23 Easy Asian Desserts to Try Making (2022)

These Asian desserts are unique, tasty, and so easy to make at home! There are so many interesting treats that you can try.

This list is varied and super fun, from cute little cookies to some different sweets you’ve likely never heard of. And each is as delicious as the last.

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23 Easy Asian Desserts to Try Making (1)

So whether you’re looking for something to serve at the next book club or just for a fun new recipe to try out, you’ll find the perfect recipe on this list of 23 amazing Asian desserts.

1. Simple Matcha Green Tea Mochi

Match AND mochi? Sign me up!

The texture of mochi is just so perfectly unique, and the earthy match is such a great pairing. I love the color, too!

2. Black Sesame Cookies

The first time I used black sesame seeds on a brioche, I was hooked. The pop of dark color along with the light, nutty flavor was just what I’d been missing.

And putting it into a cookie just makes so much sense! It adds so much more flavor than, say, poppy seeds.

For more pronounced seeds, keep half back and just add them to the dough at the end.

3. Mango Sticky Rice

Confession: when I was in Hong Kong, I more or less lived off this stuff. I had it at least once per day and found myself looking for it everywhere we went.

The key to getting that great texture is to soak the rice before cooking. This will remove the coating and allow it to cook and get nice and sticky.

For the mango topping, I like to grab a tin and chop up the slices. Add them to a pan with some sugar and gently cook until it starts to thicken like jam.

4. Castella Cake

This sponge cake is made with whipped egg white and honey.


When mixing the batter, be sure to get all the lumps of flour, but don’t over-mix to the point you see air bubbles.

This lovely light cake is excellent with a cup of tea and some fresh fruit.

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5. Japanese Butter Cookies

Needing just five ingredients, these Japanese beauties will melt in your mouth and leave you reaching for more.

Typically seen in the shape of a dove, you can make these any shape you prefer.

They’re tender and buttery and would be especially good with some dark chocolate chips.

6. Korean Sweet Rice Cake

This unusual little snack is definitely one to try when you have a free afternoon.

It takes some getting used to, and you’ll need to read the instructions a few times before you start.

Sweet rice flour is a must, as is the soybean powder, which will prevent the mix from drying out too quickly.

7. Easy Kulfi Recipe with Condensed Milk

Being a huge ice cream fan, I had to try this one. This frozen dessert is so pleasantly spiced – with cardamom and saffron – and the pistachios are a dream!

If you want it a little lighter, try adding some whipped cream to the mix.

8. Modak Recipe

This is such a fun recipe to try at home, just so long as you don’t mind getting your hands a little sticky!

If you can’t find jaggery powder, you can substitute for brown sugar or coconut sugar.

9. Korean Tea Cookies

To get these adorable cookies into their shape, you’ll need a traditional to use a dasik mold. As great as they look, you can’t find them in the States.

(Video) Do you have Orange Make this delicious dessert in a minute with few ingredients!

An excellent alternative would be to try some silicone molds. You’ll just need to freeze the dough slightly to get the cookies out.

Being no-bake, you can make a batch in no time!

10. Chinese Mango Pudding

In case I haven’t mentioned: I LOVE mango! So this recipe had me racing to the kitchen.

All you’ll need is fresh mango, gelatine, sugar, milk, and cream. Once blended smooth, it will set into the creamiest and prettiest dessert.

11. Pan-fried Rice Cake Dumplings with Sweet Red Beans

I know seeing red beans in a dessert might be off-putting.

But the sweet red beans used in this kind of typical dessert is usually sweetened and tastes a lot like a sweet potato.

The dough is such a simple mix of rice flour and water, giving it a mochi-like texture that complements the red bean paste so well.

12. 5-Minute Vietnamese Iced Coffee

There are two critical components to this coffee: a cafetiere and condensed milk.

Start by making a hot coffee, which will allow the condensed milk to melt into the liquid. Then top-up your glass with ice and grab a straw.

13. Fried Bananas

Sweet, caramel-y, super easy, and totally addictive, these are an absolute home run any time of day.

Adding the light batter will give these babies such a nice crunch, and you can serve them with anything from hot fudge to caramel.

14. Chinese Almond Float Dessert

I love this simple dessert. The jelly texture is just right with the chunks of fruit, and the almond extract adds such a nice, mild undertone.

Be careful with the extract, as it can be overwhelming if you use too much.

15. Chinese Nougat

This recipe will be much softer than what you’re used to, but the nuts give it a great crunch. You could even add in some dried fruit for pops of color and sweetness.

For added color, try using pink marshmallows, too, and swirling them together.

16. A Japanese Custard Pudding

This flan-like dessert is sweet, silky, smooth, and covered with caramel.

