Café Bustelo Coffee Review 2022: Classic Espresso Or Latin Flavor (2023)

Updated: August 22, 2022 / By Rafat Saleheen

A Cafe Bustelo Espresso review won’t sit right without its humble origin story and its rise to the peak of the coffee industry.

A young man named, Gregorio Menendez Bustelo (Born 1894, 21st June) had completed a journey from Spain to Cuba. In 1917, he moved to the United States. He landed in New York and found that he was not being able to enjoy his home-flavored coffee because there was no similar coffee available around. That’s when he realized the gap in the market.

Thus, a Cuban-style coffee, Cafe Bustelo was born. It became popular among the Cuban exiles. At the time, they liked the espresso coffee makers rather than the coffee sock. The company remained pertinent throughout the 20th century. Their expansion kept continuing throughout. Today it is known for its red and yellow colored canned coffee.

In the year 2000, Rowland Coffee Roasted purchased Cafe Bustelo. In 2011, the company was sold to the J.M. Smucker Company. The company today is known as the most well-known Latin-inspired coffee brand in the US.

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What Kind Of Coffee Is Bustelo?

Café Bustelo Coffee Review 2022: Classic Espresso Or Latin Flavor (1)

Cafe Bustelo is a pure Cuban style coffee. It is also known as espresso. Cafe Bustelo coffee is manufactured by J.M. Smucker Company.

Cafe Bustelo is an authentic Cuban-style coffee. If you know anything about Cuban coffee, you know it is one hell of a strong coffee. Obviously, this means Cafe Bustelo’s Supreme version is extra strong.

The beans are bitter and bold with a raisin-like taste. The flavor could be detailed as overbearing if you are not accustomed to the taste of Latin American coffee. Overall, this coffee is quite strong and not for everyone.

Cafe Bustelo Caffeine Content

Cafe Bustelo Caffeine in a 12 fluid ounce cup is around 150 mg. Cafe Bustelo claims that in each coffee, per 6 fluid serving there is around 60 mg to 90 mg. If you are making the Cafe Bustelo coffee at home, it can vary also.

The amount of caffeine will fluctuate due to the amount of espresso ground coffee used, water used, and finally, the brewing type used. If you are making your own cup of Supreme Bustelo, it will be unfeasible to tell the caffeine amount in the coffee.

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Café Bustelo Coffee Review

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee

Their dark classic blend will arouse your senses. Made for everyone to enjoy, and with the world’s finest roasted coffee beans. Full of Flavor!

  1. Found in two sizes: 22 oz and 36 oz packs.
  2. Comes in a vacuum-sealed can. It preserves the flavor.
  3. Made from 100% pure beans and roasted to perfection.
  4. Dark and delicious blend with captivating aroma and strong flavor.
  5. Full-bodied and rich flavor stands up to the taste of sugar and milk.
  6. Ideal for brewing espressos, drip-style coffee, cappuccinos, and many others.

Café Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee Brick

The classic blend is pure, dark, and filled with flavor. Roasted from the world’s finest coffee beans, and made to brew and experience in your own way. A Classic!

  1. Found in two sizes: 10oz pack of 24 and 16oz pack of 12.
  2. Bold, stand out Sabor Latino. With or without sugar or cream.
  3. Contains vacuum-packed 24, 10 ounce coffee bricks with the classic coffee taste of dark roasted Café Bustelo.
  4. Ready to brew in manual coffee makers and electric machines. Ideal for drip coffee, cappuccinos, espressos, and more drinks.
  5. Made from high-quality, 100% pure coffee beans that are roasted to perfection.
  6. Dark roast coffee with a full-bodies, robust flavor and a captivating aroma.

Café Bustelo Coffee Review 2022: Classic Espresso Or Latin Flavor (3)

3,329 Reviews

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Café Bustelo Espresso Style K-Cup Pods

Discover the robust taste of the Classic Espresso Style mix with Café Bustelo’s K-⁠Cup Pods. Brewed in under a minute. A cafecito that stands up to sugar and milk!

