Behr Paint Colors Compared To Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (2023)

Behr Paint Colors Compared To Benjamin Moore – In this post, I share the results of testing how well they match Benjamin Moore’s Behr paint colors Chantilly Lace and Simply White. I’ve also included Nano White from Behr for comparison. We plan to paint the first floor of our house white. boring i know but the ground floor is very dark so we thought the best option would be to light everything up. Here are some before pictures. There are also three images from morning, afternoon and evening to show how the paint looks in different daylight. When talking about this, you should remember several considerations.

Our house faces east/west with shade from a large tree next to our house which means we get lots of sunlight in the mornings when the sun rises from the east and very dark in the afternoons and evenings. LRV measures how much light is reflected by the paint on a scale of 0-100. So pure jet black has a very low LRV of 2 and pure white has an LRV of 95.

Behr Paint Colors Compared To Benjamin Moore

Behr Paint Colors Compared To Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (1)

Our home has original Caramel Orange Eye wood trim throughout. Therefore, we need to choose a paint color that harmonizes well with the fairing and is not too yellow or orange. The finish reflects the orange undertones of the paint color, but we also didn’t want to go with such a strong blue tone that it would look sterile.

Best Dark Gray Paint Colors

While paint price points can vary widely, Behr, sold at Home Depot, is the cheapest and most widely available. Despite a quality tent line similar to Benjamin Moore’s Aura line. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are mid-range brands whose colors are very popular with interior designers. There is also a direct sales paint company in Hamilton called Digby Paints that is priced similarly to Benjamin Moore. And the most expensive option is Farrow and Ball, a luxury British brand that offers highly pigmented historic paints.

Benjamin Moore: Chantilly Lace, Pure White & Behr, Nano White Swatcher in Morning Light; Behr v. Benjamin Moore


Behr’s Benjamin Moore color match is different than the original, which has a yellow and butter look that I don’t like. Also, if you’re looking for a lighter white color than Chantilly lace, Behr’s Nano White might be a good choice.

In the afternoon light I could barely distinguish the Chantilly lace from the plain white. Nano White is still bright. Behar’s color balance looks even warmer in the golden afternoon light.

The Best Behr White And Soft Off White Paint Colours

Michael and I love Simply White because it’s a bright white that still has warmth. Chantilly Lace and Nano White are very light, crisp whites, but sometimes they look a little clinical when they’re white, especially with Nano White. After this test, I was a little disappointed with the behr color match of the Benjamin Moore shades. I recommend sticking with the original or making sure you test a sample before buying all your paints. I’m a big fan of gray wall paint. It’s a great neutral color and will add a clean, modern feel to any room. However, I have learned that not all shades of gray are created equal. We painted most of the Brooklyn house a very cool gray when we moved in (Sherwin Williams Lattice to be exact). Although it is a beautiful color, it has always felt a bit cold and sterile for my liking. This sent me on a quest to find the perfect bold color that wasn’t too cool and didn’t fall into the construction beige category. Here are my favorites so far. 🙂

This is the darkest of the colors in this post, but I think it would look great in a larger room that could use a slightly darker color. This paint color is very popular on Pinterest and it’s easy to see why. I think this color looks amazing when paired with bold white trim and espresso accents. When using this color, I am careful not to make the furniture too dark, otherwise it will overwhelm the room.

I think this is my favorite so far. It’s lightweight, which is great because we’re usually dealing with small spaces. It’s a very warm color, but I think different types of light throughout the day can be very interesting with this color.

Behr Paint Colors Compared To Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (2)

(Video) Best Neutral Paint Colors for Your Home | How to Choose Neutral Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

Well, I can lie. This might be my favorite. Also, when Shea McGee says her favorite color is light gray, it must be good. 🙂 A bit cold, but nice. I think this paint color is very versatile and can look more gray or beige depending on the combination.

Behr Colour Match Of Benjamin Moore

It’s very similar to the two above, but looks more mauve-beige than gray to me. This is perfect if you’re looking for a light and airy toned beige. It’s a beautiful color and would look great in a more traditional home or a new build that already has a lot of beige.

I think this paint color lives up to its name, it’s definitely acceptable. It has more of a gray undertone to it than the light brown I like. It’s not super dark or super bright and I think it would look amazing anywhere.

To me, it leans towards beige and is almost a lighter version of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, which is great if you like the color a little lighter and less intense.

It always helps me to compare colors when they are next to each other, so here’s a little reference image. My two top favorites are Behr Silver Drop and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Did I forget any other big fats? I’d love to hear what colors you like.

Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms

Need more information on choosing the best paint colors? For the color scheme of the whole house (with pictures), see this post. Be sure to check out the other colorful guides below.


Thanks for stopping by. I am Elizabeth. DIY renovator and blogger based in Raleigh, NC. Click on the photo above to learn more. Decorating your home can be transformative and inspiring. A touch of color on just one wall can improve mood, bring joy and create an atmosphere of safety and relaxation. Every year, the major paint manufacturers release their color of the year. Here we look at the best color options from five national brands.

Each editorial product is independently selected, but we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you purchase something through our links. Ratings and prices are correct and in stock at time of publication.

Behr Paint Colors Compared To Benjamin Moore - Paint Color Ideas (3)

Benjamin Moore is at the green end of the 2022 Color of the Year palette. “Melodic yet varied, believable yet whimsical, and meditative yet observant, The October Mist (1495) is an intriguing medieval setting that creates a natural harmony.” Benjamin Moore encourages personal expression through color.

Colors Of The Year: Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog + 3 Other Tren

Sherwin-Williams has gone organic with Evergreen Fog (SW9130) to make a bold yet subtle statement for 2022. This simple, sophisticated color transforms with chameleon-like features that blend into any decor palette. It’s a beautiful shade of green-meets-grey with hints of blue.

Behr has not just one color, but 20 color trends this year. Behr invites you to be inspired by nature to enhance every corner of your home. Look for Breezeway (MQ3-21) in the 2022 Color Trends palette, which focuses on flexible spaces, quiet retreats and natural influences.


Glidden takes his love of Guacamole to a new level with the ever-popular Avocado Lime Dip (PPG1121-5). Vibrant yet calming greenery brings organic greenery to any space. Glidden’s 2022 on-trend palette inspires the perfect mix of bold colors and soothing tones.

Holland Boy is neutral with that deep, natural sound. Soothing greens complement busy and muted decor schemes. Cypress Garden (424-4DB) uses Dutch Boy Diamond Grade formula for wear and scratch resistance.

Favorite White Interior Paint Colors

Joe Cruz is the editor of Family Handyman magazine and creates DIY and home improvement projects for digital and print. Joe started woodworking at a young age and found himself in craft positions including carpentry for home construction and renovation, woodworking such as custom furniture and kitchen fittings, and building props for theaters and national museum art exhibits. Although Joe is an excellent furniture maker, his true passion is music and woodworking, original works on streaming platforms and woodwork exhibited at various art fairs and galleries.

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What Behr paint color is similar to Chantilly Lace? ›


This Behr paint color is basically all the things I said about Chantilly Lace minus the cooler tones. It's vintage, toned down, and pretty neutral, but it does warm up the white a little bit with its subtle gray tones.

What is the Behr equivalent to agreeable GREY? ›

If you are looking for an Agreeable Gray Benjamin Moore alternative or an Agreeable Gray Behr alternative, you have some options. Benjamin Moore will want to look at Rodeo 1534, Wish 680, and Collingwood OC-28. A Behr alternative is Toasty Gray N320-2.

What is Behr's best interior paint? ›

The best Behr interior paint colors for 2022 are white and off-white.
  1. Swiss Coffee. Swiss Coffee is a warm and creamy off-white color with a slight yellow undertone. ...
  2. Swirling Water. Swirling Water is a bright white with cool undertones of gray and blue. ...
  3. Polar Bear. ...
  4. Whisper White.

Does Behr have a color match app? ›

When you're ready to take on your next paint project, start with the ColorSmart by BEHR® Mobile app - a convenient, easy to use tool to help you find your perfect BEHR® color, discover new designer-coordinated color combinations, organize your projects and preview your color choices in room scenes and on exteriors.

What is Behr's most popular white paint? ›

Behr Swiss Coffee 12

Swiss Coffee has been kickin' it for a LONG time as one of Behr's most popular white paint colours.

Does Behr Swiss coffee look yellow? ›

Swiss Coffee by Behr: Swiss coffee is a creamy white with a bit of a yellow undertone. If you're looking for a warm white, this is a great option.

What is the most popular Behr GREY color? ›

"Among Behr's top selling hues is White Metal N520-1. This hue is a fan favorite and one of Behr's most popular gray paint colors," says Erika Woelfel, Behr color expert. "The hue has a way of making spaces feel large and expansive and it provides a chic, neutral backdrop for any room in the home."