(Video) Pumpkin Coconut Custard Recipe - Southeast Asian Dessert

It needs to be cooked in a water bath and should be made in individual ramekins for the best results.

Keep an eye on the caramel and work fast to get it into the molds before it sets.

17. Chinese Almond Cookies

If you’re looking for something slightly different from the overly sweet sugar cookies we typically find in the States, this recipe is for you.

Being a slice and bake the dough, you can roll it and bake as many as you need, freezing the rest for later.

18. Matcha Green Tea Cookies

Matcha provides such a mild, earthy flavor that enhances so well when made into baked goods. Not to mention, the color is gorgeous.

When buying matcha powder, be sure to look for the good quality kind that is 100% pure matcha.

19. Chinese Five-Spice Peanuts

Having nuts in the house is a great way to curb those salty cravings without reaching for a big bag of chips.

And when you can have flavorful, toasted nuts in just 10 minutes, why buy anything else?

20. Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake

You might think a steamed cake would be dense and soggy, but this is light and tender.

The batter uses brown sugar that gives a beautiful caramel flavor, and using evaporated milk will ensure a rich and creamy taste.

21. Egg Tart Recipe With Chinese Puff Pastry

I think there are versions of this all over, from the UK to Portugal, they’re all delicious and sweet.

I like this recipe in particular because it was the first time I’d seen this method for puff pastry. It’s worth trying just for that!

22. Black Sesame Soup

You’re either going to love the look of this or hate it. It’s made from black sesame seeds, and it’s dark.

It’s quite unusual to see a big bowl full of black goop, but I swear it tastes great!

Nutty, slightly sweet, and filling, it’s such a nice way to end a big meal.

23. Korean Steamed Pear Recipe

If you’re a fan of baked apples, then you’ll love this recipe. Using a whole pear, you’re going to cut the top off and hollow out the middle.

(Video) Josh Peck Eats His Last Meal On Earth

Fill it with honey, spices, and pine nuts, and let the whole thing steam.

These are great served hot or cold and make for a beautiful, natural dessert.

23 Easy Asian Desserts to Try Making (2)

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What are the 3 known dessert in Asia? ›

Best Asian Desserts:
  • Pisang Goreng. Popular in Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia, this delicious dessert is made by deep-frying bananas or plantain. ...
  • Mango Sticky Rice. ...
  • Halo-halo. ...
  • Anmitsu. ...
  • Ché ...
  • Dragon Fruit. ...
  • Mochi. ...
  • Egg Tarts.
Jun 29, 2020

What is a typical Chinese dessert? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Desserts
  • Red Been Bun.
  • Egg Tarts.
  • Tanghulu.
  • Pumpkin pancakes.
  • Fried Durian.
  • Tangyuan.
  • Sugarcoated Haws on a Stick.
Oct 14, 2021

What are Japanese desserts? ›

Common Japanese Desserts & Sweet Treats
  • Parfait. Imported from France, this dessert has been adapted to Japanese tastes, and become a common Japanese dessert. ...
  • Castella. ...
  • Ice Cream. ...
  • Furutsu Sando (Fruit Sandwich) ...
  • Wagashi. ...
  • Kohi Zeri (Coffee Jelly) ...
  • Crêpes. ...
  • Anmitsu.
Aug 24, 2016

What is the #1 dessert in the world? ›

1) Cream Brulee (FRANCE) -

Back in the 17th century, this dessert was introduced by Francois Massialot, a chef of a kitchen of a Duke of Orlean, who wrote about its recipe in a book. A creamy pastry a thin, crisp caramel layer is what is referred to as cream brulee and which has stolen everyone's heart.

What is the number 1 best dessert? ›

There's a lot of contenders but here are our most popular desserts ever, as rated by you.
  • Chocolate and Turkish delight cake. ...
  • Matt Moran's Gaytime trifle. ...
  • Raw raspberry slice. ...
  • The 3-ingredient white choc cheesecake that's an Easter essential. ...
  • Self-saucing chocolate pudding. ...
  • Persian pavlova. ...
  • Strawberry cheesecake bars.

What is the most famous dessert in China? ›

Top 20 Most Popular Chinese Desserts
  1. Mooncake. Worshiping the moon is a very old custom in China and mooncakes were originally offered up to the God of the moon. ...
  2. Tangyuan: Glutinous Rice Ball. ...
  3. Green Dumplings. ...
  4. Steamed Pea Flour Cake. ...
  5. Osmanthus Cake. ...
  6. Jujube Cake. ...
  7. Mung Bean Cake. ...
  8. Steamed Sponge Cake.
Oct 29, 2021