  1. K-Cup pods in tune with Keurig K-Cup brewers.
  2. Bold Sabor Latino. It stands out, even with or without sugar or cream.
  3. Made from 100% high-quality, pure coffee beans roasted to perfection.
  4. Dark roast coffee with a captivating aroma, robust, and full-bodied flavor.
  5. Available in 3 flavors: Brazilian Dark Roast, 100% Colombian Medium Roast, and Espresso Dark Roast.
  6. Perfect for making coffee drinks like Café con Leche or Cortaditos. K-Cup Pods are recyclable. Not recyclable in all communities though.
  7. Comes in 6 boxes of 12 Café Bustelo Dark Roast Espresso-Style K-Cup pods (72 count total). Also available in 4 boxes of 24 and 4 boxes of 32 pods.


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Supreme by Bustelo Whole Bean Espresso Coffee Bag

Discover the sheeny taste of 100% Arabica beans. Slow-roasted and kept whole to be grounded, sipped, and savored; any way you wish. A Delicious Sip!

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  1. It’s Kosher.
  2. One whole 32 ounces/2lbs roasted bean bag.
  3. Found in two sizes: 16 oz pack and 32 oz pack.
  4. A premium mixture of the splendid coffees in the world.
  5. Dark and rich. This instant coffee is specifically roasted for Cappuccino or Espresso.

Café Bustelo Espresso Dark Roast Coffee Capsules

An enticing aroma and full-bodied rich flavor that stands up to sugar and milk. Available in a capsule.

  1. Single serve capsules for easy and fast brewing.
  2. Espresso-style, dark roasted coffee. Intensity level-11.
  3. Comes with 4 boxes of 10 espresso capsules. 40 in total. Capsule pod color may differ for a limited time.
  4. Suitable for Nespresso Original Line Machines. Cafe Bustelo is not endorsed, affiliated with or, sponsored by Nespresso.

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How To Brew

The rich coffee culture of Latin America has to be procreated not only with the proper coffee, as Café Bustelo coffee offers, but also with a perfect brewing method.

  • Obviously, a good espresso machine will be capable to brew a marvelous espresso with the espresso ground coffee of the Supreme or Original line.
  • But we also recommend using the Café Bustelo in a Moka pot.

Traditional Steps

  1. You can make Bustelo espresso ground coffee as strong as possible by reducing the water amount in it. Basically, it will create higher coffee to water ratio.
  2. Then for each serving put about 1 tablespoon of sugar. It awakens the sweetness and bitterness that are so appreciated throughout Latin tradition.
  3. In small doses, you can blend the strong instant coffee. Keep the sugar at the bottom of an espresso cup. Then pour it over.
  4. This way you will have a syrupy, concentrated blend of strong coffee. Then add lots of sugar, dilute it with the unsweetened coffee.


  1. The classic Café con Leche can be brewed with either an unflavored one or a particularly flavored Café Bustelo coffee.
  2. Follow the exact steps as above. Either with a Moka pot or an espresso machine.
  3. Finally on top, add a splash of milk. It softens the harshest senses of the coffee.

Brew Profile

Now you can imagine how Café Bustelo brews and what it offers, and how does it taste, the next question is, where does Café Bustelo stand in terms of body, strength, and flavor profile?

For this purpose, we will use the Supreme line. As it is definitely the best one produced by Café Bustelo. Its taste doesn’t vary much from the “El Original”. So you can also use this one instead.

  1. The aromatic nature of the Supreme line is what you exactly desire from an authentic Latin American coffee.
  2. It’s robust, bold, and quite bitter. It has a distinctive raisin-like fruity element. It highlights the bitterness. It is an acquired taste for some. But Latin American palates, it’s deliciously reminiscent of their roots.
  3. It can be way strong. Not as in caffeine content. But as in literal taste for the newbies. Yet, it is damn worth a try.
  4. Robustness is indeed one of the strong points for Café Bustelo. Other than the Supreme line (100% Arabica), the others lines have their fair bit of Robusta coffee in them. This provides more body, punch, and bold flavors.
  5. It loses some points in the variety of flavors that can be discerned in favor of more strength. If you value a balanced cup, then the Supreme line is worth going for. Otherwise, if you are looking for a strong cup of joe get any of Café Bustelo’s lines.
  6. As a consequence of the goal of serving mostly for the Latin community’s presence and tastes of Robusta beans, the body is rather heavy. Expect a filling, dense cup of joe.
  7. The body can be smoothened by brewing with a paper filter. Such as drip machine or Chemex. It will make the instant coffee similar to your usual coffee strength.
  8. But if you don’t have a problem with heavy-bodied coffee, Café Bustelo will deliver it every time.

