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Have questions about some of Behr’s favorite gray colors but can’t find the answers? I hear you and I am here to help you.

Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart

Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart - Paint Color Ideas (1)

Although I specialize in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints, I wanted to work with BEHR to answer questions about their most popular colors, such as:

The Best Benjamin Moore Neutral Colours

Now, I don’t give color advice online specifically with BEHR (BM and SW only) and I don’t know their colors intimately, but this info should definitely help. And while I’m normally Ginger, these blog posts make it easier for you to get started on your next painting project!

By the way, since I don’t use Behr paints and only use photos of my E-DESIGN clients, I don’t have photos of these colors in action, but I’ll show you comparable colors to give you a general idea.

Sample color caps below are approximate only. Click on the red highlighted color name to view it on the Behr website.

Dolphin Fin is a slightly warm gray, not traditionally warm as gray appears, but definitely not cool undertone. This is what I call “Stormy Grey”. With LRV of 59, Dolphin Fin is light gray but a slightly heavier light color instead of the new light.

A “blueprint” For The Future Of Color

All grays will have cool undertones, and while Dolphin Fin is no exception, its undertones are quite passive and similar to Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, another popular warm grey.

Silver Drop offers a lighter approach to grey. At 69 LRV it’s a light gray, not washed out, but less full bodied than the Dolphin Fin. And I can see right away that Silver Drop is one of those color ninjas – a gray that can and will take any of 3 great shades with just a little pep, even if it leans slightly towards green. The appearance of this color can be easily influenced by the exposure of the room, the decoration and even the personal perception.

(Video) Best Affordable Farmhouse Neutrals | Home Depot's Behr Paint

You’ll also find the silver drop to be warm, especially compared to other cool grays, without taking things to the grayest extreme.

Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart - Paint Color Ideas (2)

Misty Coast is one of my favorite gray behr colors. It’s cool but not icy, more of a subtle storm, with a very soft and subtle blue hue that sometimes tints the teal… but just barely.

Behr Marquee 8 Oz. #m510 6 Tidal One Coat Hide Satin Enamel Interior/exterior Paint & Primer Sample Mq32316

Misty Coast has a 68 LRV that is very well recessed in the light area. But if you ask me, it sounds like it should have a slightly lower LRV, but that could be due to its storm.

Silver City has a bit more meat on its legs with the LRV 57. It’s still in light range, but it’s a hard light, so it might not be the best for a dark room.

In terms of tones, this bad boy is “relatively” neutral, but that means he, too, can be easily altered by exposure, decor, and personal perception. From the cool undertones, I can see that it could benefit from the cool green/blue-green a bit.

There is no doubt that you will be out looking for color samples in the near future. Stay tuned! I would like you to see SAMPLIZE peel and stick color swatches. Samplize is more affordable, simple and greener than traditional paint cans. His designs are also much bigger than this little paper chip.

These Are The Best Home Depot Paint Colors

At 65 LRV, the Sterling is pretty well in the light range, not too heavy, not too worn. And unlike the previous two, which appear “stormy and smooth,” Sterling is a COOOOL gray with a soft blue-purple undertone. This hue can balance a southern exposure well, but it can be a cold wink for a north-facing room.

Eon is a beautiful, muted and relaxing gray color. Not traditionally cold, but also not very muddy or hot. Aeon has a soft, fairly green hue that can drift slightly blue-green, perhaps in northern or eastern light.

Now, I really wanted to find a Behr Gray that was similar to one of my favorite grays, Benjamin Moore Collingwood, but Sue can’t. If you’re wondering what Collingwood is like, you can read all about it here.


Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart - Paint Color Ideas (3)

Jan 14, 2023 / Interior design ideas and how to style gray (grey wash) floors? Are they still in style? Is gray (or off-white) still a popular color for hardwood, carpet or tile floors? If you’re looking for a short answer on whether gray is still popular for floors, this is ShareRead More January 6, 2023 / Neutrals, grays, grays, beiges, and whites are the best gray colors with violet (purple) undertones. Most gray colors have one thing in common: Are you looking for a gray color that is flexible? One that suits a variety of exhibits, mosaics, sharingRead More January 3, 2023 / Benjamin & Sherwin: Color Color Reviews BENJAMIN MOORE IRON MOUNTAIN 2134-30: Color Color ReviewsBENJAMIN MOORE IRON MOUNTAIN: Interesting or shady ? ) When you’re looking for the best dark paint for your front door, exterior, interior, or cabinets, you’ve probably shared Read More.

Behr Ultra Interior Matte Paint & Primer In One

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Top 10 Neutral Paint Colors

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Paint Colors Luxe Modern Glam Interior Paint by Behr Jewel Tone Paint Interior Design Paint Bold Paint Behr Home Depot Scheme

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Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart - Paint Color Ideas (4)

(Video) Best Behr White Paint Colors

Take the guesswork out of paint colors with a color palette curated by an experienced, professional interior designer.

Behr Ultra 1 Qt. Home Decorators Collection #hdc Nt 18 Yuma Sand Extra Durable Flat Interior Paint & Primer 172004

Do you want professional help to choose the best palette for your project? Take my free quick quiz at the link below and I’ll personally send you some palette recommendations.

This listing is for a pre-packaged paint color palette that has 9 Behr colors that complement each other and work together for a cohesive color palette.

The color chart shown in the listing is the palette you will receive, the color details (color name and color number) of the color will be shown at checkout.

💕 Do you want to see paint colors in your real room before painting? See my render listing and interior color inquiry!

Behr Ultra 5 Gal. Black Satin Enamel Exterior Paint & Primer 985305

💕 Want to add some new colors while working with the existing color in your home? Is there a palette you’ve designed that you’d like to modify to suit your needs? This custom chart option may be just what you need!

💕 Do you need a color consultation for the whole house? Please take a look at my other listings.

💕 Remember to select your favorite heart button at the top right of the image to save it for later.💕

Home Depot Behr Paint Color Chart - Paint Color Ideas (5)

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(Video) How to choose the PERFECT GREY Wall Paint - Flannel Grey " MY GLAM LAUNDRY ROOM SERIES"

Find Bathroom Color Ideas And Order Online With The Home Depot

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So helpful! Thanks! Well worth the cost after shelling out the money trying different colors. I wish I had found this the first time.

Behr modern victorian color palette behr victorian paint color victorian house color palette interior design paint color

Easy to download without any problem. I have a degree in English horticulture and design, but sometimes it helps to have an extra focus on colors for my home décor. This store was good with paint color combinations. I’ll be back for more ideas, I just started renovating my 23 year old storybook style house that had dark colors.

Behr Premium Plus 1 Qt. #m380 7 Alfalfa Extract Flat Exterior Paint & Primer 430004

Real Estate Staging Paint Paint Resale Home Color Schemes Neutral Color Palettes Interior Design Paint Behr Paints for The Home Depot

Lisa’s semi-custom palette was exactly what she wanted

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