What foods do Chinese avoid? ›

What Food Chinese People DON'T Eat?
  • Milk Products. If you are a big fan of milk products, you may feel a bit disappointed if you choose to live in China. ...
  • Bread. Unlike people from most western countries, Chinese rarely eat bread for breakfast because its taste is described as “mediocre” by many Chinese people. ...
  • Hot Dogs.
Jul 16, 2020

What is a good dessert after Chinese food? ›

Today, come and join me as I explore the delectable desserts that China has to offer!
  • Almond Jelly. Almond jelly is one of the simplest and most popular Chinese desserts. ...
  • Egg Tarts. ...
  • Soy Milk Pudding. ...
  • Pineapple Tarts. ...
  • Red Bean Cakes. ...
  • Chinese Fried Dough. ...
  • Chinese Sweet Potato Ginger Dessert Soup. ...
  • Bubble Tea.
Jun 17, 2022

What are the 10 types of dessert? ›

Now stop drooling, start scrolling!
  • Apple Pie.
  • Almond Malai Kulfi.
  • Lemon Tart.
  • Fudgy Chewy Brownies.
  • Coconut Kheer.
  • Chocolate Coffee Truffle.
Jul 7, 2022

What is the #1 dessert in America? ›

According to a New Study, Ice Cream Is America's Favorite Dessert.

What's trending in desserts? ›

The 10 Most Popular Dessert Recipes of 2021
  • Super Lemony Olive Oil Cake.
  • Caramel Apple Cookies. ...
  • No-Mixer Vanilla Cake With Tangy Cream Cheese Frosting. ...
  • Anzac Biscuits. ...
  • Ruffled Milk Pie With Raspberries. ...
  • Peach Pie. ...
  • Halo-Halo. ...
  • Blackberry and Dried Apricot Slab Pie. ...
Dec 21, 2021

What is Japan's favorite dessert? ›

Daifuku, or mochi, is a classic Japanese dessert that's popular all over the world. In fact, when someone says Japanese dessert, more often than not, people will instantly think mochi! Mochi is a small, sticky, round confection with a sweet filling. It gets its iconic chewy, gelatinous consistency from rice flour.

What is the most popular dessert in Tokyo? ›

If there is one dessert that permeates all of Tokyo, it is matcha soft serve ice cream.

Is mochi Korean or Japanese? ›

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made from glutinous rice.

It is ground, steamed, and pounded into a sticky ball. As a result, it's very chewy and has no color (aka it's white).

What is Korea's favorite dessert? ›

Patbingsu is probably the most well-known of all Korean desserts outside of Korea. Ask Koreans what their favorite summertime dessert is and I can guarantee that many of them will answer Bingsu. Patbingsu is the most popular type of bingsu. 'Pat' refers to sweetened red beans, which are added on top of ice flakes.

What is Korean ice cream? ›

Bingsu (Korean: 빙수; Hanja: 氷水), sometimes written as bingsoo, is a Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings that may include chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and red beans. Bingsu. Pat-bingsu (red bean bingsu) Alternative names.

What is the national sweet of South Korea? ›

A common staple at every special occasion in Korea is a rich and sweet rice cake known as yaksik. It is made with a combination of steamed glutinous rice, honey, pine nuts, dried jujube fruit, and chestnuts.

Which country eats the most desserts? ›

The U.S. may have a national sugar high on Halloween, but Germany actually consumes the most candy per capita.
Countries That Eat a Scary Amount of Candy.
CountriesCandy Consumption Per Capita in 2016 (pounds)
1. Germany28.7
2. Ireland26.2
3. Switzerland25.4
4. Austria24.7
6 more rows
Oct 31, 2016

What are some cultural desserts? ›

Unique Celebratory Desserts from Different Cultures
  • Spain: Rosca de Reyes. ...
  • Philippines: Bibingka. ...
  • Australia: Pavlova. ...
  • Czech Republic: Kolache. ...
  • India: Gulab Jamun. ...
  • Korea: Tteok. ...
  • Italy: Panforte. ...
  • France: Bche de Nol.
Dec 13, 2011

What is the most unique dessert? ›

So we've rounded up the craziest desserts from around the world that you have to try.
  1. Apple Balloon. PIN IT. ...
  2. Matcha Plant Terrarium. PIN IT. ...
  3. Golden Donut. PIN IT. ...
  4. Nitrogen Ice Cream. PIN IT. ...
  5. Black Tap Milkshake. PIN IT. ...
  6. Nutella-Filled Cronut. PIN IT. ...
  7. Soft Serve on Cotton Candy. PIN IT. ...
  8. Improvisation Dessert. PIN IT.
Jun 16, 2016

What is the most popular dessert in America 2022? ›

For even more recipes, check out these 22 Meals to Fight Belly Fat in 2022.
  • ALABAMA – Pound cake.
  • ALASKA – Baked Alaska.
  • ARIZONA – Rice Krispies treats.
  • ARKANSAS – Pecan pie.
  • CALIFORNIA – Ice cream.
  • COLORADO – Rice Krispies treats.
  • CONNECTICUT – Icebox cake.
  • DELAWARE – Funnel cake.
Mar 10, 2022

What type of dessert is the simplest? ›

The simplest dessert and one of the best are fruits because they are nutritious, appetizing, and easy to prepare and serve. Baked and soft custards vary in so many ways.

