.. We started with a very scrappy, manual process where a customer would arrive at the store after ordering online, inform an associate of their order number, and then the associate would get the order and bring it out.. WSJ: What's one example of how the online software might help customers get what they need for the project they're planning?. WSJ: How are the stores seeing their customer change?. MR. CAREY: We are seeing customers take on expanded projects throughout their homes that, in turn, create additional activity across the store.

Home Depot and other retailers have seen an increase of theft at their stores. This is not shoplifting, it's a bigger problem known as organized retail crime.

Utah is one state where Home Depot, eBay and law enforcement have been working together to identify and prosecute organized retail crime rings.. In Salt Lake City, the retailer worked with the state's attorney general's office over several years to close down a $1.5 million fraud case that involved seven pawnshops and a crime ring that was stealing and reselling the stolen goods.. Chris Walden, a special agent with the Utah Attorney General's Office, said eBay identified 34 Utah pawnshops where suspected stolen merchandise was being sold, both out of the shop itself and on eBay.. "During the course of a year-long investigation with the [Utah] attorney general's office and the unified police department, we ended up seizing 53 pallets worth of merchandise in one day from seven [pawnshop] locations," said Jamie Bourne, who manages four teams strategically located in different parts of the U.S. as an organized retail crime manager for Home Depot.. He said the retail value of product recovered from those seven pawnshops was estimated at more than $1 million, from Home Depot and many other retailers.. EBay declined CNBC's request for interviews but provided a statement, that said in part, "The recent pawn bust in Utah is an excellent example of eBay working closely with law enforcement and retailers to identify a large organized retail crime ring.. Pawnshop laws vary by state, but Utah's laws make it easier for law enforcement to crack down on organized retail crime.. Tools were taken out of the home, and Home Depot employees were on site to identify and scan products to determine whether or not they came from the retailer.

The Home Depot, the World’s largest home improvement retailer, standardizes on Nutanix to accelerate software development and reduce TCO to create a better customer experience. The Home Depot’s legacy IT infrastructure was slow, difficult to manage, and expensive to procure and maintain. The Home Depot’s IT team started the search for a more cost-effective IT solution that would provide better performance,

The Home Depot, the World’s largest home improvement retailer, standardizes on Nutanix to accelerate software development and reduce TCO to create a better customer experience.. By moving to Nutanix, The Home Depot has been able to consolidate its technology infrastructure and merge its server, storage and virtualization teams.. The Home Depot has also reduced TCO with this platform by double digits and shortened the time to provision new capacity from three weeks to one hour, reducing infrastructure costs and enabling developers to more quickly deploy new applications to internal users and customers.. In part, that’s why The Home Depot chose to partner with Nutanix, and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud as the platform to migrate its legacy applications and workloads.. “We looked for vendors that shared our vision of moving to a software-driven world,” noted Priest.. “Nutanix software is making such a positive difference in the supportability and performance of our entire environment that we direct all new workloads to Nutanix,” noted Priest.. Another benefit of moving to Nutanix was the increased speed of deploying new capacity.. There wasn’t an easy way to perform capacity management on the legacy architecture.. By moving to Nutanix, The Home Depot was able to consolidate its server, storage and virtualization teams into a single, operations group.. “The Nutanix training team has been a great help in adopting the new technology.

Learn more about the Home Depot military discount, including the terms, what items are restricted, and info on their Veterans Day discount.

If you’ve received a dishonorable discharge, are a dependent other than a spouse of a service member, or never served in the military, you will not be eligible for the military discount.. Note: If you already have a Home Depot account, simply click the ‘Sign In’ link and skip to Step 5 below.. Once you have verified your military service with Home Depot, you’ll never have to do it again.. In addition, some other items and services may be excluded from the military discount program.. Your best bet is to check with your local store for the full list.. Products that ARE included in the Home Depot military discount program, include:. Follow the steps above to redeem the Home Depot military discount online.. So unless the veteran is present, you will not be able to redeem the military discount.. According to Home Depot, the only way to use your military discount is to first enroll online by creating an account and having your military service verified.. Can I verify my military service in stores instead of doing it online?. With that said, the new military discount is now done online, and you’re only required to verify your service one time.. I’m a veteran, but the person at Home Depot just told me that they don’t give away military discounts anymore.. How else does Home Depot help military veterans?

As it celebrates four decades since it opened its first store, the DIY giant needs to be looking ahead at its goals and ambitions for the next 40 years.

The Big Orange needs different stores selling different products in different places to continue its ... [+] success story.. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images). NurPhoto via Getty Images“We’ve done something here that’s never been done before.”. We all know how this story turned out.. Its founders haven’t too done shabbily in the process, either.. Home Depot will need to find a way to accelerate its online business to at least get to the industry norm—and that could mean some merchandising shifts to have more goods likely to be ordered online.. With its purchase last year of The Company Store soft home business and its continuing efforts to beef up his home decorating goods and services mix, Home Depot will need to truly earmark this category as being as important to its growth as building supplies.. With key competitors like Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier 1 Imports and At Home all having their struggles, the opportunities are there today to make the necessary big moves.. Right now the company’s 2,200 stores are all in North America, with about 180 in Canada and about 125 in Mexico.. If China is not the right place and India probably represents its own set of issues, that limits the playing field.. It is believed to be testing smaller store formats at two locations in Canada, but other tests in the U.S. have not panned out.. Bed Bath & Beyond’s market cap is barely $1.3 billion and even with a 200% premium that would be a rounding effort for a $100 billion company.. Or maybe Depot looks at an online player like Wayfair.. Either option has its advantages, but buying them both would really change the game entirely, now wouldn’t it?


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