Best Prams in 2020 – Top 5 Performing Models Compared (2022)

Purchasing the best pram that suits you and your cute baby can sometimes feel like a minefield as a new mother. With the market flooded with many models of best prams to choose from, and which comes with specific uses and benefits, making the right decision becomes a daunting task for you.

At times you decide to get help from already experienced mothers. Unfortunately, most of the advice received goes contrary to what you expect. The journey begins, and you spend sleepless nights on your beloved iPad or laptop, searching for best prams to choose from according to your need.

According to Life Mothers & Babies by Mary Kirwan, Monday 26 June 2019, choosing the right pram is tricky and can trigger sleepless nights. Sometimes it causes marital rows and fosters envy. It is understandable when you devote a lot of time window shopping and scrutinizing every price tag to check if it suits your budget.

In fact, entering a pram store is similar to stepping into a car yard. You get many eye-catching models that tempt you. You get intimidated by the many available four-wheel drive prams. Thanks to the small zippy mobiles that reminds you of your freedom to go to any destination as a mother. Reality hits you hard when you come across people movers prams. You come to face with a minefield of options, models, and price. Get your requirements right first.

Fortunately, after doing a research and getting reviews from pram using mothers, I am happy to inform you that in this article, I will be able to help you choose the best pram that suits your baby. I will list five of the best prams found in the market today as a guideline on what to go for depending on your needs.

Every visit to the baby store turns out to be a ridiculous expedition where all prams are purported to be terrific. Though we have many best prams in the market nowadays, they share many desirable features which make it hard for you to find one that suits you and your toddler. It shouldn’t bother you. All you need to do is figure out the pram’s specific use that will satisfy your particular need.

Before I outline the best prams that dominate the market today, let me introduce to you factors to consider before purchasing a pram. A pram becomes best for you if it can fully meet your needs, lifestyle, and fits within your budget. If you put into consideration the following points, there is no doubt that you will purchase the right pram.

Best Prams Comparison:

5 Best Prams in 2020

Always remember to prioritize safety when purchasing a pram for your baby. Putting the above points in mind, you will be ready to purchase the best pram for your baby. Below is a list of the best prams in the market today.

1. Baby Jogger City Premier Stroller

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All the features you anticipate to get from the best pram are found in Baby Jogger City Premier. They make the best prams with their large hood and big wheels. It is lightweight and folds easily. Whichever side you prefer your baby to face, you just have to set the seat towards that direction when folding the Baby Jogger City Premier.

It is a luxurious pram with super compatibility. You don’t have to worry that the seat does not lay flat; all you need to do is to buy a bassinet for your new bundle of joy. You buy it separately. With Baby Jogger City Premier, you get to explore the world with your little one. Thanks to the four wheels that ensure a smooth ride.

It has a five riding combination. It is therefore perfect for your entire family. It is set to face the parents or in the front. It fits well with your car seat and a bassinet. With a Glider Board, you will create space to carry your other baby. Glider Board, car seat, and bassinet do not come with the Baby Jogger City Premier. You will have to purchase them separately.

The large and long comfortable seat accommodates your newborn and a toddler of up to 22.5kg. The luxurious fabric used in making the Baby Jogger City Premier will make other parents on the sidewalk to envy you. It has a canopy with two peek-a-boo windows that close quickly due to its magnetic ability.

You get to adjust the telescoping handlebar to your height. You control the Baby Jogger City Premier effortlessly by use of the hand-operated parking brakes.

Features at a Glance

  • Telescopic handlebar.
  • Large four wheels.
  • Removable and adjustable seat.
  • One-hand fold.
  • 3 Panel Canopy.
  • Deluxe Pram.
  • Large basket for storage.
  • Adjustable foot rests.
  • Car seat compatible.

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A perfect manufactured pram by Cynebaby, a renowned worldwide brand that sells baby products. It’s an excellent choice for you when comfort and safety top on your priority list. The bassinet is broad enough to offer your child ample space and comfort. You will enjoy facing your newborn as the seat is adjustable to your desired direction.

Cynebaby Infant Pram Stroller comes with a canopy that protects your child from harsh weather like the sun, breeze, and wind. Operating it is easy as it installs and folds easily. It comes with a handlebar and a stable frame made from aluminum alloy.

What I love about Cynebaby Infant Pram Stroller is the fact that it has shock absorbing tires that ensure maximum safety to your baby. Just like the bike’s anti-skid tires, they come with free-inflation rubber wheels that last for long. With its fashionable design, it will add to your enjoyable fancy lifestyle when you travel, go picnicking, take a walk, or shop around. Cynebaby Infant Pram Stroller comes with a mosquito net that securely covers the whole pram. Your little one’s feet get well covered by the soft foot-cover to protect him from dirt. Whatever distance you decide to go, you don’t have to worry about drinks as you can carry along your favourite refreshments in the handy cup holder.