What is a fancy word for dessert? ›

Synonyms of dessert
  • candy,
  • junket,
  • sweet,
  • sweetmeat.

Does desert have two S's? ›

Desert, spelled with one S, refers to a dry region. Dessert, spelled with two S's, refers to a sweet dish eaten after a meal. Sometimes, though, desert is an entirely different word referring to what you deserve, especially in the phrase just deserts.

What dessert do you eat on Chinese New Year? ›

Steamed New Year Cake is China's most famous and most popular New Year dessert. Its Chinese name is 年糕 (niángāo), a homophone for "year higher" (年高), which symbolizes increasing prosperity and promotions year after year.

What is Chinese candy made out of? ›

The ingredients are corn starch syrup, cane sugar, butter and milk. Candy from China makes up just 0.7% of the candy sold in the United States, says Susan Snyder Smith of the National Confectioners Association in Vienna, Va.

Do Chinese have desserts? ›

Chinese desserts are sweet foods and dishes that are served with tea, along with meals or at the end of meals in Chinese cuisine. The desserts encompass a wide variety of ingredients commonly used in East Asian cuisines such as powdered or whole glutinous rice, sweet bean pastes, and agar.

Do they eat cockroaches in China? ›

Wang breeds American cockroaches (actually, they're originally from Africa) and he sells them to pharmaceutical companies in China by the ton. They are usually ground and stuffed into pills and advertised as a cure for all manner of stomach, heart, and liver ailments.

What is the most common breakfast in China? ›

Rice Porridge or Congee

Congee is probably the most common mainstay of Chinese breakfast. It is a mild-flavored rice porridge that has been cooked for a long time with plenty of water to soften the rice.

What do Chinese eat for breakfast? ›

I've curated the following 15 classic breakfast recipes with make-ahead tips to speed up the cooking time on busy mornings.
  • Chinese Doughnut Stick (Youtiao, 油条) ...
  • Congee (Jook, 粥) ...
  • Steamed Bao Bun (蒸包子) ...
  • Pan-fried Pork Bun (生煎包) ...
  • Scallion Flower Roll (花卷) ...
  • Jian Bing, Chinese Crepe (煎饼) ...
  • Egg & Scallion Crepe (鸡蛋饼)
May 14, 2021

Do Chinese like chocolate? ›

Many Chinese buy chocolate only for gifts, not for personal consumption, as candy occupies a special place in the country's tradition of gift-giving for special occasions.

What nationality is rice pudding? ›

Rice pudding was thought to have originated in China, which has an ancient rice culture.

Is rice pudding a Chinese dessert? ›

Eight Treasure rice pudding(八寶飯) is a traditional Lunar New Year dessert, very popular in both China and Taiwan. The name comes from the eight different kinds of dried fruits, such as raisins or candied winter melon, that are considered key ingredients.

What dessert starts with K? ›

  • Ka'í Ladrillo.
  • Kaju Katli.
  • Kakinada khaja.
  • Kamarcut.
  • Karah Parshad.
  • Kesaria Peda.
  • Kettle corn.
  • Konfyt.

What is the most popular desert? ›

List of deserts by area
1Antarctic DesertAntarctica
2Arctic DesertEastern Europe Northern America Northern Asia Northern Europe
3Sahara DesertEastern Africa Middle Africa Northern Africa Western Africa
4Great AustralianAustralia
30 more rows

What dessert starts with E? ›

But what about desserts that start with the letter E? Eclairs, elephant ears, and Eskimo pie shouldn't be forgotten!
Desserts That Start With E
  • Eclairs. An eclair is like a fancy donut. ...
  • Eskimo Pie. ...
  • Eggnog. ...
  • Eccles Cake. ...
  • Egg Custard. ...
  • Eggnog Trifle. ...
  • Egg Roll Cookies. ...
  • Elephant Ears.
Jun 7, 2022

What state eats the most pie? ›

The data was collected by evaluating which states saw more pie orders in 2018 when compared to the rest of the country. In the top slot? Nebraska.

What is the most popular dessert in Italy? ›

Tiramisu. Probably the most famous of all Italian desserts, Tiramisù is a powerful layering of coffee-soaked savoiardi (sponge finger biscuits) and a rich cream made with mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar, sometimes spiced up with a drop of liqueur.