Who Should Drink It

Those who like instant espresso or, Cuban-style espresso ground coffee. Always at a low price-point and with an amazing taste. It has been a favorite of college students and families alike because it was and is one the most quality affordable brands in the world.

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Where Is Cafe Bustelo Coffee From?

Founded in Bronx, New York, the US in 1928. Their coffee is Latin American or, more precisely Cuban-styled.

Is Cafe Bustelo High In Caffeine?

An ounce/one shot of Bustelo contains 25 mg of caffeine. Regular instant coffee per ounce averages 12 to 16 mg of caffeine.

Is Cafe Bustelo Real Coffee?

Cafe Bustelo is indeed a real instant coffee. They use 100% pure Arabica beans for their coffee.

How Do You Store Cafe Bustelo Coffee?

The best way to preserve Cafe Bustelo is to keep it inside a Kilner Glass Jar and put it in a pantry.

Is Cafe Bustelo Espresso Or Coffee?

It tastes like an espresso. But has other unique flavors and tastes not contained in a traditional espresso.

Why Is Cafe Bustelo So Cheap?

Because it’s sold in both a vacuum-packed brick and a can. But the canned version is only the third-cheapest overall compared to other brands.

Is Cafe Bustelo Cuban Coffee?

It is the beloved Cuban-style instant coffee brand. It is a b serious staple among the Cuban immigrants living in the USA.

Is Cuban Coffee Stronger Than Espresso?

It is twice as strong compared to American espresso.

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In conclusion, Café Bustelo is definitely not for you if don’t like complex flavors and lighter notes. Or do not love to drink a coffee that doesn’t overwhelm you nor requires to be thinned with milk, or balances with sugar. Otherwise, if you fancy strong and black or Cuban-style coffee that will offer the body and strength in a cup without having to splurge, then Café Bustelo is the answer for you.

Enjoy Your Coffee!


What does Cafe Bustelo espresso taste like? ›

The cup is bold and intensely bitter with the slightest hint of raisin-like fruit underneath. This almost overbearing flavor is distinctive of Latin American coffee culture and is known for being a rather divisive profile, particularly for American audiences.

Is Cafe Bustelo espresso or coffee? ›

Using a secret blend of coffee beans, Gregorio crafted the beloved, rich flavors that consumers now recognize as Café Bustelo, an authentically Latin, espresso-style coffee.

Why does Café Bustelo taste different? ›

Because Café Bustelo is mostly dark roasted and consists of a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, it has specific characteristics that make it better suited to some brewing methods. These include its bold flavor, full body, creamy mouthfeel, and rich crema.

Is Bustelo coffee good for espresso? ›

No, Café Bustelo is not technically espresso. It is primarily brewed in drip makers, pour overs, moka pots, or as instant coffee. You would not normally see Bustelo used on an espresso machine.

What is the best espresso flavor? ›

What Are The Best Espresso Beans?
  • Volcanica Coffee Tanzania Peaberry – Best Peaberry.
  • Peet's Arabian Mocha Sanani – Budget Pick.
  • Stumptown Hair Bender – Most sustainable choice.
  • Out of the Grey Indian Monsoon French – Best Single Origin.
  • Koa Coffee Estate Dark Roast 100% Kona Coffee – Best Dark Roast.

Is Cafe Bustelo espresso stronger than regular coffee? ›

Because Café Bustelo includes Robusta beans in their blend, it does have more caffeine than regular coffee. Each serving includes 150 mg of caffeine which is considered high.

What coffee is better than Bustelo? ›

When it comes to taste, there is no doubt that Café Pilon has an advantage over Café Bustelo. Coffee connoisseurs say that its flavor is distinctively Cuban. If you prefer your coffee to brew strong with a bold taste, the latter might be what you're looking for.

What kind of coffee is Cafe Bustelo espresso? ›

What Kind Of Coffee Is Bustelo? Cafe Bustelo is a Cuban style coffee. It is known as espresso. Cafe Bustelo coffee is manufactured by Rowland coffee roasters.

How do you make Café Bustelo taste good? ›

Adding cocoa powder to your Café Bustelo coffee can be a great way to make it even sweeter. All you need to do is dissolve two tablespoons of your favorite unsweetened cocoa powder in six ounces of hot water before adding the ground coffee and other ingredients.

