Episode guide | The Streets with Dan Hong (2022)

---Join chef Dan Hong in his kitchen where he cooks up global street food favourites in The Streets with Dan Hong, 8pm Thursdays from 4 August on SBS Food and streaming free on SBS On Demand. For recipes and more head to the program page. ---

Dan Hong has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Australia. He began his career in the kitchen of his family's Vietnamese restaurant chain, Thanh Binh in Sydney, before joining a list of eliteSydney restaurants including Longrain, Marque, Tetsuya's and the Bentley Restaurant.

Over the course of the series Dan will hit all corners of the globe, shining a light on the dishes we all love to eat. Packed with great cooking tips along the way, this fast-moving series will take you on the ultimate culinary journey…let’s hit the streets!

Episode 1

Airs 8pm Thursday 4 August, 2022on SBS Food

Water, cornmeal, salt... Dan explores a South American classic, the arepa, then adds his twist by pairing it with South Asian favours. Dan then creates a Singaporean favourite and puts a new spin on the iconic Hawker Hall staple. Finally, Dan layers crispy chips, gravy and cheese curd to create Canada's most iconic street food, the poutine.


Dan's Hainanese chicken rice

The secret to juicy chicken is to poach it gently, and give it a quick dunk in iced water to stop the cooking process.

Hainanese chicken nasi goreng

Dan Hong adds a twist on Hainanese chicken rice by creating a mashup with another classic: nasi goreng!

Roast chicken poutine sandwich

Who needs a moistmaker when you can have poutine instead?


Fries, cheese curds and gravy. Oh, Canada!

Raw tuna arepa

Fresh tuna meets fresh arepa in Dan Hong’s twist on the classic South American street food.

Arepa domino

Made with cornmeal, this pillowy arepa is topped with the classic filling of black beans and cheese.

Episode 2

Airs 8pm Thursday 11 August, 2022on SBS Food

Dan shows us how easy it is to make the Hong Kong favourite, siu mai, delicious dumplings made with yellow wrappers topped with orange crab roe. He then turns his attention to the USA by turning the humble cheeseburger we all know and love into the ultimate spring roll. Finally, Dan puts a cheesy twist on a favourite Indian street food, the samosa.


Hong Kong siu mai

Siu mai, a dim sum staple are now popular across all Cantonese and Chinese regions. Here's Dan Hong's classic recipe.

Garlic prawn siu mai

Dan Hong upgrades this yum cha classic with a luscious garlic butter sauce.

(Video) Dan Hong on stoner desserts and The Chefs' Line - The Feed

Dan Hong's cheeseburger spring rolls

The key is to use processed cheese for a sticky, gooey filling that won't split when fried. Be careful not to overcook them or you risk a blowout.

Blue cheese samosa

Dan Hong adds a funky twist to an Indian street food favourite - the samosa


Filled with potatoes, peas and spices, this classic Indian street food is a dream snack.

American cheeseburger

Recreate this American diner classic at home with Dan Hong

Episode 3

Airs 8pm Thursday 18 August, 2022on SBS Food

Tacos made of ground beef and hard shells will be a thing of the past once you see Dan prepare a classic steak taco with a vibrant salsa verde. That's before he gives the humble taco a Vietnamese twist. He then explores a Korean favourite, tteokbokki, chewy rice cakes coated in a sweet, spicy red sauce. Finally, Dan explores the punchy flavours of Caribbean street food by creating the ultimate jerk chicken noodle soup.


Jamaican jerk chicken

Dan Hong makes this smoky Jamaican recipe with lots of chilli and allspice.


These sweet and spicy chewy rice cakes are the quintessential Korean street food.

Lemongrass beef tacos

Dan Hong pairs a fragrant Vietnamese lemongrass beef with a soft corn tortilla and a smoky salsa verde.

(Video) Surviving Vietnam!! Eating the Rarest Food in Southeast Asia!!! (Full Documentary)

Mexican steak tacos

Charred steak in a soft taco with a smoky salsa verde? Yes please!

Tom yum tteokbokki

Dan Hong shares a Thai twist on this Korean street food classic.

Episode 4

Airs 8pm Thursday 25 August, 2022on SBS Food

Dan explores one of Taiwan's most popular street foods, crispy fried chicken. Zesty flavours of Peruvian ceviche are showcased as Dan prepares some of the freshest street food around, before adding a tropical flavour with his coconut ceviche. Dan wraps things up with a savoury martabak: spiced meat wrapped in pastry, folded and pan-fried until crispy and golden - it's no wonder this is a street food favourite from Java to Jakarta and beyond.