What is a bomb cake? ›

Cake bombs are like a giant stuffed cake pop! They are a mixture of cake and icing wrapped around a tasty center filling. Then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. most of the centers are decadent Italian buttercream, but some are even more tempting with centers made of cream cheese icing, caramel, or cookie dough!

What makes a good dessert? ›

A dessert needs to have the same variety and balance of textures, flavors, temperatures, colors, shapes and heights as any other dish.

What nationality is mochi? ›

Although mochi itself is a traditional Japanese food, Mantou finds it's roots in China. Eventually, it made its way across the East China Sea and Japan made it their own.

What are Indian sweets called? ›

All mithai—a Hindi/Urdu word for sweets—are made with some combination of flour, sugar, nuts, legumes, and milk or khoya (a semi-solid dairy product made by slowly boiling milk until it thickens), and then often enhanced with cardamom, rose water, or saffron.

What are Indian desserts? ›

Our Favorite Indian Dessert Recipes
  • Goan Coconut Cake. ...
  • Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) ...
  • Fried Banana and Rice Flour Balls (Unniyappam) ...
  • Ricotta Pancakes in Cardamom Syrup (Malpura) ...
  • Tamil-Style Sweet Rice Pudding. ...
  • Steamed Cardamom-Spiced Rice Flour Balls (Mandaputtu) ...
  • Sevaya Kheer (Vermicelli Milk Pudding)
Jun 15, 2020

Asian cuisine has some of the absolute best desserts you’ll ever eat. So, why not learn how to make some of them at home? We’ve got the recipes!

We’ve got 23 of the absolute best recipes for fruity, sweet, and delicious desserts from all over Asia.. You’ll absolutely love just how great they all taste!. You’ll have them ready in no time, once you’ve given the red bean paste a few hours to freeze – so perhaps do that step overnight before making these delicious rice treats!. No matter how you make this fantastic treat, you’ll be sure to love how full of great summer flavor it is.. Whether you use it or not, they’ll still taste absolutely delicious, of course.. A key part of many Asian desserts, and a delicious thing to make in its own right, ube halaya jam tastes absolutely fantastic!. It’s delicious and easy to make – and if you’ve got a rice cooker, then you can use it to make this fantastic treat!. As the author states, it’s a popular breakfast dish – and as it only takes under half an hour to make (as long as you’ve pre-soaked the mung beans), you don’t even have to put too much effort in!

These Asian desserts are so simple to prepare, almost anyone can do it!

Add in some water, and mix to form a very thick batter.. Cover the sliced bananas in batter, and then cook in the hot oil.. To make this dish you first need to make the syrup for the taho.. You can do this by mixing 4 cups of brown sugar to 6 cups of water.. Pour the mixture into a pot and boil until thick.. Thai Tapioca pudding is one of those easy Asian desserts you can make in no time!. To make it, add the gelatin mix and sugar to a cup of hot (not boiling) water and mix until dissolved.. Once it’s cooking, you can prepare the coconut cream mixture by putting 800ml of the coconut cream into a large pot and simmer on a gentle heat.. Once the rice is cooked, pour in the sweet coconut cream a little at a time and mix well.. To make this amazingly delicious Indonesian dessert , you first need to mix the rice powder with the lukewarm water and the green food coloring until you get a nice, thick dough consistency.. Next, cover the banana slices in brown sugar.. This fried banana dish is delicious and super easy to make!

We've highlighted 25 delicious Asian dessert recipes you can make yourself at home. These desserts can be found throughout asia but brought to your home.

Asian desserts are really tasty and tend to be a little lighter (sometimes) and pretty easy to make.. It stands to reason that rice will feature heavily in Asian dessert recipes .. You’ll definitely need sweet rice flour and roasted soybean powder, both of which can be bought at Asian supermarkets.. If you’ve done your research, you’ll see that red beans feature heavily in lots of Asian desserts, don’t be put off!. While the beans aren’t sweet-tasting, the pastry around the filling is made from sweet rice flour.. Don’t think that all Asian desserts are complicated or require exotic ingredients.. Here’s a great example of a dessert that is really easy to make.. Here’s another Asian dessert recipe that you can make without any ‘Asian’ ingredients at all.. It’s a pretty easy dessert to make that consists of cake pieces topped with a rich (and really heavy chocolate sauce).. As with many Asian desserts, you’ll often find it topped with chopped pistachio nuts.. Imagine making a Brownie that uses sweet rice flour instead of sugar… Then make it green (does that make it a Greenie?). It is filled with sugar and sweet coconut and then spiced with Asian flavors like cardamom and nutmeg.

Are you looking for something to satsify your sweet tooth while travelling in Asia? Check out this list of the best Asian desserts that...