What is the most popular coffee in Puerto Rico? ›

The most common ways to drink coffee in Puerto Rico are pocillo (espresso), cortadito (espresso with a little steamed milk), and café con leche (latte).

Is Café Bustelo Cuban or Colombian? ›

Café Bustelo is a beloved Cuban-style café that became a staple among Cuban immigrants in New York City and then made its way into the homes of Puerto Rican and Dominican immigrants, and then everyone else.

Is Café Bustelo pure espresso? ›

Explore and enjoy the bold taste of pure, dark roast coffee flavor from one of the most popular ground coffee brands throughout Latin America. Café Bustelo espresso-style dark roast coffee is made from 100% pure coffee beans specially blended and roasted to perfection.

What coffee is similar to Café Bustelo? ›

For years, there have been three top contenders: Bustelo, Pilon or La Llave. The three each boast being the best coffee to add with milk for that perfect café con leche -- and each is popularly consumed by Hispanics and Latinos.

Is Cafe Bustelo espresso healthy? ›

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Instant Coffee has a very high nutritional value, is moderately processed, and is estimated to have a very low carbon footprint and a moderate water footprint.

What is the most popular espresso? ›

Latte. The classic latte features a shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a thin layer of foam on top. Outside of Italy – where straight espresso shots and cappuccinos reign supreme – the latte is arguably the most popular and well-known espresso drink.

Which espresso is the sweetest? ›

One of the sweetest espresso drinks, a mocha is a shot of espresso with chocolate, steamed milk, and sometimes even a dollop of whipped cream on top. Though a mocha is probably not what you want to start your day out with, it's at its best when served at the end of a meal or even with a dessert.

What espresso brand does Starbucks use? ›

Starbucks uses the Mastrena High Yield Espresso machine, which is manufactured by a Swiss company called Thermoplan AG. The machine was actually custom-designed by Thermoplan specifically for Starbucks. That's why you'll be hard-pressed to find them anywhere else.

Which is healthier coffee or espresso? ›

coffee health debate may come down to how you dress them up. “In other words, a cup of black coffee is healthier than an espresso drink with syrup, sprinkles, and milk,” says Malkani. “But a plain shot of espresso will not increase total calories, fat, and sugars as much as a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.”

Is espresso stronger flavor than coffee? ›

Because espresso is roasted, ground, and brewed differently, it has a unique flavor compared to drip coffee. It usually has a bolder, less acidic taste, with a well-rounded and full-bodied finish. It tastes “stronger,” meaning that it has a rich coffee flavor.

What is stronger espresso or double espresso? ›

According to, one liquid ounce of espresso can have anywhere between 30 and 50mg of caffeine. That means that a double shot will likely have anywhere between 60 and 100mg.

How strong is Cafe Bustelo espresso? ›

A shot of espresso from Café Bustelo contains about 64 mg of caffeine. This is a bit less than a cup of drip coffee, which contains 95 mg of caffeine.

What is the number 1 coffee in the world? ›

#1: Panama

No matter how you analyze it, the rare Geisha bean from Panama comes out on top. Panama Geisha is most frequently used among winners of the World Brewers Cup. The rare Geisha beans are also consistently the most expensive coffee at auctions.

What is the smoothest coffee in the world? ›

Exhibiting a full body and low acidity, Sumatra Mandheling beans are best known as a smooth drinking coffee. It is also known for its sweetness and herbacious, earthy flavor, and complex aroma. The coffee is grown in the Lintong region in north central Sumatra near Lake Toba.

How is Cafe Bustelo espresso? ›

I buy Bustelo exclusively. Strong, full flavor and never bitter, even though I enjoy it with no additives (cream or sugar) Brewed at 1/2 strength, it's stronger than any other coffee I've tried at full strength, and STILL not bitter.

What's the difference between Café Bustelo and Supreme Bustelo? ›

A: Cafe bustelo is a mixture of different beans whereas Supreme Bustelo is all arabica beans.

Is Cafe Bustelo espresso Colombian? ›

Café Bustelo 100% Colombian Medium Roast Coffee, 12 Keurig K-Cup Pods.