Does agreeable gray look gray or beige? ›

Agreeable is a gray that leans towards beige, hence the term greige. Now not all greiges are the same, there are colors such as Accessible Beige, which are beige that leans towards gray. Agreeable Gray is a soft greige with a little warmth in it.

Is agreeable gray too beige? ›

The quick answer is that Agreeable Gray is a wee bit tipsy towards GRAY over beige – but it isn't TOTALLY gray. Agreeable Gray is a greige-taupe hybrid that can EASILY pass as a warm gray (which we'll get into shortly).

What color does Joanna Gaines use on walls? ›

"For high-traffic areas like kitchens and living rooms—and almost any space—I like to keep things simple and use a creamy, neutral white like 'Shiplap,'" the Fixer Upper star said. Take it one step further, and pair it with fresh white trim.

What brand of paint do professional painters prefer? ›

By and large, most professional painters use either Sherwin-Willaims or Benjamin Moore paint products. In fact, 50% of painting contractors chose Benjamin Moore's Regal Select line as their favorite paint.

What paint gives the smoothest finish? ›

  • One of the most popular types of wall paint, eggshell finish provides a low sheen and a soft, smooth finish just like a true eggshell.
  • Perfect for low- to mid-traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, entryways and family rooms.
  • Eggshell paint is more washable than flat sheens, and it resists stains and scuffs.

Does Home Depot have a color matcher? ›

Home Depot can match any paint you need. To have your paint matched at Home Depot, bring a paint sample, an empty can of the paint, a piece of fabric, or a phone image of the color you need to match. You can also use Home Depot's Project Color app to compare and match paints from your smartphone.

What white paint does Joanna Gaines use? ›

Sherwin Williams – Alabaster

Joanna painted the main living areas of her own farmhouse Alabaster and she continually uses it in homes she designs on Fixer Upper as well.

What is Behr's color of the year? ›

With the changing of seasons comes the transitioning of colors. Always ahead of the pack, Behr recently announced that their 2023 Color of the Year is Blank Canvas.

What is the most popular white to paint walls? ›

The 10 Best White Paint Colors That Experts Swear By
  • Pure White SW 7005, Sherwin-Williams.
  • White Dove OC-17, Benjamin Moore.
  • Polar Bear 75, Behr.
  • Promenade 7006-3, Valspar.
  • Wimborne White No. 239, Farrow & Ball.
  • Pegasus PPG1010-1, PPG Paints.
  • Fresh Kicks, Clare.
  • Sanctuary SW 9583, Sherwin-Williams.
Feb 8, 2023

What is the Behr equivalent to Benjamin Moore Swiss coffee? ›

BM Swiss Coffee has a LRV of 83.93 which is very close to Behr's LRV of 84. Both are creamy soft white paint colors.

Why is Swiss coffee paint so popular? ›

It's considered a very versatile color for a reason! Swiss Coffee looks great with modern, transitional, traditional, cottage, farmhouse – you get the picture! It's not a cool, stark white – but rather a beige, warm white. I think so many design professionals love it so much because of it's warm undertones.

Is Swiss coffee too white? ›

Swiss Coffee Has Distinctly Warm Undertones

However, those gray-green undertones keep Swiss Coffee firmly in the white color family; it's neither yellow nor greige. With a light reflectance value or LRV of 83.93, Swiss Coffee is considered an off-white, not a true white.

What color GREY is most popular? ›

"Agreeable Gray checked all of the boxes for this space." Wadden selected this color as a favorite, too, stating that Agreeable Gray is Sherwin-Williams's most popular color. "It's the perfect hue for any living space, whether it be a family room or bedroom, as it acts as a neutral backdrop," she says.

What is the most popular gray color for a house? ›

Agreeable Gray is one of the most popular gray paint colors for a reason. It's a beautiful, natural, soft color that works with a variety of different design styles. It's versatile, too, looking great in both light and dark rooms.

What color gray paint do the property brothers use? ›

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

This sleek Chelsea Gray makes a stellar neutral accent wall color or home office color. Heck, the Property Brothers even used it to elevate kitchen cabinets in a recent episode of Buying and Selling. The opportunities are endless with this neutral base.

What color is replacing gray 2023? ›

Now that gray is no longer the go-to paint color, you may be wondering what color is replacing gray. The answer? It's beige.

What wall color goes with everything? ›

Greige is just a blend of gray and beige. It can be the best of both worlds, appealing to those that like the look of gray, but aren't sure about moving away from the more traditional feeling of beige. Greiges make a great whole-house paint color choice because they tend to go with everything and appeal to everyone!