Mango Sticky Rice This traditional Asian dessert originates from Thailand and is made from fresh mango, rice and coconut milk.. This colourful sweet treat is often said to have been inspired by the Japanese summer dessert anmitsu, another type of shaved ice blend.. Beans, pulses, fruit and jellies all make a frequent appearance in different ché variations.. Mochi This Japanese ice cream is a favourite among both travellers and locals and comes in many different variations.. You will be able to find this popular Asian dessert on street food stalls across the country.. Khanom Khrok – popular Thai dessert.. Originally, this delicious snack was made only from red beans and shaved ice, however, a number of ingredients are now used in the dessert.. Khao Lam This Thai dessert is more commonly known as sticky rice in bamboo.. Mooncake Traditionally eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival in China, the mooncake is adored across the country, not just for its taste but also because of its important place within Chinese culture.. Mooncakes are traditionally eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival.. Khanom Bueang These scrumptious Thai crepes are a popular street food dessert that is hugely popular with travellers.. Have we missed your favourite Asian dessert from our list?!

If you love Asian desserts, you're going to be delighted to learn that you can make tons of easy traditional Asian desserts at home. Most of us have a favorite Asian food restaurant, and when we go there, we love the unusual and delicious oriental desserts. Although they may seem complicated to make, there are

If you love Asian desserts, you're going to be delighted to learn that you can make tons of easy traditional Asian desserts at home.. BEST ASIAN DESSERTS | FOOD & WINE Apr 17, 2017 · Whether you're looking for a classic recipe, like mochi, or want to discover new ways to use Japanese matcha powder, these Asian desserts are perfect for everything from Chinese New Year to a ... From foodandwine.com 23 EASY ASIAN DESSERTS TO TRY MAKING - INSANELY GOOD From insanelygoodrecipes.com 10 ADDICTIVE ASIAN DESSERTS From asianfoodnetwork.com 12 CHINESE DESSERT RECIPES - THE SPRUCE EATS Feb 10, 2021 · Egg whites are beaten until frothy and then the yolks, sugar, and flour are added; a bit of almond extract gives the cake a nice flavor.. From thespruceeats.com THAI DESSERT RECIPES | ALLRECIPES More Thai Dessert Recipes Thai-Style Steamed Pandan Pudding These little puddings are made in ramekins and are composed of 2 parts: the bottom part is the pandan pudding and on top is a coconut cream layer, creating a pleasant surprise for your guests.. From allrecipes.com 15 SUPERFAST ASIAN INSPIRED RECIPES - DAMN DELICIOUS From damndelicious.net ASIAN INSPIRED RECIPES | TASTY RECIPES INSPIRED BY YOUR ... Mar 16, 2021 · Asian Inspired Recipes.. From asianfoodnetwork.com ASIAN DESSERT RECIPES : SBS FOOD This Asian-inspired dessert is really easy to achieve and is full of refreshing flavours, with a hint of chilli providing a pleasant little kick.. Sort by From sbs.com.au ASIAN FOOD RECIPES RECIPES (INC ... - DINNER, THEN DESSERT Asian Recipes are a fan favorite on Dinner, then Dessert.. From dinnerthendessert.com ASIAN INSPIRED DESSERTS - PINTEREST Oct 14, 2020 - Explore Maggie See's board "Asian Inspired Desserts" on Pinterest.. See more ideas about desserts, asian inspired desserts, asian desserts.. From pinterest.com.au ASIAN FUSION DESSERTS - PINTEREST Apr 20, 2016 - Explore Katie Romenesko's board "Asian Fusion Desserts" on Pinterest.. Whether it's a copycat Chinese food takeout recipe like our Sesame Chicken, tasty bites like our Shanghai Soup Dumplings, or steaming hot Curry Noodles, that is what you will find here in our Asian Inspired recipes.. We have a wide range of recipes like our Pork Katsu Sandwiches, Potstickers and Korean Beef Bulgogi.This section is a one stop shop for all of our favorite ... From spoonforkbacon.com DESSERTS ARCHIVES - PAGE 4 OF 4 - A CHAU MARKET Á Châu Market opened its doors in 2016 in Spijkenisse, De Akkers.. From achaumarket.com ASIAN RECIPES | JAMIE OLIVER Asian recipes (60).

What is the most important ingredient in Southeast Asia? Probably sugar.