Is Café Bustelo Spanish or Italian? ›

But very few people know that the founder Gregorio Bustelo was born in Spain. For almost 90 years, Café Bustelo has established itself as the leading coffee brand in many Latino households from Florida to New York and other parts of the United States.

Is Café Bustelo owned by Folgers? ›

Café Bustelo is an American coffee brand owned by The J.M. Smucker Company.

Is Café Bustelo medium or dark roast? ›

Made exclusively with beans from the farms of Brazil, this particular Café Bustelo coffee blend is a delicious dark roast coffee with rich flavor and hints of cocoa.

Do Puerto Ricans drink Cafe Bustelo? ›

Bustelo Coffee should be pretty self-explanatory. It is a beloved Cuban-style coffee which became a serious staple among Cuban immigrants in New York City and then charmed its way into the homes of families from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and then everyone else.

How do Puerto Ricans drink their coffee? ›

The most common one is término or término medio, a way of saying, "I want equal parts in the coffee to milk ratio." Another version is café bibí, which references the Puerto Rican term for a baby's bottle full of milk, and it consists of milk with a hint of coffee.

What is Italy's favorite coffee? ›

The most popular coffee drink in Italy is a cappuccino. Of course, espresso is still the base of this coffee but with a creamy and mild taste due to the added equal amounts of milk and foam. Caffè cappuccino is best consumed at home or as you linger at the coffee bar.

Which is stronger espresso or Cuban coffee? ›

Cuban coffee is espresso, so it's got the same caffeine levels. The difference between Cuban coffee, or cafecito, and regular espresso shots is that it's sweetened during the brewing process. Sadly, adding sweetener at any stage doesn't boost the caffeine content of the espresso beans.

What is the difference between espresso and Cuban coffee? ›

What's the difference between espresso and Cuban coffee? Basically the coffee is brewed similarly, but with Cuban coffee demerara sugar is added prior to brewing. Sometimes the initial drops of espresso are mixed with sugar to create a paste and then the rest of the coffee is poured into the cup.

Is Colombian coffee the same as espresso? ›

No, not always. Colombian coffee has a medium roast or a dark roast that is used to make rich espresso blends. Take note that coffee roast isn't related to the growth of coffee. Colombia is famous for its coffee beans which can be roasted to light or medium roast degrees.

Does Café Bustelo have more caffeine? ›

With Café Bustelo and its strong blend, that number increases. According to Caffeine Informer, a 12-ounce cup of Café Bustelo offers what they call a high caffeine content of 150 milligrams.

What is the best Cuban coffee for espresso? ›

Café Bustelo beans are well-known for making Cuban espresso. The Café Bustelo price is very affordable, making the Café Bustelo dark roast one of the most popular Cuban coffee brands on the market today.

Is espresso healthier than French press? ›

In addition, French press coffee has the potential to be healthier than espresso. It's able to extract many of the benefits from the coffee beans without overloading you on caffeine. Those who want a stronger brew have a few brewing options that they can choose to try out.

Is it OK to drink espresso every day? ›

Some people can drink espresso all day long without any problems, while others can only handle one or two shots. It really depends on how your body reacts to caffeine. Overall, it's best to listen to your body and take it in moderation. That means no more than two or three cups a day.

What is good espresso supposed to taste like? ›

Though most people would describe the taste of espresso as 'bitter. ' However, this is highly due to the actual bean and process of brewing the espresso. Generally speaking, a 'good' shot of espresso should be well-balanced, have a chocolatey or nutty base, and a smooth finish.

Is Café Bustelo Supreme vs regular? ›

A: Cafe bustelo is a mixture of different beans whereas Supreme Bustelo is all arabica beans. You can make expresso with both, and I personally have made regular coffee with both as well.. They both have a strong bold taste and personally I cant tell the difference in taste. Helpful?

Which espresso drink is the sweetest? ›

One of the sweetest espresso drinks, a mocha is a shot of espresso with chocolate, steamed milk, and sometimes even a dollop of whipped cream on top. Though a mocha is probably not what you want to start your day out with, it's at its best when served at the end of a meal or even with a dessert.

What espresso is the least bitter? ›

Coffee Bros Espresso Roast is one of the most unique and best espresso beans overall. These espresso beans come from the regions of both Columbia and Ethiopia and are also 100% Arabica. These espresso beans have a smooth mild fruity flavor with little to no bitterness.


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