What is the best accent color for agreeable gray? ›

Pair Agreeable Gray with rich, deep accent colors to create a highly sophisticated interior. Black, white and cream will all work extremely well with this color too if you'd prefer to keep the color palette truly minimal.
Colors which work well with Agreeable Gray are:
  • Burgundy Red.
  • Dusty Rose.
  • Light Blue.
  • Sage Green.

What color curtains go with agreeable gray walls? ›

What color curtains go with agreeable gray? With curtains you usually want a bit of contrast, so don't go with greige. Great options are pure white, charcoal gray, or a deep shade of a muted accent color like navy blue, dark teal, dark brown, or dark red.

What is a lighter version of agreeable gray? ›

Edgecomb Gray. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is lighter, cleaner, and warmer than Agreeable Gray. They are both warm greige colors with green undertones. Edgecomb (sample here)would likely be the better choice for a room with low light or Northern exposure.

What color cabinets go with gray walls? ›

Since it is a neutral color, gray looks good when combined with warm undertones. Selecting cabinets should match the undertones of your walls. So go for cool cabinets if your gray walls have cool undertones. White, cream or brown tones are some nice options.

What is the Behr code for Chantilly lace? ›

The hexadecimal color code #f6f0de is a very light shade of yellow. In the RGB color model #f6f0de is comprised of 96.47% red, 94.12% green and 87.06% blue. In the HSL color space #f6f0de has a hue of 45° (degrees), 57% saturation and 92% lightness.

What is the difference between Behr Ultra Pure white and Chantilly lace? ›

Ultra Pure White Vs Chantilly Lace

Not as white as the former, BM Chantilly Lace has very tiny cool gray undertones. With an LRV of 92.2 – this white paint is even slightly darker than Behr Ultra pure white. Lastly, you must know that even Chantilly Lace is good to go for ceilings, trims, and moldings!

How do you match Chantilly lace? ›

It looks amazing with blues and greens, but works well with red, orange, and brown hues as well. Hale Navy – Use on walls to pair with Hale Navy cabinetry, walls or shutters.

Is Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace warm or cool color? ›

Chantilly Lace (sample here) is the cleanest white color in the universe because It has no warm or cool undertones (LRV=92. This clean white is great for walls, but also makes the perfect trim or ceiling color.

What is the difference between Behr Polar Bear and bit of sugar? ›

Polar Bear – Polar Bear has an LRV of 90 and is a pretty, neutral white with a very slight peachy undertone like a polar bear's fur. Bit of Sugar – This color has an LRV 89 and is a true neutral white, not too warm and not too cold.

What is special about Chantilly lace? ›

Chantilly lace is known for its fine ground, outlined pattern, and abundant detail. The pattern is outlined in cordonnet, a flat untwisted strand. The best Chantilly laces were made of silk, and were generally black, which made them suitable for mourning wear.

What color is Behr Swiss coffee? ›

Behr Swiss Coffee is a soft warm creamy white. Swiss Coffee would look good on walls, trim and cabinetry. I usually recommend with white paint to paint your walls and trim the same color and just use a different sheen for each.

What is the undertone of Behr polar bear? ›

Polar Bear is a white with a slight yellow undertone. Depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear as a warm white on the walls.

What is the Behr equivalent to Sherwin Williams Alabaster? ›

If you are looking for a Behr paint color similar to Alabaster check out Cameo White.

What brand of paint is Chantilly lace? ›

Chantilly Lace OC-65. Benjamin Moore.

Does white dove look good with Chantilly lace? ›

Comments: You can see at the right how Chantilly Lace and White Dove look together–they make a lovely combination. White Dove is much more saturated than Chantilly Lace and is slightly warmer with its greater gray undertones. This is reflected in the lower LRV.

Is Chantilly white too white? ›

Chantilly White is a clean white with barely-there cool undertones. It is so clean, that I use this color as the baseline for clean whites. Bluer whites are cool whites and darker whites are warm whites. We frequently recommend this white as a trim and ceiling color, but not often as a wall color.

Should ceilings be white or off white? ›

A white ceiling will reflect the most amount of light and can help tie together other contrasting elements of your room. According to Sherwin Williams, white is the right choice, especially when the room lacks light.

What is the most popular white paint for ceilings? ›

Favorite whites for ceilings include White Dove OC-17, Cloud White OC-130 and Decorator's White OC-149. Check out our most popular whites on the White Color Family page, then head to your local Benjamin Moore retailer to buy a paint sample: We always recommend you “live” with any color before you buy it-even white!


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