In this editorial series, we bring you video tutorials and recipes on how to cook some Southeast Asian food at home.. This particular kuih, also known as kuih dadar, is a nyonya or Malay kuih which has shredded coconut with palm sugar rolled into the centre of a pandan flavoured crepe.. Flavours of Asia has a simple recipe and tutorial you can follow to make these treats at home:. Che is a Vietnamese dessert cocktail similar to ais kacang (jelly, syrup, sweetcorn, ice, red beans, evaporated milk and palm sugar syrup).. This tutorial from KL’s Daily Life YouTube channel shows a simple recipe for making Che Ba Mau at home, perfect for this insanely warm weather we’re having:. Myanmar’s version is commonly made during the New Year and is filled with palm jaggery, a type of dark, molasses-like sugar made from palm juice (other versions of jaggery can be made from cane or dates).. This is a steamed coconut milk pudding – and so another coconut dessert!. The cake is also commonly served with a creamy coconut sauce – coconut makes an appearance in Southeast Asian desserts once again!. Once cooked, the pearls, now translucent and chewy, are served with melted palm sugar and, the ever popular coconut milk.

23 Easy Asian Desserts to Try Making Concerns about the possible harmful health consequences of gluten have caused gluten-free diets to become quite popular in recent years ( 19 ). However, while removing gluten has no negative consequences, many gluten-free meals are highly processed and made with refined components such as rice, potatoes, and tapioca, […]

This traditional Chinese New Year delicacy, also known as Chinese milk candy, is made with milk and sugar.. Listed below is another another Asian dessert recipe that may be made with or without the use of ‘Asian’ ingredients at all.. Korean Sweet Rice Cake Kulfi (Korean Tea Cookies) Fried Rice Dumplings Banana Fritters Chinese Nougat Chinese Almond Cookies Chinese Five Spice Peanuts Chinese Puff Pastry Egg Tart Supangle (Korean Steamed Pears) Black Sesame Soup Khaja (Chinese Steamed Sponge Cake) Matcha Green Tea Cookies Japanese Custard Pudding Chinese Almond Float Vietnamese Iced. If you’re looking for something new, why not try one of these 25 Asian dessert recipes?. Nian Gao, also known as Sticky Cake Rice, is a Chinese New Year’s dessert Annin Tofu, also known as Chinese Jelly Dessert, is a traditional Chinese dessert Coconut Tapioca Pudding, also known as Coconut Tapioca Pudding, is a traditional Chinese dessert Nian Gao, also known as Sticky Cake Rice, is a Chinese New Year’s dessert Nian Gao, also known as Sticky Cake Rice, is a Chinese New Year’ Preparation of Chinese Egg Custard Tart – A Dim Sum Recipe

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From thespruceeats.com BEST ASIAN DESSERTS | FOOD & WINE Apr 17, 2017 · Whether you're looking for a classic recipe, like mochi, or want to discover new ways to use Japanese matcha powder, these Asian desserts are perfect for everything from Chinese New Year to a ... From foodandwine.com 10 BEST ASIAN CAKES AND DESSERTS RECIPES | YUMMLY From yummly.com 10 POPULAR EAST ASIAN DESSERTS YOU SHOULD TRY From m.recipes.timesofindia.com 25 TRADITIONAL CHINESE DESSERTS - INSANELY GOOD From insanelygoodrecipes.com 22 AUTHENTIC CHINESE DESSERTS – THE KITCHEN COMMUNITY From thekitchencommunity.org 10 BEST ASIAN CAKES AND DESSERTS RECIPES | YUMMLY Dec 19, 2021 · Asian Cakes and Desserts Recipes 11,079 Recipes.. From allrecipes.com 26 TRADITIONAL CHINESE DESSERTS RECIPES » RECIPEFAIRY.COM Apr 17, 2021 · Having made many Asian desserts in the past I would love to show you a list of 26 best Chinese desserts that will be the perfect end to a Chinese feast!. Perfect for guests with a sweet tooth, sticky cake is a classic Chinese dessert that is full of authentic flavors.. Chinese dessert (??. From chinasichuanfood.com 27 AWE-INSPIRING AUTHENTIC CHINESE DESSERT RECIPES YOUR ... Dec 15, 2021 · Chinese dessert recipes may be top of mind when Chinese New Year rolls around!. Since they are not overly sweet, traditional Chinese desserts are good choices ... From cookingchew.com TOP 11 CHINESE NEW YEAR DESSERTS: MEANING Dec 02, 2021 · Sweet treats symbolize a sweet life in China, so desserts are necessary for a complete Chinese New Year's celebration.

Unless you live in Japan, visiting a Japanese dessert shop won’t be possible in the near future. But if your dessert cravings simply can’t wait that long, try recreating these 10 simple Japanese desserts, guaranteed to be both delicious and easily made at home.