Sweet and sticky fried chicken

Crunchy Taiwanese fried chicken gets a saucy upgrade with a sweet and sticky coating.

Taiwanese fried chicken

The secret to this popular street food in Taiwan is the marinade, so don't take short cuts and marinade at least 30minutes, ideally overnight.

Spanish style martabak

Dan Hong adds a Spanish twist to Indonesian martabak by stuffing it with a potato tortilla filling.

Indonesian savoury martabak

A parcel of crispy pastry filled with eggs, beef and spices? Yes please!

Asian style ceviche with coconut

This ceviche is spiced with sambal aromatic coconut for Dan Hong’s Asian twist on the classic.

Peruvian ceviche

Raw fish and citrus come together in this quick meal that you can whip up in 15 minutes.

Episode 5

Airs 8pm Thursday 1 September, 2022on SBS Food

Dan whips up one of his favourites, zha jiang mian, a quintessential Northern Chinese dish of fried noodles topped with a rich sauce. Next it's crusty baguettes filled with succulent meats, crunchy salads and sweet pickled vegetables in Dan's take on Vietnam's - Dan Banh Mi. Then Dan perfects sugar dusted, crispy churros, dipped in rich chocolate of course, before turning the sweet dessert into an incredible savoury starter- salt and vinegar churros.


Air fried chow mein

Crispy egg noodles meets a traditional zhajiang sauce.

Beijing fried sauce noodles (zhajiang mian)

Rich black bean sauce and fresh crunchy vegetables make this hearty noodle dish a Chinese classic.

Salt and vinegar churros

Churros get a lux upgrade in Dan Hong’s version of this classic Spanish street food.

Banh mi burger

A fragrant lemongrass pork patty sits at the heart of this Dan Hong creation.

Banh mi

Dan Hong shares his recipe for a classic banh mi thit.

(Video) Surviving Hong Kong! DARING Food Tour Amid Escalating Protests!

Episode 6

Airs 8pm Thursday 8 September, 2022on SBS Food

Dan prepares a beloved Thai street food, pad krapow, and shows how quick and easy it is to make at home. He then turns his attention to a Middle Eastern classic, the smokey, spiced lamb kofta. Finally, it's off to Germany where the most popular food sensation on the streets would have to be the king of sausage snacks, the currywurst.


Episode 7

Airs 8pm Thursday 15 September,2022on SBS Food

Dan kicks things off with an Argentinian choripan, grilled chorizo slathered in a herby chimichurri sauce and served in crusty bread. He then sweetens things up with the joyous layers of wild colours and flavours that build halo-halo, the ultimate Filipino summer treat. And finally, it's a world-class dumpling with Poland's classic pierogi.


Frosty Fruits halo-halo

Instead of using plain shaved ice, Dan Hong makes a fruity granita inspired by one of his favourite ice-blocks.


Translating to mix-mix, this shaved ice dessert is the ultimate summer treat.

(Video) STREET MARKET TOUR | Hong Kong Chinese New Year Shopping Guide


Dan Hong swaps the crusty roll for a soft steamed bun in his version of the Argentinian choripan

Dan's choripan

Thought to be invented in the mid 19th century, the choripan is one of Argentina's most popular sandwiches.

Dessert pierogis

Inspired by the Indonesian combination of chocolate and cheese, Dan Hong adds his twist onto the traditional pierogi.

Pierogi ruskie

Legend has it that the pierogi was invented by St. Hyacinth who used it to feed the poor and hungry in the Ukraine.

Episode 8

Airs 8pm Thursday 22 September, 2022on SBS Food

Dan shows us the secrets to the delicious Katsu Sandwich. Then an Italian favourite as Dan prepares classic Sicilian arancini filled with a rich ragu and oozy mozzarella. And to finish things off Dan fires up the wok to serve up a South East Asian classic, the sweet and smokey char kway teow.


Spicy fish katsu sando

This is your usual fish burger to the next level. The Japanese mayonnaise adds rich, creamy flavour to the sando.

Katsu sando

Invented in the 1930s, the katsu sando is a product of Western influence on Japanese cuisine.

Kimchi arancini

Inspired by kimchi fried rice, Dan Hong uses a kimchi-miso filling in his version of an arancini.

Classic Sicilian arancini

Meaning little oranges in italian, these little fried balls of rice oozes rich ragu and luscious mozzarella.

Crispy char kway teow fried rice lettuce wraps

The contrasting textures and the bold flavours will be addictive. Add sambal for extra spice.

Char kway teow

(Video) 12 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed

The most important thing when cooking char kway teow is getting your wok as hot as you possibly can.


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