You don’t have to worry about your kid having to spill food and drinks all over the pram as the baby food tray will protect it from that mess. The cotton cushion adds comfort for your child, and the wrist strap secures him safely. It is suitable for newborn babies and toddlers weighing up to 50 pounds.

Features at a Glance

  • A spacious bassinet.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Adjustable handle bar.
  • Adjustable canopy.
  • Aluminum alloy frame.
  • Shock absorbing tires.
  • A cotton cushion.
  • Food tray for the baby.

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Expecting twins yields such an awesome feeling as the blessing comes in double. Especially if it’s your first time to be a mom, you become anxious and get overwhelmed by the need to offer your bundle of joy the best. Bumbleride 2016 Indie Twin Stroller is the best choice for you.

You get to enjoy your ride on different terrains. It is a one hard push and steers with ease. The frame and fabrics are durable, giving you a guarantee of satisfactory services to your newborns and another set of twins to come in future.

The maneuverability is impressive. Thanks to its lockable swivel wheels that allows stable and sharp turns. I am impressed by the fact that even though Bumbleride 2016 Indie Twin Stroller carries two babies, it fits in narrow spaces with ease.

The kids love the feeling of the spacious, well-padded seats that recline for comfort. Most of them end up sleeping before reaching the destination. The 5-secure harness ensures your kids’ safety in their positions. The backrest ensures that your children get a relaxed back.

Bumbleride 2016 Indie Twin Stroller get conveniently stored and transported. Thanks to its easy, compact folding ability. It fits well at the back of any car. Your little ones get covered from even the low angle sun by the handy sun canopies. It comes with a large storage basket situated beneath the seats to keep all your essentials.

I love the fact that it compacts with a range of accessories such as shoulder pads, wrist straps, number bars, cup holders and car seat adaptors. Bumbleride 2016 Indie Twin Stroller is suitable for newborns and kids up to 45 pounds.

Features at a Glance

  • Lockable swivel wheels.
  • 5-secure harness.
  • Huge SPF 45+ canopies.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Shoulder pads and wrist strap.
  • Car seat adapter.
  • Compatible fold that locks automatically.
  • Reclining padded seats with reclining system.
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It has a super compact fold that makes it perfect pram for traveling. GB Qbit Plus folds fast with ease and fits well in most airplanes overhead storage. With its full flat reclining ability, the Pram accommodates your newborn comfortably. The hood comes in a generous size.

GB Qbit Plus is very convenient and offers maximum comfort derived from its premium functions. It has a spacious seat that allows your little kid to nod off comfortably. The pram comes with a head hugger and large wheels.

What I love about this pram is that you can fold it using only one hand. Your other hand is free to hold your baby or shopping. I am amazed by the fact that this pram accommodates all the great elements of a great and big stroller.

GB Qbit Plus is designed to push it using one hand conveniently. Your little one gets entertained by the beautiful view from the hood window. You don’t have to worry about the harsh weather; the extendable sun canopy will protect your baby from the scourging sun and wind.

If your kid needs an extra grip for comfort, the bumper bar will have him sorted. The pram comes with a 5kg shopping basket, enough to store all your essentials. With an adjustable leg rest, your little bundle of joy will enjoy a relaxing ride. GB Qbit Plus carries a newborn baby up to a toddler weighing 17kgs.

You will comfortably travel with this pram, from having fun on the beach and parks to urban trips. If you love traveling, then GB Qbit Plus, Capri Blue is your best choice.

Features at a Glance

  • Extendable sun canopy.
  • Peek-a-boo canopy window.
  • Swivels lock system.
  • Adjustable leg rest.
  • Well-stuffed shoulder, head, and crotch pads.
  • Bumper bar.
  • Adjustable backrest.

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Rather than the traditional rugged all-terrain prams, Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan comes as a comfortable city pram. What I love about this buggy is the fact that the seat converts into a comfortable bassinet. You will enjoy your coffee at your favorite cafe as the seat is raised up to your appropriate height.

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Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan comfortably accommodates a newborn and a toddler up to four years old that weighs up to 50 pounds. You get to recline the seat fully to lay flat or face either forward or backward with no fuss. The bassinet is soft and allows proper breathability. Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan’s luxury gives you the value for your money.

If you love shopping, the huge bag will accommodate many items and essentials. The back wheels with Aerotech tires ensure you face no hassles in handling and maintaining the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan. I love the fact that it’s compatible with a range of accessories such as an infant car seat protector, freeride and a carrycot. The large sun hood protects your little one from harsh weather such as sun and cold.

The set of carrycot fabric comes separately. It gives you the freedom to decide when to make your Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan ready for your newborn.

Features at a Glance

  • A 5-point harness for safety.
  • A reclining seat.
  • Extendable large sun hood.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Aerotech tires.
  • Super compact stand fold with an automatic lock.