Another popular way to enjoy mochi is to wrap ice cream with it to make mochi ice cream.. Sweet Mochi Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101. The dango will float after a minute or so.. Today, parfait can be enjoyed in dessert shops all over Japan, with distinctly Japanese ingredients – from shiratama dango and anko , to fresh fruits such as strawberries and peaches from the Okayama Prefecture.. In a parfait glass or ice cream dish, add chopped strawberries, corn flakes, ice cream, peaches, and sponge cake pieces.. Fruit Parfait Recipe - Japanese Cooking 101. Mix 8g of agar-agar powder and 10g of sugar together before pouring it into a pot of boiling water.. Gently incorporate the egg whites into the batter in parts, and be careful not to deflate the batter and air inside.. Fluffy Japanese Pancakes Recipe ( Jiggly Souffle Pancakes ). Whisk the honey, eggs, and sugar in a bowl until the mixture becomes fluffy.. Sift flour and baking powder into the bowl and mix all together.. How To Make Dorayaki (Recipe) どら焼きの作り方 (レシピ). The Japanese strawberry shortcake is made with layers of soft and airy sponge cake, whipped cream, and strawberry slices.. Fluffy Japanese Strawberry Shortcake Recipe - Japanese Strawberry Cake イチゴのショートケーキ

In this post, let us go through some of the popular Japanese desserts and get an overview of how they are prepared.

The main ingredients of anmitsu include kanten (vegan jelly, also known as agar in English), coarse sweet, sweet fruits, and bean paste.. Aside from azuki beans, wagashi is also made of kanten, rice flour , rice cakes, chestnuts , and sesame paste.. It is actually a wagashi dessert, but it is made of mochi balls plus anko paste .. The most common ingredients would include wheat flour and anko or tsubuan , which is made of red bean paste.. As its name implies, it is a simple Japanese dessert made of jelly and black coffee, and sugar.. Dango is a type of wagashi, but this time, it is made from mochiko, which is made of rice flour .. While the common filling of monaka is azuki bean jam, you can also use other variations such as chestnut paste, cream cheese, whipped cream, and ice cream.. Taiyaki is filled with red bean paste (azuki beans).. Aside from red bean paste, the filling can also be made of custard, cheese, chocolate, and sweet potato.. Though it is commonly filled with sweet red bean paste, other fillings can be used such as green beans, white beans, chestnut, and sesame .

These Japanese-inspired sweets are equally gorgeous and delicious.

"Wow, I love green tea flavors, and this was my very first attempt at making a dessert out of matcha," says MereiSakura.. "I am so used to getting this flavor from green tea ice cream, it was almost bizarre to have it in a fluffy airy mousse cake like this.. "The frosting uses cream cheese but has enough sweetness to mask the sour taste.. The matcha (green tea) powder gives it a delicate green hue, too.. "The frosting uses cream cheese but has enough sweetness to mask the sour taste.. The matcha (green tea) powder gives it a delicate green hue, too.".

"This is a creamy and simple cheesecake with the addition of green tea powder," says SARAHMURRAY.. "This is a creamy and simple cheesecake with the addition of green tea powder," says SARAHMURRAY.. "A perfect recipe for people looking for something sweet to top off a meal.". "A perfect recipe for people looking for something sweet to top off a meal.". 3-Ingredient Cheesecake.

Matcha and cheesecake are a match made in heaven, and this no-bake green tea cheesecake is so easy to make..

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. Matcha and cheesecake are a match made in heaven, and this no-bake green tea cheesecake is so easy to make.

Chinese desserts involve lots of dim sum preparations meaning foods that are served in a small cup or bowl. Fruits, beans, and black sesame are common ingredients to be found. Veg and non-veg all variations are here in the list of some of the best Chinese desserts. From everyday items to ceremonial preparations, these desserts […]

What does it taste like: The chewy texture is accompanied with a sweetness.. Sometimes it is made of black sesame and sticky rice and eggs.. The pudding dessert is mostly made of almond milk and agar (a gelling agent), which makes them a vegan preparation.. What does it taste like: The name tofu might lead you into thinking that there is soy milk or soya involved in the dessert, but that is not the case.. What does it taste like: The starchy and thick dessert has a mild taste of vanilla along with coconut and tapioca.. What does it taste like: It is sweet because of specific reasons and should be consumed hot.. What does it taste like: The fried pastry is chewy and crispy on the outer side with a rich sesame flavor while the inside offers an unmistakable taste of red bean paste.. What does it taste like: The soup is a sweet preparation because of sweet potatoes and red dates with a little gingery flavor.. What does it taste like: Besides the taste of egg, there is a milky flavor that excites your taste buds.. What does it taste like: The sugar seasoning makes it sweet, but it does not dominate the very taste of the red bean.. What does it taste like: This crispy dessert pampers your mouth sweetly as it is dipped in syrup before serving.. What does it taste like: Jujubes and rock sugar make the soup sweet while the bird’s nest provides a gelatinous texture.. What does it taste like: Soft and sweet, the rice flour, sesame, and Osmanthus syrup or glutinous rice wine that the dumpling is immersed in making a sweet impression.


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