Tips That Will Help You Buy The Prams

Do you need the pram for your newborn?

Newborns have weak necks that cannot support their heads. Inquire about the pram’s newborn options. Look for a pram that recline flat, or has a travel system, or comes with a bassinet that can be detached. Purchase a versatile pram that will be of service from since your child is a newborn to when he becomes a toddler without any fuss. Such an investment will save you time and money.

How heavy is the pram?

You need to get a pram that you can lift with ease. Some prams weigh as much as 15kgs. Considering that you are not on a mission to build muscles but to carry your baby along with you, weighty prams will strain you especially when you add your child and other essentials on board.

How many babies will you be carrying?

If expecting twins, look for a pram with double seats or one that can take in an extra bassinet or seat. If you want a pram that can carry an extra kid along, go for the one with a ride-on foot stand or has more seating options.

How much are you willing to spend?

Similar to cars, prams range from basic and low-cost models to expensive high end prams. You should make a decision on how much you want to spend before entering a pram store and strictly stick to your budget. Don’t forget to consider other essentials you might require to buy such as sun cover, infant tray for your child’s food or toys while deciding on your budget. It will help you come up with a final total amount.

How easily can you fold the pram?

Though the sellers may make it appear like a simple task to fold the pram, some prams are rigid and stiff, making them hard to wrap. In this case, it is advisable to go for simpler models.

Where do you want your baby to face?

Many new mothers prefer their newborns facing them in their early weeks. Unfortunately, not all prams allow front-facing. If you also prefer this, you will need to go for a pram with an adjustable handle that will allow your bundle of joy face you. When your child grows older, you should be able to adjust the handle so that your baby can face forward and enjoy the view around.

Should it be three or four wheeled?

It is an issue that has dominated debate in many mother’s groups and pram sellers. Three wheels will maneuver well through narrow spaces while four wheels will give a more stable ride. So, how do you decide between the two? Just take both of them for a road test within the store. Choose the one you drove with ease and comfort.

Other factors about the wheels that you should consider:

Air tires:

Tires filled with air move smoothly and offer a comfortable ride. Great on rough roads and outdoor exercises. You will need to occasionally maintain them with a pump-up, just like in bike tires. In the case of a puncture, you should replace the tube.


These come with cheap prams and are light. Due to the less cushioning, you will strain while using them on a rough terrain. You will enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride on even-paved floors.

Hard foam:

These tires will enable you to experience the smoothest ride ever. Unlike air tires, you don’t need to pump them up for maintenance. Contrary to plastic wheels, they are heavier and costly.

Up to what height can the handles get adjusted?

If your spouse or the person helping you with the baby varies in height, you should get a pram with an adjustable handle. With the availability of many best prams with adjustable handles in the market, you don’t have to worry about breaking your back when you lean down to pick your baby.

Together with shopping and other essentials, will the pram comfortably fit in the car?

Before purchasing the pram, you should test it to confirm if it fits in the boot of your car. Fold it and place it on your vehicle’s back. Don’t forget to consider other essentials that you require such as a packet of diapers.

Where will be your common location?

Consider where you stay and frequent most. If you live in a hilly area with rough roads, then a jogger pram with large wheels and a spring suspension will offer a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby. A four wheel pram best suits this kind of area.

A plastic wheel pram will be ideal if you cruise around indoors or on even shopping mall surfaces. Ensure you have a sizable basket!

If you stay in an urban area or an apartment, you will need a jogger pram. It should be three-wheeled for easy maneuvering in narrow spaces. The pram should be light and fold quickly.

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Final Verdict

There you go! You now know what to keep in mind while looking for the best pram that suits you. More so, I have listed for you some of the top best prams in the market today to give you an insight of what’s available. All the same, you need to read this! You should not lay your newborn baby inclined backward. You will be risking his health. Get a pram that fully reclines to a flat level.

Babies who do not lie flat in their prams develop health problems such as breathing difficulties, indigestion, and affected vertebrae shape. If you realize any of these signs with your newborn child, it should act as an alarm that the pram in use does not lie flat. Change it immediately or contact the customer service of the store you bought it from for an exchange or rectifying.

It is advised to lay your baby flat until he develops muscles tone and holds himself upright, a period that takes a minimum of six months. When a baby reaches 6-8 weeks, he rolls and turns a lot. You should not inhibit a baby’s movements as it enhances growth. Look for a pram that comes with a seat or bassinet that offer ample child space.

According to a study published by the National Literacy Trust about its 2007 campaign dubbed Talk To Your Baby, Suzanne Zeedyke, a professor in Dundee University’s School of Psychology studied over 2,722 infant-parent pairs from various parts of the country. The findings were that children that face forward in their prams and strollers were more likely not to laugh, interact and laugh with their parents than those that looked at the parent or pusher during the ride. Note that best prams are the ones that adjust fully and allows your baby to face you with ease.

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